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How to be too Aggressive In Job Search? 25 Awesome Tips


No doubt, job search is quite a task. Apart from involving huge research and hunting job vacancies, it has to be the one that is as per our need and qualification.

We can’t take a chance of compromising with a position about which we are unsure or not satisfied. It has to be in sync.

The aggression level in job hunting depends on your need and behavior. But it has to be in a positive way.

Too much anxiety or confidence can act as a detriment. It only miffs the employer or the HR manager and creates a bad image.

Hence, to pass this test of search and getting a satisfied job, we bring you the following ways of how to be aggressive in job search.

aggressive job searchAggressive Job Hunting Skills that Work::

1. Start scanning:

To get a job, you have to first search where you can apply. And for this, you have to begin searching vacancies on the job recruitment sites.

Filter the available jobs as per your need and qualifications. Now that you have shortlisted some of the companies to apply for, do a research on the companies and its reputation in the corporate world.

If it is a new company, then find how the company has grown over the time. Your friends, family or colleagues can easily help you with this.

2. You are your counselor:

It is you who knows what type of work you want, what you aim for, what you want to be in future and how you wish to grow career wise.

So, don’t let anyone else decide for you.

Many job seekers take the help of job consultants and even pay them to get a job, which is bad. This is when networking, references or friends come for rescue.

Once you have scanned the vacancies, narrow down the list as per your choice and comfort. You need to build a connection with your job only then you can work wholeheartedly.

3. Numbers don’t matter:

There is no restriction as to how many jobs you should apply as long as it is not the same company. Do not under-qualify yourself. Don’t start applying in the same firm in various jobs.

Rather go by pick and choose method by selecting companies which are offering jobs as per your aptitude. It is important to fit into the bill.

4. Networking matters:

It is pivotal to show aggressive behavior in the right place. And there is nothing better than making networks. Here your amicable skills come into action. You need to make good contacts and have references if you want to get a job easily.

There are many job vacancies that are not published. Hence, your networks help in locating a good job and it might help you get a work environment that you want.

5. Get socially interactive:

Checking social media Social media is nowadays equivalent to a recruiter. Simply log on to websites like Facebook or LinkedIn and get connected to a whole lot of people who are looking for employees.

For instance, Facebook pages or communities affiliated to your field of work acts as a job finder. Here, you can post your job requirement and specify your details with your email id so that the HR manager or recruiter can easily contact.

Similar is the case for LinkedIn. You just have to be active. It acts as a network.

6. Do the manual work:

Apart from the job recruitment sites or social media, you can also look at the old method of finding jobs and that is newspaper.

There are many public firms, banks and universities that get its job vacancy ads published. So, don’t forget to take a glance at these old times method.

7. Impressive resume:

The hiring manager is flooded with resumes during the time of a vacancy. He has merely six to seven seconds to take a glance on the resumes.

So, it is important to make a resume that not only makes an impact on the recruiter, but helps you get through interview.

8. What to keep in resume:

Mention the necessary details in the resume that a recruiter would look for. For instance, your education, contact information, additional skills, any appreciation or award and previous work details.

Don’t make your resume too flowery. Edit it properly before submitting. It has to be in a proper format with a cover letter. Keep the font simple like Times New Roman with size 12.

9. Don’t forget the cover letter:

blank cover letter Cover letter means a brief description about you. So, don’t get emotional and start writing more than what is necessary.

However, pay attention to the requirements while applying for a job. Many companies don’t mention cover letter but look for a resume. If you miss anything, it shows how careless you are.

10. Honesty, sometimes, is not the best policy:

It is good to be honest. There has to be a transparency between the recruiter and applicant. But this doesn’t mean you reveal more than what is required.

Disclosing any kind of personal information in the resume or during the interview can be unfavorable in future. So, maintaining distance won’t be a spoil.

11. Avoid self-appreciation:

Never blow your own horns. Don’t appreciate or brag about yourself in the resume. Let your contacts or references do the talking.

