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How to Keep a Positive Attitude all the Time?


A lot of us are positive by nature and want to maintain a positive attitude every time as a way of life. But there are times when we tend to weigh the disadvantages first before understanding a situation. To add more, a lot of us prefer to add unnecessary sarcasm to humor, somehow master to push a double edged smile when something is originally funny and constantly remind ourselves that the glass is half empty.

We tend to rely on negativity mostly and often find ourselves thinking as to why the world is so abrasive and shallow towards us. Maybe the problem isn’t associated with the world all the time. It could be you too. When you imbibe more positivity, you become an optimistic person and this reflects in your behaviour wherever you go.

A good sense of humor, a wonderful attitude towards life and some pleasant behaviour will not only improve your relationships at work but with people around you in general. Hopefully, the tips and ideas in this post will help you become the positive person you want to be.

Positive Attitude all Time

Effects of Having a Positive Attitude:

The prime reason for having a positive attitude is to be happy and make others happy. Positiveness always overweighs negativity and spreads joyous vibes into our as well as others lives.

Power of Positive Thinking:

As mentioned above, let us begin the first tremendous effect of having a positive attitude with

  1. Happiness
  2. Gift of love
  3. Purposeful living
  4. Awakening and motivating others
  5. Positive impact
  6. Boosts self-confidence
  7. Believe in Hope

21 Ways to Define a Positive Attitude:

  1. Being consistent with yourself… constantly.
  2. Giving more than you hope to receive back.
  3. Not giving other individuals’ pessimism a chance to cut you down.
  4. Not grumbling no matter how worse things are.
  5. Filling somebody’s heart with joy.
  6. Let somebody know that their work was admirable.
  7. Compliment even to an all-out outsider.
  8. Smiling
  9. Regardless of how awful your present conditions are, have a strong future vision.
  10. Being glad for other person’s prosperity.
  11. Having a good time although you are losing.
  12. Living happily even when you have pretty much nothing.
  13. Realizing that relationships overweigh material benefits.
  14. Being a root of spirit or vitality that lifts people around you.
  15. Trying to rise whenever you tumble down.
  16. Buddying with even unknown people
  17. Utilizing the effect of a smile to turn around the tone of a circumstance.
  18. Inspiring everyone around with a positive tone.
  19. Having fun with the unforeseen, even when it’s not what you needed initially.
  20. Getting what you get, and not throwing a tantrum.
  21. Looking at misfortune without flinching… and giggling.

Ways to Maintain a Cool and Positive Attitude:

1. Maintain A Journal:

Yes, this does seem like a cheesy idea. But if you want to stay positive at all times, maybe this could help you. Writing down about all the things that make you happy can actually affect your mind in several ways. You do not have to write down an essay for this. Just get hold of a diary and jot down some of the things that make you happy.

It could be something as simple as a lovely compliment received by a friend, or the dinner date you had with your girlfriend the last evening. It could also be something that made you laugh out loud at work. Reading these lines when you’re in a bad mood will actually help you feel better. It will help you build a positive mindset over time.

2. Start Your Day With Something Powerful:

One of the most powerful ways that can help you stay positive throughout the day is by giving it a strong beginning. A lot of people start their day with negative thoughts that ruin their mind. If you would like to stay positive, make sure you recreate the first part of your day. Drink a fresh cup of coffee as you listen to some inspirational music.

You could read something positive too. Ten minutes of meditation or prayer could also change your mindset gradually. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a minute or an hour; make sure you dedicate some part of your morning to this ritual. Your attitude will certainly experience a positive change soon.

3. Try To Understand What Life Means To You:

This will sound philosophical at first but you’d be surprised when the benefits start to come in. People who believe that life was given to them for a specific plan and purpose tend to be much happier than those who don’t. What this means is, you need to make more time for yourself and try to understand the meaning of life.

Some do this by taking part in religious activities or ritual while others try to understand things for a more philosophical aspect. For some of you, it could be in the relationships you share with special people or something you love doing the most.

4. Hang Out With Those Who Encourage You:

To block out all negativity from your life, it is important to remove all those who are toxic for your well being. People who discourage you should be kept miles away from. A lot of experts have often said that you often possess the same level of health; wealth and lifestyle as the top 5 people you share your personal space with.

So if you are keen on becoming a model, hang out with those who know about this agency. If you would like to become strong and fit, meet more fit people. In short, if you want to stay happy and positive, meet more people who suit this quality.

