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How to Transform your Resume from Vintage to Viral: Best Tips


Resumes play a vital role in fetching the right kind of job. And keeping it updated is another art in itself.

Resumes these days need to be made good and interesting to attract employers. And during this course there are many already trying to prepare their resumes to attract as many employers as they can.

Hence keeping these views in mind we have derived at certain steps to give a face lift for resumes that actually sound and look “vintage”.

How cool is it to transform your resume to make it look special and read extraordinary. Yes it is the most wanted criteria of any employer to feel engaged and interested in resumes that look good and sound great.

So for updating your resume you need to adhere to certain points and implement to see the change in them.

Viral ResumeWays to Transform Your Resume:

1. Change the appearance:

Resumes are no more viewed on papers. The very first step is an online view of the resume. Fonts like Calibri, Gautomi etc have taken the space of “Times new roman” that was earlier used.

And most importantly resumes these days are in ‘read only’ format. Bullets, Borders, colors, fonts, headers, etc are all made sophisticated.

They hold special interest in the on lookers mind as the old format of presenting a resume in the most possible official/formal way has been changed for better.

2. Receiving a Resume:

The internet world or the socio-friendly-technical world has saved our time in mailing or faxing a resume to e-mailing systems and attachments that are supported by ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) tools.

Well, preparing a cover letter too has its impact of getting the onlooker close to your resume.

3. What needs to be in and what needs to be out in a resume:

Prepare a resume that look exemplary, simple to understand and weighed for the performance and experience.

One must delete unwanted, irrelevant and outdated details or rules that may not look interested to the viewer.

  • Not to mention physical address, it has become obsolete
  • Name, Email address, details of phone are a must
  • Blog links or URL links (if any), are good to add
  • Making every section of the resume attractive with catchy phrase
  • Avoid unwanted extra lagging words and keep it simple with sophisticated jargons
  • Re-vive your resume and use new formats that are most followed in the market
  • Keep it simple and non-complicated
  • Dates need to be tact and made to look appreciable

4. Prepare tailor made resumes:

Name on resume Today working environment has changed and many job seekers look for varied jobs. It is very important to keep in mind the changing market conditions and demand for jobs and know about the upgraded technologies.

Most candidates are multi talented and switch jobs very frequently as per their economic requirement.

Given this situation, do you think keeping your resume generalized for the roles applied may fetch you jobs?

No, your perspective onlookers come from different backgrounds and expectations. Hence when resumes are prepared for a particular job, it needs to be tailored or customized as per the job perspective.

Keeping a master resume and creating sub resumes that are customized may help in finding a job quickly.

Hence the era of keeping a generalized resume has faded unlike years ago where one would not change a job for a long time.

5. Target your employer:

While you prepare your resume or reframe your resume for a particular section of employers, you need to ensure you give a creative headline that may involve only 6 to 7 lines to describe your expertise.

Further, you need to mention your achievements and honors received in that particular field to precise your consistency and value. This helps the viewer to recognize your abilitie

s and give a nod to your experience.

Do not elaborate with words such as “good communication skills, team player” etc, as these may sound obsolete after having a 10+ yrs of experience.

6. Skills to be mentioned:

Prepare your resume with the right skills and avoid mentioning skills that may not support your point of view and also may not serve as the criteria the employer is looking for.

Always mention the core competencies that are prevailing in the present market in a presentable way that quickly attracts the employer.

7. Why should I hire you?:

Well this is the most common question any employer would ask a candidate to know his or her interest and dedication.

One would generally start with “I am confident of giving my 100% best”, “my records show my consistency”, etc, but these are now stale and not innovative.

Hence to make your resume viral from vintage, you need to rephrase to create amuse in the onlookers sight.

Show the achievements in facts and figures during the 10yr+ experience, which speaks the clarity of your capacity instead of writing sentences that is monotonous and proves really nothing.

The content of a resume should be such that, it needs to speak the real you and always remember it is not the length that needs to be cut but the script that need to be made admirable, interesting and fact-full.

8. Project yourself:

project yourself Projecting yourself in a resume is an art. Consider new styles to pick from charts, shapes or smart art tools and give your viewer a vision that makes it simpler to analyze your achievements and at the same time make them appreciate your smart thinking.

These tools help you make the resume look beautiful, technical, different and simple to understand in style.

9. Input on initiatives and leadership qualities:

Good leadership qualities and traits is one of the criteria looked for in a 10+ yr experienced job seeker. Hence to mention this, you need to skillfully add ideas that have been initiated and its end results and other leadership qualities that have proven your abilities as the best team coordinator.

Again, attach your certificates that prove this quality in you through ATS – Applicant Tracking software which is most sought after tool.

10. Links and blogs:

It’s an era with advanced technology and hence exposing your potentials through social networking sites and blogs is one of the scoring methods of giving your resume a highlight.

11. Little things that matter a lot:

There are certain nitty gritty things that may also attract a resume viewer. Such as; covering letter, header and footer notes, simplicity in languages except for where required (with respect to job profile/domain), etc all makes a resume the best deal for considering.

Conclusion of this topic results in keeping a resume up to the current market blend, know the styles that are in demand, know about the companies needs and prepare customized resumes, revive the content with new phrases, words, clauses and reframe with new styles and design. Bringing difference and making it viral resume from vintage is a great deal for you as a job seeker. The calls of getting offers will definitely increase from 30% to 70%, hence its time for all those job seekers holding the vintage resumes to convert and make it viral and feel happy about getting your dream job.