For instance, “I’m quite efficient” or “I’m quite capable of” or “I’m a good team leader”. This might be taken as a negative act.

12. Don’t reveal any number:

The moment you are questioned about the salary, never reveal the number first. Wait for the manager to say.

You can politely refuse or tell them you aren’t capable of telling the numbers. This is their strategy to find out what you are expecting.

They have certain budget allotted for the post and it is quite obvious that they would make an effort to save as much as possible.

13. Desperation is not a good sign:

Extreme anxiety to get a job can be a disadvantage as this will only irk the employer. If you need a job at the earliest, it isn’t the fault of the company. So, they would take time and follow their procedures.

Calling them again and again and inquiring about the job will make them feel that you are ready to compromise with the salary or designation.

14. Luck can play hide and seek:

If you are unable to get a job that you are looking for, then don’t get disappointed. You need to be sportive.

Don’t stop your search for job. You need to keep a track of it. It is a matter of luck. Here, your networks or references can help.

15. Research everything about the organization:

research about the company It is necessary to make inquiries regarding the firm you are planning to apply. Check the website of the company to know the details, its background, the products it manufactures, the company policy and any other clients associated with it.

In case you are called for the interview, be prepared in all ways to answer questions related to it or ask any question if you have a doubt.

16. Confirm the receipt of resume:

After a resume has been sent to a company through mail, most of the companies have an automated procedure of sending a receipt message.

If it has been sent by post, giving a call to seek a confirmation of receipt is important.

However, giving too many calls to seek a quick reply will only irk the company and its officials. Hence, once the resume has been sent, give some time to the company to revert.

17. Being over-aggressive can be negative:

Many people get confused with the word aggressive. Meant in a positive way, it is sometimes good to be aggressive to look for a job.

An employer loves to notice zeal in his employees to work. He tends to believe and have faith in the employee. But an over-aggressive behavior is never tolerated.

All your appreciations and qualifications go in vain if your behavior is too much aggressive to handle. Over-enthusiasm and over-confidence is another negative quality.

18. Have strength to hear a “no”:

Many job seekers apply for a job but never have the strength to hear a refusal. Either they question the authority by giving them a call or posting a question in mail or the worse, asking it during the interview.

Always have the confidence of your success. You should be strong enough to accept the refusal with a smile. This would leave an impact on the recruiter.

19. Clarity in mind:

active mind If you are not a fresher and have applied for a job, then be clear in your thoughts that your earlier job was not lost or don’t be worried that you were laid off or you were asked to resign because of your incapability. You are competent enough. So, be sure of yourself.

20. Don’t go for same position again:

Applying for the same position again and again leaves an impression that the applicant is ready to compromise with the position and you are in a hurry to find a job.

So, they will use this point and convince you to negotiate with the post vacant and salary too.

21. It is all about your efforts:

The intention behind seeking the job should be very much clear within yourself as this will be your motivational factor.

Hence, the more efforts you make to find a job, the better result you will achieve. Lazy lads, in this case, might have to suffer as they are never consistent with their search.

22. Don’t hide:

Never conceal any information that has to be shared either in the resume or during the interview.

If the manager gets to know any such information later, he might terminate your contract or can blacklist you. Hence, necessary details have to be shared.

23. Get the right source:

This means an advantage. If you get to know anyone from the company you are applying, then it gives a sign that you might get the job.

And you never know you get a job as per your conditions and comfort, like getting more salary than what you got in your previous job.

24. Note down:

notebook List all the companies you have applied or you will be applying so that you don’t send or say any wrong information during the conversation. In case you get the call for interview, it will be easy to understand and reply.

25. Take advice from the experienced:

The professional who have been familiar with such situations will be the better person to guide. Ask them to share their opinion.

Qualified and successful officials share their experiences in the magazines or newspapers or online publications. This will be helping you to comprehend the situation effectively.

Out of all the mentioned points, the social media is quite extensively followed to get a job in minimum time in your location. Once you get through the selection procedure, during the interview your personality and convincible attitude can make an impression on the manager. So, gear up for the test. All the best!