5. Retain a Calm Attitude:

If someone cuts you off in a queue to the ticket office, try to control your temper. People often tend to get angry when things don’t work out according to our wishes. They lash at people and throw tantrums. This is detrimental towards your health. Stress, anxiety and tension have never done anybody any good.

It also gets worse when you punish yourself for being so rude and upsetting. The solution to this problem is by staying calm and cool. If you find it extremely difficult to stay relaxed, remember it is you who is losing every time you react emotionally. That should definitely help you overcome negativity and hold your head up high.

6. Do One Thing Everything:

Plan to do a good deed every day without letting a soul be aware of it! This would be a very unique and interesting way to stay creative at all times. Try something like surprising your mother by sending her a gift full of groceries.

The anonymous delivery will surely get her to smile. Or you could design a small hamper of chocolates and sweets for your dear little cousin. Place it next to his pillow when he’s sleeping. The grin on his face when he gets up the next day will make you feel happy about yourself. Doing good deeds now and then is certainly a wonderful way to keep you cheerful.

7. Love Yourself Like You Would Love A Friend:

If your best friend spoke to you about how miserable he/she feels about life in general, what would you do? Obviously you will do anything possible to keep him/her happy. And that is exactly what you need to do for yourself. It is important to take care of yourself every day so that life improves instead of worsening.

So next time, you win something, make it a point to celebrate. Always share news of great progress with your close friends. Go out once in a while with people who love you. Speak to your buddies when you’re feeling low. That will always make you feel uplifted and help you maintain your positive attitude. And most importantly, don’t forget how capable you are.

8. Work Out Now and Then:

If you didn’t know this earlier, you should know it now. Exercise and working out is one of the most powerful stress busters you’ll ever know. It is needed for a positive frame of mind. With exercise, you will help your body release positive chemicals into the bloodstream that will keep you upbeat and radiant all day.

Exercise is also a great way to start the day. People who begin their day with exercise tend to stay much more positive throughout the day than people who don’t. You can exercise in any way you want. Whether it is a long brisk walk with your dog or dancing your feet off in a cardio-dance routine, a fun workout is a must for a positive attitude and happier state of mind.

9. Use The Right Words While Greeting People:

If you have a positive attitude, you’re more fun to be around. Using the right words while meeting people can make a huge difference to your personality and behavior When someone asks you how you are doing today, don’t tell them something like “Oh I’m alright!” or “Just going with the flow!” Instead, choose something like “Fantastic!” or “Great!” This will help you remember that your life is in a great state.

Also, it could uplift the mind of the person you are speaking to. In short, you are not only going to be an inspiration to yourself but an inspiration to others too.

10. Remember to Stay Realistic:

In order to stay positive, you have to learn to stay realistic too. There is no need to become a saint. There will be times when you have to put up with very difficult situations. What matters more is how you deal with the problems and how you think of things overall. Do not let a small failure take over your life.

Do not get too upset when your expectations have not been met and don’t calculate everything. The only thing you should do is think of smart ways of pulling yourself out of a difficult situation.

Best Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude at Work:

A person possessing a positive attitude always focuses on good and ignores the bad or negative things that come in their way.

Having a positive mindset will help you find new opportunities to grow and improve yourselves both in your professional as well as personal lives.

Some of the top ways to maintain a positive attitude are,

  1. Fake your emotion till it really reaches you
  2. Focus your vision to long term
  3. Never stop learning and always be curious
  4. Laugh and makes other laughs
  5. Break the complaining tone
  6. Understand no one owes you anything
  7. Set personal goals
  8. Prepare a mission statement
  9. Take deep breaths, it helps
  10. Work on your reaction before facing it
  11. Take responsibility of your mistakes
  12. Plan simple high points in your daily life
  13. Carry your positivity along with you
  14. Be humble to people
  15. Build a creative daily routine
  16. Think before you speak
  17. Have a positive mindset always
  18. Be around with positive people


To speak about positivity is very easy. But to actually keep up with it is far more difficult than one could actually think. However, it isn’t all that impossible after all to keep a positive attitude either at work or in life. Some of the ideas enlisted above are quite simple and if you make it a point to try them on a regular basis, you will definitely see the results.

So remember to stay patient and give yourself enough time. Once you are able to do so, you will not only learn to stay positive for the day but positive throughout life. Also if you have any ideas, feel free to drop a comment below.