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Easy and Simple Negotiating Tricks to Boost Your Salary


Job is one such thing that decides the future lifestyle of a person and his upcoming generation. Getting a job is a hard thing, moreover getting a good paying job is even more difficult nowadays, in this highly competitive world. You need to have good negotiating tricks to convince the employer.

May it is any sector in the world, the competition has rooted itself in almost every place of the world; one of the biggest competitions in the world is the competition for survival.

Negotiating Tricks to Boost SalaryFor a human to survive, it becomes even more difficult because unlike the animals and another living thing you cannot hunt and fill your stomachs, humans have to earn for themselves as well as for their family and next generation. Because of the race for a successful lifestyle, the competition level has reached a whole new level.

Role of the JOB:

The job plays a vital role in a person’s life because it assures the safe and secure future of a person along with his family. Moreover, a good job will always give you a better and easy lifestyle where you and your family can stand financially strong in all the ups and downs of life.

A job provides a regular source of income to a person for fulfilling his living needs and desires. The better your job is, the better, easy and successful life you can get.

So we can make out that a job truly plays a vital role in a person’s life and this is the very reason everyone strives and works hard to get a good job.

Why some people with good jobs are still unhappy and struggling?

A person from his education to graduation works and studies hard to get ample of knowledge and caliber to get a bright and secure future with a good job.

Once the education part is complete then starts the practical preparation of the interviews, here every one is taught and informed about getting selected in an interview.

On the day of the interview, the person goes with full confidence and faces the interview and within no time he/she gets selected for the desired good job.

Everything seems right but when we see that same person after a few months we find him still upset and unhappy with something.

This is where most of us forget the most important thing that a good pay job is always a better option as compared to a good job.

Moreover, most of the people may have experienced such situations where they are working in a company with a team of people but some of the people who are appointed at the same designation as you are paid more as compared to you, this makes you realize your mistake that you did while giving the interview.

What makes a difference in the interview?

Negotiation is one such thing that a majority of people forget, ignore or overlook while giving the interview.

This is because the interview is such a place which deliberates high amount of pressure and challenge to personnel and the individual gets all stuck with the thoughts of just cracking and get selected from the interview for a good job but forgets to negotiate once there is a sense of the positive attitude of the interviewer.

Negotiation of your pay, salary, incentives, expenses everything that will affect your finances should negotiate well so that you land up with the best possible figure along with a good job.

At this point most of us think that, how is it possible? How to negotiate with the interviewer for the decided salary? Before finding the ways to negotiate with the interviewer for the salary, let us see some of the most common misunderstandings and mistakes are done by the people when they tend to negotiate with the interviewer.

Salary Negotiation Mistakes and Misconceptions:

1. Settling with the offer and not negotiating more:

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a person does while negotiating or discussing his pay with the interviewer.This happens because a majority of people assume that the offer proposed by the interviewer based upon their caliber which the interviewer believes you have, so they accept it happily and when the meet other co-workers with higher pays then it’s too late to handle the things. So, not negotiating and settling is the wrong thing to do when discussion your pay.

2. Reveling your requirement:

Most of the people open up the numbers beforehand in the interview that with how much pay they are going to settle for the job, this is again one of the major mistakes that a person does. If someone opens up too early, then the interviewer will never think of giving, even discussing above your given limitation.

3. Showing your need rather than your true value to the organization:

Most of people attach or drive by emotions that they open each and everything in front of the interviewer thinking that after seeing your need and situation, the interviewer will get soft and increase the pay for your job. This is wrong mentally because the interviewer is strangers and is new to you and they don’t bother whether it is your rent, mortgage, a loan or anything else they only look for better options for business.

4. Weak Negotiation Preparation:

Most of the people overlook the importance of negotiating for their salary and some who do care a bit about their pays the forget about practicing well for the negotiation, when you come unprepared for the negotiation then the interviewer always has the upper hands and your possibilities become less of winning over your negotiations.

5. Shooting up too early and turning the negotiation into arguments:

Some people over prepare and then they become overconfident for their upcoming interview, moreover, this overconfidence is even more dangerous than not preparing because it may lead to unwanted results.

