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17 Things not to do Before, During and After an Interview


If you have been called in for an interview, it is just because the resume which you submitted has been impressive.

To bag a job in a big company it is mandatory that when you appear for the interview, you bring your A-game so that you will be able to impress the interviewer.

Believe it or not, interviewers are experienced people, who have been around for a long time and it takes a lot to impress them.

Given here are some of the things which you ought not to do before, during or after the interview.

what to do before during and after an interview

What Not To Do Before a Job Interview:

1. Being overconfident about getting the job:

Having confidence is a good thing, yet having overconfidence is very negative indeed. Before an interview, you should never act in a smug manner which will portray that you are sure about getting the job.

If you do this and end up not getting the job at a later point in time, that is surely going to hurt you a great deal. So before the interview spend your time properly gathering your thoughts and give it your best shot without worrying about the consequences. If you answer properly, then that will be half the job done for you.

2. Waste your time rather than preparing:

A very bad thing which people do before their exam is, procrastinate and sitting around. They take things too lightly and do not make the effort to brush up on their skills or what they are going to say in the course of the interview. The better prepared you are for an interview; the better your interview is going to go.

Many people, especially those who are a little advanced in age think that they can just walk into the interview room and do well without having any kind of preparation, but that is something which you should never do. No individual is perfect and revision is something which will only make you better.

3. Take advice from too many people:

Taking advice from successful people in the business world is a good idea as they can lead you in the right direction and provide answers to any question which you may be having. Taking good is very good, yet this having said you should not seek advice from any and every person who you know.

You must keep in mind, that in your life, you will meet many people and most of these people will not care whether you do well or not. If these people are jealous of your ability then chances are that they may even give you some wrong advice. This is why this happens to be one of the main things you should not do before an interview.

4. Try to learn up too many things the night before:

As mentioned above, appearing well prepare for an interview is a very good idea. If you are someone that has been looking for a job for a considerable period it is advisable that while searching for a job you should constantly try to improve your knowledge by reading up and looking for information online as well.

The harder you try, the better your chances are of getting a job. You should never try to learn up too much information just the day before your exam as that is going to make you feel even more nervous and uncomfortable.

5. Be too preoccupied with what you are wearing:

When you appear for an interview, you should decide what to wear and what look you are opting for. This having said, you should not get too preoccupied with superficial things. On appearing for an interview you should look neat as well as tidy, but your clothing should certainly not distract attention away from you.

Dressing appropriately is something which is very wrong and will surely paint a very terrible picture of you. When working in a big company, it’s important to know how to behave and what to wear.

6. Eat a huge meal before the interview:

Before your interview, you should try and eat healthily so that both your mind as well as body will be at its best. If you eat too oily food which is tough to digest the night before, then you will get up the next morning with a stomach ache for sure.

In addition to this, you should never even consider taking a drink before your interview as that is simply unacceptable. If the interviewer gets even a little suspicious that you have been drinking then that is immediately going to eliminate you from the running. No company wants to hire irresponsible employees.

What Not To Do During An Interview:

1. Sit in a manner which shows you are disinterested:

One of the worst things to do during an interview is to sit in a manner that shows that you are disinterested. Rather than letting your nervousness get to you, try and bring out the best in you so that you can present a very impressive picture of yourself.

Body language is something that reveals a lot about a person, so ensure that you have the proper body language so that you silently communicate to the interviewer that you interest in getting the job and as an individual, you are lively and energetic.

2. Give monosyllabic answers to questions:

In the course of the interview, you should act professionally always attentive to what the interviewer is saying. In an attempt to sound forceful and opinionated, you should not come across as being rude. If you are rude you will certainly not be considered for the job.

Many individuals give monosyllabic answers and this is something which you should never do under any condition at all. Speak in full sentences and think before you say anything. Any wrong word or action from your end could create a negative impression in the mind of the recruiter or interviewer.

3. Speak in a voice which is too loud:

During an interview, you are expected to speak impressively. All recruiters are looking to hire people on board who can speak properly and have effective communicative skills.

If your manner of speaking is not up to the mark, making it big in the corporate world might prove to be too challenging a task for you. What you must simply never do during an interview is speak in a loud voice.

Doing this will project you as someone who has no manners at all. So properly modulate your voice so that at no point in time are you either too soft or too loud.

4. Constantly interrupt the interviewer:

One of the worst things to do during an interview is constantly interrupted the interviewer while he is saying something. It’s of paramount importance that you let him complete his words and then say whatever it’s that you need to say.

Even if you happen to accidentally butt in, do apologies so that you show that you are very respectful and well mannered as well.

5. Give very long-winded answers:

Interviewers hate it when potential employees speak a lot. So try your best to limit your answers to a bare minimum so that they understand that you are someone who values time and is not interested in too much unnecessary talk.

6. Keep trying to blow your own trumpet:

During an interview, you should never keep blowing your own trumpet. You should never make the error of constantly speaking about yourself. On the contrary, you should let your resume speak for itself. If the interviewer wants you to say something for yourself then he is surely going to ask you on his own.

7. Ask unnecessary questions:

In the course of an interview, everyone wants to sound very smart. Interviewers like it when potential candidates are smart and can ask insightful questions. However, many people ask many questions which comes to their mind just so that they too can come across as smart.

So in the course of an interview never make the mistake of doing something like this as it will project you as someone who is a little stupid and doesn’t know how to behave properly.

8. Be very still and robotic:

Companies want to hire employees who are people friendly and know how to interact with others successfully.

If you sit very still in the course of the interview, you are going to come across as being very robotic and fixed. So try and let lose a little bit so that the interviewer can see that you are free and comfortable with meeting and talking to new people.

Do not come across as someone who is mechanical as that is going to form a negative impression of you in the mind of your recruiter.

What Not To Do After an Interview:

1. Keep over thinking about what you could have done better:

Once the interview is over and done with, it is okay to evaluate on your own how it went. But you should not keep obsessing over it for many days. The more you obsess over it, the worse you are going to feel about yourself.

So rather than worrying about how you did and whether it could have gone any better or worse, you should try your best to focus on the future instead. If you keep yourself in the past too much you will never be able to make satisfactory progress.

2. Constantly calling the company asking if they have made a decision:

Various companies take time before getting back to a person. Some companies take over a month and other companies answer the next day itself. Since this is something that differs from company to company, you should just inquire once as to when the result is likely to come out.

After you have received your answer do not continuously call into the office asking if you got the job or not. When dealing with any company you need to be patient. Companies have a lot of work to do and they will surely get back to you in due time.

3. Give up your job search altogether: 

Just because you have been for an interview does not mean that you give up on the job hunt entirely. You should not place all your eggs in one basket. When companies have an opening to fill, they do not usually call in just one person for the interview.

They call in as many candidates as they can so that they have a wide pool of talent to choose from. So rather than just sitting around waiting to hear from the company get involved in something else and continue the job hunt. If you try your best, sooner or later a good job offer is going to come to you for sure.


Bagging a job is no simple task nowadays. So that is why once the interview is complete you should start the search again. Going for an interview is an experience in itself and as you go for more and more interviews, you will gradually be able to get more confidence and learn new things.

All interviews more, or less ask the same questions and as you get more experienced you will surely get better in time. As long as you answer properly and have the necessary skills to back you up, getting a good job will not be tough for you at all.