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20 Emotional Intelligence Questions and Answers


Nowadays, during the interview process, all the employers go through some of the emotional intelligence questions which are beneficial to determine the emotional aspects of the employees or the candidates.

Most importantly these types of emotional intelligence interview questions are presented to examine the social skills of the employee which is not necessary in all fields of work.

And that’s because some work field requires social skills and some require completion of task.

Emotional Intelligence Questions Answers

Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions:

These emotional intelligence related questions help to determine the social status of the candidate and that would be their social communication skills.

These social communication skills consist of all the emotional factors such as candidates’ interest, hobbies, punctuality and much more.

1. What kind of role interests you?

With this kind of question, the employer is trying to understand the interests of the candidates.

When the employer presents a question that what kind of roles interest the candidate, then the candidate needs to be clear with his / her interests. The candidate needs to be prepared with the answer which can impress the employers.

And that may be by explaining them about his / her work interest or about the field of work the candidate is good at.

2. How well are you at reading a person’s mind?

Reading a person’s mind is a work of the psychic and the employer doesn’t expect his/her employees to be a psychic or something.

But the actual thing that an employer expects from his/her employees is that they should be able to understand what they want from them.

Most employers need candidates who are capable of handling what their customers really want. And that’s why during interviews most of the employers present such questions.

3. What is your ultimate goal?

Having a career goal is very common among employees, but having an ultimate passionate career goal is quite different than others.

When employers ask such question about the candidate’s ultimate goals about their career, then the candidates need to present their answers with such level of confidence that all the employer panel should be impressed by the level of the answer provided by the candidate.

4. Do you believe in gut feeling?

Most of the time while taking some decisions in the office people go with their gut feeling. It is considered as one of the risk elements, but still, people go with such feeling.

People don’t take risks when it comes to business, but they still believe in their gut feeling when it comes to taking decisions. And most of the time such a gut feeling can also favour that person in a similar way.

Therefore, when the employer asks a candidate about their belief over their gut intentions, then it is better if they agree with their facts.

5. Are you judgmental about others?

This question is asked by the interviewers for the sake that they need to understand their candidate.

And in some of the interview process, some company makes their candidates go through any specific round where the candidate needs to judge the intention of the other person.

At the end of the session, the employers appoint those who suit the position offered. Therefore, being judgmental can be considered positive and negative skill as well.

6. Are you a result oriented person?

Being a result oriented person is not a crime but being over obsessed with it can be harmful. Most of the employers of the company are result oriented people. And they always try to measure their success in terms of their results.

Therefore, when the employer asks such question that whether the person is result oriented, then the candidate needs to agree with the interviewer’s point of view if he/she really want that job.

7. What is the main skill that you consider as your strengths?

Most of the time during interviews the employers present a question where he/she try to understand the candidate’s potential.

Most commonly these employers expect their employees to be very skilful about their expertise.

Also to judge their expertise most of the employers ask a tricky question to the candidate through which the candidate itself can explain the employer about his / her best quality or skill which he/ she consider as one of their strengths.

8. Are you talkative by nature?

These questions are somewhat the kind of question where the employer tries to know more about the candidate.

It may seem a little awkward, but nowadays most of the interview sessions have gone with this process itself. Being a talkative person is one of the main features that all the company require for the position they offered.

One of the best fields that helps people to be talkative, would be by joining marketing and customer service.

9. How is your sense of humour?

When a candidate tries to get into a position where most of the work can be done by communication, then it is obvious that the candidate should expect such questions.

Most of the company while hiring a person or a candidate in their customer care or marketing department, expect their employees to have a good sense of humour.

Therefore, having a good level of sense of humour can favour that candidate a bit more.

10. What kind of person are you?

This question can be a complicated one because most of the candidates will not be prepared for such kind of questions.

Most probably these questions about their personality involve their confidence and overconfidence within themselves. Most of the employers prefer candidates who are confident about their work instead of overconfidence.

Therefore, it is best for all the candidate to be confident about their skills and abilities.

11. What kind of behaviour makes you angry?

When the employer tries to know more about the candidate, it is one of the main signals that he/she is being impressed of their skills and abilities.

Therefore, it is good for the candidate to continue the session and try to maintain a healthy relationship with the employer.

Most commonly the employer expects his / her employees to be polite and calm by nature because anger can ruin things like a small tip of fire in the jungle.

12. How do you handle a stressful situation?

Most of the candidate needs to be prepared by one of the common questions and that is how they can handle stressful situations.

With this question, the employer determines the ability of the candidate. And even there is a possibility that the candidate may get into some kind of practical situations of the interview where the candidate needs to handle stressful situations. And turn it into positive things for the company.