Some of these people either pitch the negotiation of the salary too early or turn down the negotiation and discussion into an argument which makes it very uncomfortable for the interviewer even to discuss something even further for the interview.

Negotiating Tricks to Boost Salary:

1. Do intensive research work on the company:

When you are going for the interview, you need to prepare well but you also need to do a bit of research and homework on the company’s profile. Once you get the briefings of the company then you will easily get an idea of the maximum pay that the company can afford, this will prevent you from over demanding while negotiating for your pay and the interviewer can also easily give a second thought on your settling demand.

2. Identify your value:

You need to look for all the positive insights inside yourself because many people think that showing their needs will get then more pay which is truly a misconception and irrelative to the interview.

You need to be thinking practical and then you need to show your true value for the company’s benefits, when you will talk about the benefits of the company, then the interviewer will also give space for a healthy discussion over the rate of your value and importance to the company.

3. Forget about your last pays:

Many people stick to the figure near to salary which they use to receive in the earlier job. Remember whenever you are applying for the new job you need to forget about the old pay and stop sticking around that particular figure.

When you open up your mind for a better negotiation then chances of getting yourself a better pay also increases and you may get the desired upgrade on your salary.

4. Think beyond the Basics:

Most of the people strongly believe in the fact that negotiation is just for the basic salary or the basic pay of an individual, but by doing this you close all the gates for the other profitable opportunities by which you can easily increase your salary.

For instance; overtime work pays, work from home time pays, outdoor working pays, online working pays, multitasking pays, etc. So thinking beyond will make the interviewer see your interest in the job and creates a positive image of yours in his mind which lets you get the other wealthy profits from a single job.

5. Prepare for a straight forward rejection at first attempt:

Most of the people tend to loosen the grip on their words when their proposal rejects from the interviewer, this happens because of the intense pressure of the interview and the selection factor.

But you need to hold on confidently and obviously in a convincing way so that the interviewer can give a second thought to the offer that you have placed for them, meanwhile you need to elaborate all the positives and the benefits that company and business can have by selecting you for the job.

All the discussions when done at the right and perfect moment helps you to build a strong image of yours in the interviewer’s mind which increases the chances of boost salary.

6. Have Reasons Prepared:

Once you throw the offer then you need to well prepare for the entire Why’s of the interviewer because once you demand high than the offered salary then the interview will interest in knowing the reason behind your demand for a high salary.

At this point, you need to express the true skills and benefits that the company will have by your presence as a worker. Moreover, the benefits and skills should be different and unique from other people who are applying for the same job.

The reasons should be strong enough so that the interviewer gets down to things again on your offer.

7. Maintain the Flow with a positive attitude:

Most of the people lose their energy or break the consistency of their negotiation flow. This is the point for which the interviewer is looking for, as you make this mistake all your hard work in negotiating so far will be of no use and the interviewer will again stick back to the actual offer which he made to you for the specific job.

Your energy level and the flow and consistency of the negotiation should not hinder, moreover it should be maintained well till you don’t get the desired conclusion.

When you maintain the flow the interviewer’s mind does not get any time in thinking over the negatives and the other aspects of offering you higher salary as compared to others and thus he stays in your created positive environment by seeing all the goodness in you for the business as well as for the company.

So these were some of the negotiation tips which you can follow to get a good paying job, moreover, this will help you to get yourself the desired pay for the desired job profile.

But still remember the fact; it’s not just the numbers for which you need to prepare for the interview, you need to prepare well for the whole interview, which itself includes a lot of briefings such as; punctuality for the day of interview, well prepared documents file, a professional sober and simple looking outfit, positive attitude, energetic and active rather than dull and numb, etc.

At last. we can say that an interview and a job is one of the most important stages of life which decides your future lifestyle which you and your family member are going to lead ahead.

So polish yourself to the best and take the guidance of your elders because an experienced person knows all the ins and outs of the interview and he/she will be guiding you in the best possible way to crack the interview for the good paying job.