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How to Take a Month Off Work to Travel: Top 20 Tips


All of us love to travel and have a great time. To get these days off from work, travel and able to join back our work without any problem is what we always wanted. But to travel and to ask our boss for that job is a big question which needs to be answered.

To travel means to be able to experience new things which will be helpful to do their jobs more efficiently. Here is the list of all those things which could probably be done for a month off work to travel.

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20 Tips for Negotiating a Month of Travel from Work:

1. Always try to be the most wanted employee of the organization:

An employee should always do their work most efficiently and perfectly so that an employer is always in need of those employees.

If an employee is good at his work and the employer and the employee share a good working equation then the employer is likely to make certain changes in the policy of the company.

Always an employee should try to be in such a position where the employer is in more need of that employee than the employee needs his job.

2. Keep checking on the workflow in the company:

An employee should always be updated about the working patterns of the company. He should have complete knowledge about the time when the work in the company is in its complete swing.

If the employee has full knowledge, then it will be quite difficult for the employer to deny a month off.

An employee demanding an off during less work is intelligent because he can assure the employer that his absence will not affect or a little effect on the company.

3. To face the situation as it is:

An employee should always face the situation as it is, without being much confused about it. If there are certain problems, then he should try to figure them out and make sure all the confusion is over.

4. Planning the work:

If an employee is planning his work away ahead, then it is beneficial for him. An employee who informs his clients well in advance will be doing good both for himself and for the client as well.

Sometimes, if the employee informs the clients about his taking time off a year in advance, then the client may not be serious, but he will still be in awe. By the time the employee is taking an off, the client will try and complete his work. This way the employee would be at an advantage if the client is at fault.

5. How approachable you want to be, decide?:

An employee is a sole person to decide, how approachable he wants to be when he is off work. Generally, an employee maintains that he will not be available once he has taken off from work.

But, he will decide how far he wants to be available on social networking sites. An employee should always keep a check on the work through online media because there may be something important that might need his attention. Telling the client in advance will keep them alert and will let them complete their work well in advance.

6. An employee will have to negotiate with the money:

If an employee decides to take a month off from work to travel, then he will have to negotiate with the money he would have earned otherwise.

Suppose, if he earns 45000 per month and he takes a two-month break, then he will straight away loose about a great proportion of that amount. But if certain employees don’t want to put away such a big amount then he can plan for a short leave for himself.

7. Set yourself free:

An employee is a human being who has his interests and likes. There are certain things which he always wanted to do while he was traveling to different places. He might want to write, draw, learn music or something else. But, while traveling, he might not be able to do these things.

8. An employee should ask the employer:

An employee before thinking to take an off for a month from work should ask his employer. Generally, an employee takes off for a week or a fortnight, but to ask for a leave for a month is a thing that should be done carefully.

An employee has to plan the way and the time he has to ask the employer about the time he has to take an off. An employee always has to keep in mind that at that time there was no important work that is scheduled by the company.

So if all the things are in their favor, the employer would have no option but to grant off from work.

9. Smartly save the money:

An employee when will take a month off, will not be paid for that time. Traveling itself includes huge expenses that can create hindrance in the employees want to travel.

An employee should always make a fund or should keep a certain amount away every month so that when he plans to travel, he can use it without much burden on himself.

Often many traveling companies give discounts on trips to various places. If the employee wants to take the benefits of these schemes then he should plan, and avail of these benefits. This way he can not only save the money but also lessen the employee’s burden.

10. Manage the work, and avoid burden:

An employee as told earlier knows when the flow of work will be more in the company, so should try and plan his work well in advance. The more important work before the expected deadline, the less the burden of work would be when the employee returns to work.

Also, this way he can reduce the chances of any loss that the company could incur. This will create a good image of the employee and will also help him to build his goodwill in the organization.

11. Connect with others:

An organization is a grid of network with a lot of employees working there. An employee should always try and maintain contacts with other employees in the organization.

This way the employee can ask for help or assistance when the employee wants to take time off to travel. Also, he can depend on others for their work. But, if the employee wants to ask other employees for help, then he should help others in their work.

12. Give reasons for your break:

An employee should always be able to answer the queries of the employer about his taking the month off to travel.

He should always explain to the employer that if he takes the break, it will make him efficient and will make him able to concentrate more on his work. This would make him more understandable and will make him give the much-needed break to the employee.

13. Check out the company policy for vacations:

An employee shall always check the policy of the company regarding vacations. If the employee knows about the policy, then he can plan his time off without his salary being deducted.

This way he will have, less burden on them and can take advantage of the policy of the company. In such a situation the employee can always ask the employer to take the time off to travel and the employer without much delay will always grant the permission.

14. Save Vacation:

An employee shall always try and save his vacations for the time when he requires them. He should not waste his vacations because then he will not be able to ask for it when required.

An employee should always study the policy of the company well in advance before joining the company. This way he can use the vacations which are payable by the company without any loss of salary for that month.

While traveling, the most important thing is money, so if the employee is traveling without the burden of salary being cut, then he can always enjoy more.

15. Don’t ask the employer directly:

An employee shall avoid asking an employer directly because it might create the wrong impression or confusion between them. The employee shall ask the employer about the policies of the company in an indirect manner.

Like, my friend was planning to take a leave for a month what would be the condition. Always try not to ask the employer for one is to one ratio. The information that you have gathered will also be helpful to your coworkers in the company.

16. Request rather than informing:

An employee shall always try to ask the employer in such a way that it seems like a request to the employer rather than information. Sometimes, the employees are at the mistake the way they ask the employer about the time off they want to take.

In such a situation the employer may refuse to grant the required leave which he might have granted. Always try to ask the employer in a friendly and humble manner, so that the employer also likes it and does not hesitate in granting the leave.

17. Ask in writing for confirmation:

An employee shall always ask for the leave granted to him in writing to be assured. Generally, in the corporate world, whether the company is small or big everything is done only when available in writing.

So, the employee to be on a safer side shall have the granted leave in writing by the employer. In case of need, he can use the document as proof for his vacation.

18. Get an extra clause added in the agreement:

While joining the company an employee can always ask the employer to add an extra clause regarding the long vacation. This is generally applicable to the employees who are working abroad.

People who work abroad when travel to their native place need a long time because the money involved in traveling is huge. Especially these people should clearly understand the policies of the company before joining in and should make sure to add an extra clause regarding a long vacation.

19. Complete the ongoing project:

An employee before asking the employer for time off to travel shall ensure the ongoing project of the company is complete. Asking the employer about the time off between the ongoing project will not be correct for any employee.

So, to ask the employer for time off the employee should complete the current project and then request for the leave. In case the employee has to leave in an emergency, then he should always try to maintain cordial relations with other people in the organization.

20. Give options to the employer:

Before asking for an off from the employer, the employee shall give the available options to the employer. He can give options like he can share his work with other employees in the company.

He can also suggest for part-time work in advance before going off for the vacation. The employee can also suggest being available on call in case of the requirement in the company. By doing this the employee can reduce the employers’ chance of denying the time asked by the employee to travel.


By keeping in mind, the list of above points the employee can ask for time off to travel. An employee shall always keep in mind, that whenever he is taking time off, the company shall never suffer any losses in any form.

The employee shall always try and maintain cordial and friendly relations with the employer. The employee shall always know that it’s not wrong to ask the employer for time off from work.

An employer should always try and put him in the employee’s position to understand him. So, just go and enjoy your vacations and rejoin with full energy.