13. Does body language matter?

Having an attractive body language always favours the candidate attending the interview. When a candidate looks presentable then it is obvious that the employers will be interested to interview them actively.

Most of the people misinterpret body languages of others, but during the interview session if a person owns a positive or professional body language, then the candidate can end up getting hired for the position.

14. Whether the change is for good?

Most of the questions asked during the interview are mainly based on their emotional intelligence.

So it is better if the candidate understands the actual intent of the employer’s questions. When the employer asks a candidate whether the change is for good, then it means the candidate needs to provide a proper explanation for the question with an example aside.

Therefore, at the end of the interview session, the candidate will be assured of his / her selection.

15. What are the strategies to build trust?

Most of the questions that a candidate is facing during the interview sessions are mainly from the emotional intelligence factors.

Building trust within the company is the biggest challenge that anyone can achieve in their company. And that’s why the employer prefers those employees who are great with their trust building strategies.

Most of the working environment of the company revolves around matters of trust. Therefore, the candidate needs to be confident with their answers regarding trust.

16. Are you creative with your ideas?

It is a world of creative ideas and if anyone needs to survive in this fast forward business life, then all need to understand that being creative can help a person to be noticed by a large number of people.

There are several examples of creativity or a creative idea. Therefore, being creative about some business ideas can benefit the candidate immensely.

17. What do you like to do for fun?

While answering this question, don’t just say anything that comes to your mind. Be very careful regarding questions like these.

If you enjoy reading and consider it as a passion, then speak about it. If you have read some good novels that have inspired you in the past, mention the names in brief. If you like sports, you can talk about it as well.

Just make sure your hobbies are not bizarre such as drinking with friends and going to the pub. Be smart and say things that make a good impression.

18. Who is your role model? How do they inspire you?

By asking you who your role model is, one can learn and know a lot about your personality.

So when you are answering this, talk about people who are famous but famous for a good cause.

Don’t say something like your inspiration is Charlie Sheen or someone like Tara Reid or Kim Kardashian.

You could instead talk about people who have changed the world such as Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and Albert Einstein. Talk about what has inspired you. Use real-life examples to explain.

19. Name two personal habits and talk about how they have helped you grow in life?

When you are being asked a question like this, always remember that they want to know what your personal experiences that have moulded and shaped you in the past.

So when you are answering this question, answer wisely.

Talk about things like how getting up early in the morning has made you more healthier, fit and punctual person or maybe you say how hard working you are and that you don’t sleep until your assignments have been done for the day.

20. How do you balance your life?

While answering this question, you should say you are a goal oriented person and like to finish work on time.

When you are given work for a day, you don’t leave it for tomorrow. You finish projects and assignments before deadlines and make sure you are not lazing around throughout the day.

Talk about how these habits have helped you find a balance in life.

Best Emotional Intelligence Test Interview Questions to Ask:

As per Container Store CEO Kip Tindell, “Emotional intelligence is the key to being really successful

Emotional intelligence is the skill which helps you gather emotional information and mentors your thinking ability and attitude. This skill is also helpful for understanding others feeling and emotions wisely.

Emotional intelligence has become an important skill that employers nowadays look for while hiring as it helps in maintaining better teamwork. To develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness is the primary factor that needs to be focused.

The ability to find out our own emotions and the effects it causes helps us to better ourselves and build our emotional intelligence or EQ skills. And the ability which we are talking about is called as self-awareness.

Not only this but you also need to learn to broaden your thinking capacity and also able to assess what others are going through. All such minute things help you gain better emotional intelligence skills.

Tested Emotional Intelligence Questions:

  1. If you happen to start an organization, what type of values would you practice and impart in it?
  2. Who is your inspirational role model and Why?
  3. How do spend your free time?
  4. What irks or annoys you the most?
  5. How do manage to create a balance in life?
  6. What would you do if you are dealing with a bad day?
  7. How do you deal with mood swings? Has it ever affected your work in any way?
  8. Do you feel any problem when asking for help?
  9. Have you ever felt of changing your attitude at work? Why?
  10. Share us something you are very proud of? Why?
  11. How was your bonding with your colleagues at your previous job?

Final Tip to Remember:

These are some of the basic and most common questions you will definitely be asked while attending an interview.

Always remember that how you answer the question and what you say matters a lot so don’t say something you will regret. Read all the answers carefully and then make answers of your own. That will surely help you do well in the long run.

Also, remember to dress up well for your interview. A lot can be said about a person by how they dress and address themselves in public.

And the bottom line is that at the end of the discussion most of the readers of this part of the sessions will clear with their confusions who have experienced all these questions during their interview.

Most of the interview sessions are very quick and clear but some may take more than what the candidate expects. Therefore, this discussion about the emotional intelligence related questions and answers can make things clear for all people.