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Top 16 Key Points to a Successful Job Interview


Getting a job at a top company is not easy at all. If you wish to bag your dream job it is imperative that you give a good interview so that right from the onset you show that you are head and shoulders above the rest and are truly good at what you do. Even the most experienced workers dread interviews as it makes them feel exceptionally nervous.

Being a little nervous is all right, but you should not let your nervousness affect the manner in which you are speaking and answering the questions which are put forth before you. Here are some of the key points to a successful interview.

Key Points to Successful Interview

Why Preparation is a Key to a Successful Interview?

1. It will surely give you more confidence:

If you are not confident then you will never be able to have a successful interview. In order to set a good impression in front of the interviewers it is imperative that you prepare from beforehand.

You should not think that just reading a few things online, the day before the interview is enough. You should read up extensively about the company and try and think about things which you can inculcate in your answers.

Those who are well prepared for their interviews often exhibit much more confidence than those who are unprepared. If you really want the job, you must be willing to do your bit in order to ensure that you get it.

2. Your answers will be very detailed:

In order to have a successful interview you must ensure that all your answers are very detailed. If the interviewer thinks that your answers are rather ambiguous and generalized he is going to be rather unimpressed.

In the course of an interview, there are some questions which are asked very often, so you should take the time out of your busy schedule in order to plan out answers to these questions.

This will help you a great deal in the course of your interview and you will be able to answer in a quick and sure manner. Companies love employees who can come up with quick solutions to problems.

3. It will show you in very positive light:

Owing to the fact that there is so much competition in the business world, there is a serious job crunch. Bagging a good job is rather difficult. So doing your preparation will really help you to have a successful interview.

Interviewers are experienced individuals who can tell instantly when someone has come prepared for an interview and when someone has not. If you have come prepared for the interview then that will show you in very positive light and the interview will have an inclination towards hiring you. You must ensure that you make a positive mark on the interviewer.

4. It will set you apart from the rest:

Nowadays when there is a vacancy at a company there are a number of applications which come in to the company. To be able to have a successful interview preparations are a must.

If you prepare well and practice, all the answers to common questions will immediately set you apart from the others who have applied for the job.

You would not want to be recognized as one of those people who just walk into an interview room with no information on the company and no idea about how he can contribute to the company in an effective manner. Your fate rests in your own hands.

How to Have a Successful Interview?

1. Answer all questions to the point:

The main reasons why interviews are conducted are so that the interviewer can take a look at you in person and see how you are able to answer the questions which are put before you.

In order to have a successful interview, not only must you answer all the questions properly but you also must answer to the point manner.

It is important to remember that recruiters are busy people and if you take your own sweet time to answer questions it will seem like you do not value their time.

2. Furnish your answers with proper examples:

What differentiates a good interview from an average interview is the manner in which you answer the questions which are asked to you.

Mediocre answers are rather bland and boring where as exceptional answers are full of relevant examples and statistical details. When you give contemporary examples to whatever you are saying, you will come across as someone who is well read and very well versed in current affairs.

So do give examples especially if they are pertaining to the company which you are trying to get the job at. Memorizing a few statistics will really help you immensely along the way.

3. Be on your best behavior:

No matter how well you answer the questions, if you mannerisms are bad, then no company will be willing to hire you on board. To have a successful interview, you must ensure that you are mindful about the manner in which you behave at all points in time.

It is imperative to show that you are someone who knows how to behave. Companies will not want immature people to represent them as that is sure to tarnish the name of the company. So don’t speak unless spoken to and do not forget to say please and thank you as and when required

4. Think in an out of the box manner:

Believe it or not, interviewers do get bored of seeing people dressed the same way, talking in the same manner and thinking along the conventional lines. They do remain on the lookout for those individuals who have the ability to think out of the box and think in a unique manner.

If you wish to have a successful interview it is vital that you try your bets to think in an out of the box manner. It is only those who are willing to think differently that are able to take the company to new heights. Sometimes taking calculated risks pay off abundantly.

5. Show that you are willing to go the extra mile:

To have successful interview you must portray through your answers that you are someone who is always ready to go the extra mile in order to deliver top quality work at any cost. There are some employees who are only content doing the bare minimum and they are never ready to take up any kind of additional responsibility.

You must state that you are not someone who is content taking the backseat; rather you are always willing to take responsibility and get things done. Companies like hiring such ‘hands on’ kind of people who do not get frightened when a problem presents itself.

6. State how the company will benefit from you:

The main reasons why interviews are conducted are so that the candidate gets a chance to show himself in person and really convince the interviewers why he should be selected for the job. You will only be able to have a successful interview, if you are able to convince the recruiters that you are someone who the company will benefit from.

You must state categorically how you have what it takes to overcome any issue that presents itself unexpectedly and that you are able to think on your feet at all times. You must sell yourself properly so that they look forward to hiring you.

7. Disagree if you must:

Just because you have come for an interview that does not mean that you have to be in complete agreement with whatever the interviewer is saying. You do have the right to have your own opinion about matters and issues. So if you disagree with something that is being said, then do not shy away from speaking your mind boldly.

The interviewer will appreciate your honesty. Nowadays companies do not need ‘yes men’ rather they need employees who are daring enough to view they opinions. This having been stated ensure that you do so politely so that you do not come across as being rude.

Key Points to a Very Successful Interview:

1. Try and be as calm and collected as possible:

It is natural to have butterflies in your stomach when you appear for the interview, but you must try your best to have a calm and cool exterior so that the interviews do not get a negative impression about you.

The moment they feel that you are someone who crumbles under pressure, they are surely not going to consider you for the position. So try and keep your mind calm and try and focus on being the best that you can be. This is indeed one the major points to a successful interview which you need to keep in mind at all costs.

2. Be very professional in the way you speak:

When you appear for your interview you must try and be yourself and not try to emulate anyone else. The manner in which you speak should be very natural and not rehearsed. In the attempt of being natural you should not come across as being unprofessional.

Employees in almost all companies are expected to interact with clients on nearly a daily basis so if they find that you speak in an inappropriate and crude manner, you will surely be eliminated from the running immediately. Therefore for your interview to go off smoothly and successfully have your head on your shoulders at all points in time.

3. Ask questions if you have any:

Appearing for an interview does not mean that you will only beat the receiving ends of questions; you too have the right to ask questions which have been plaguing your mind. Companies like to hire those individuals who have a curious bend of mind and are willing to ask proper and smart questions.

A key point to having a successful interview would be to ask the questions which you think need to be asked. In the attempt of trying to sound smart, do not ask stupid questions which are bound to show you in very poor light.

4. Expect the unexpected:

When you walk in for an interview you should not be expecting things to go off smoothly and well, rather you should be expecting the unexpected. At all points in time you must be willing to accept whatever challenges come your way. No matter what question is asked to you, take your time to give your answers.

If you do not know the answers to a question do not attempt to make up an answer. If you are honest, the recruiters are sure to appreciate your honesty. So just walk in for the interview with a clear mind.

5. Be very familiar with your resume:

Lastly, the major point to remember if you wish to have a successful interview is that, it is imperative to be familiar with your resume. If you are unable to mention your career history in a proper and confident manner then that is going to leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the interviewer.

So before doing anything else, read your resume over and over again so that you do not end up looking foolish in front of the interviewer.

Final Words:

In order to have a successful interview it is important that you follow the above mentioned points rather carefully. All you need to do is your own part and not worry about the end result. If you show that you are someone who is able and smart, then the company will be willing to hire you immediately.

Companies are eager to hire those individuals who they feel will contribute very positively to the success of the company. So do show that you are someone who has what it takes to take the company to new heights.