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12 Talent Management Lessons from England Football Team


The England football team is one of the biggest and most successful national football teams of all times. They are iconic, have faced both sides of the coin and still emerge victorious at the end of the day.

Some of the largest football fans in the world today support England and there are a large number of things you can learn from these guys. To know them, check out this amazing post!

lessons from england football team

Lessons to Learn from The England Football Team:

1. If you make enough efforts, you will be able to achieve anything:

Hard work always matters and that is something the English football team has always taught us. There are several players all over the world who have their own stories to tell about hard working and effort, but if you really want to remember something, then consider the time when Cleveland had lost against the Browns.

There was a time when Cleveland wanted to have their team again so badly that the NFL had to return it back to them. This also includes the name as well as the colours. Not only was this reunion very tough but also showed that if you want something really bad, then it will happen one day if you keep working for it.

2. Teamwork Matters:

Teamwork always matters if you want to win a football match. This is an important lesson to learn from the English football team. Yes there are times when you will win as a team as well as lose. When you are dealing with life in real, it has to be the same way.

If there is no way that you can work all that well with others, then there are little chances of winning a match. You have to know how you can trust all members of the team and that everyone has to know how to do their jobs so that they can become successful.

3. Bad experiences are often good for you:

Remember the time when England lost against Argentina during the 1998 world cup? Yes! It was a bad moment for the whole team, especially David Beckham who was responsible for this major loss.

Yes his whole career came crashing down right on front of him and it is so difficult to fathom that such a star and celebrity who has steely determination has ended up in a situation like this.

But the good part is that Beckham took his bad experiences and turned it into something good. This was one experience that made him a better player. The football team has improved since then and we must say we have fallen in love with Beckham all over again, don’t you agree?

4. Let the work do all the talking:

The England football team does not go around talking about their team goals and strategies like most national teams around the world. Instead, these guys show what they are all about while playing.

There are several trophies they have won in the past few decades and the most shocking part is that they all look so ripe and alluring in their 40s. Now that is something you can definitely take away from a professional footballer, especially the English football team.

5. It is not possible to win all the time:

A priceless lesson you can learn from the England football team is that it is not possible to win every single time. Plus also there is no football team in the world that has ever lost a match.

There are several teams who have worn more than 10 games one after the other but ultimately have lost the super bowl. It does not really matter how good a player you are, there are times when you will lose a match so make sure you are well prepared for that. People do not win at all times while playing so make sure to tell your team to make adjustments accordingly.

6. Disciplined:

The English football team is very disciplined. They practise regularly and do not miss a day of training. Plus every day is a day of growing and learning and the team makes sure they are doing exactly what is needed. They like to learn, grow and improve together and that’s what makes them stand out.

7. Know the right way to set goals:

Most football players have quite a lot of goals set for themselves. They make a whole lot of money and winning matches one after the other and having a good career are some of the major goals that most professional players set for themselves every year.

There are several other players who have goals to make it to better teams, during the league. Most importantly, they plan on winning the world cup once it starts. And that is some kind of ambition we all can learn from. To have an ambition is highly important and that is exactly what the team teaches us to do.

8. Nothing in the world lasts too long:

Another vital lesson to learn from the England football team is that nothing in this world lasts for very long. The best players of the world have also seen failure and so will you. Winning steams will also come to an end after a certain point and the level will drop. So be ready for that!

It tells us that you should enjoy your life during the highs as well as the lows, especially since life is so short lived. Watching a good players career is like looking at someone’s life in general. It is always sad when we see someone who was successful at one point hits rock bottom. So make sure to enjoy the good times and get ready for the bad ones.

9. Every member’s performance matters:

Team work matters. Not only does your performance matter but also the performance of others. If your players are not doing a good job, then most people blame the coaches. But that is surely not the case at all times. Apart from what the coaches do to train on a regular basis, Tits is also highly important to motivate one another.

It does not really matter what role you are playing in a football team. What matters more is how you are executing yourself. Are you helping your people? Can you play well if the good team members are missing? Can you guys handle the team if the regional manager has to leave his post? These are questions of significance and always leave an impact on the job.

10. Don’t become too familiar with the team mates:

One of the biggest mistakes that the English football team made was that it became too familiar with most of the team members. This of course can turn out to be quite horrible when taken from the perspective of talent management for two important reasons. First of all it creates this kind of confusion which ruins the developmental strategy of your team.

Second it will also create this sense of favouritism that is so not needed. Nonetheless these situations and issues can hamper your negativity and cause damage to your demand or productivity. They can also make it hard for most team members to lose the respect that the leader has for you.

11. The solution:

You can encourage other members of the team and ask them to respect the business and be obedient to the commands. Plus you should create an environment that is fair so that people have the time to build on their skills and improve themselves faster. It also becomes great news for the business and can help you avoid people who are less affectionate and troublesome.

12. Give in your 110% percent:

Another valuable lesson to learn from the English football team is that they always give their 110% percent. David Beckham is an example. He was well know for his presence in the team. Whether it was the final day or even a day of training, this guy has always inspired his players, lifted the spirits of others who are near him and continued to motivate his team mates. It might not be possible for a business team to create a team like one of Beckham’s but staying inspired is something that can surely be taken as a vital lesson.


The English football team has surely taught us a lot in the past couple of years and continues to do so. If you have liked this post and have some feedback to give us, please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear your ideas and opinions. In case there are questions you have in mind, let us know too. We will try our best to answer all of them. Till then, good luck and try to use all these great lessons you just learnt from the English football team in real life.