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How to Stay Stuck in the Wrong Career? Top 10 Survival Tips


There are hundreds of people who think that the job they are doing at the moment is not the right choice for them.

They are not happy with what they are doing and they are looking for a way out of it. The number of people who are uncertain about the career choice is increasing by the day.

Someone takes the leap and then lands up in another terrible career choice. Sometimes due to this very reason people stay stuck in the wrong career because they are not sure whether the new career choice will provide them with all that they are looking for.

Moreover, there are some who doesn’t even know that they are stuck in a wrong career. They feel it’s normal to have Monday blues, but what they fail to realize is that they go through the blues every day.

They don’t like to go to the office and they have lost the motivation to work better or take initiatives as well.

They complete the work that they are supposed to by the end of the day and rush out of their cubicle to feel free of the boring life of the office.stay stuck in wrong career

Signs you are stuck in wrong career:

There are some signs that will suggest that you are in the wrong career. You can take the hint and then decide what is best for you.

There is no guarantee that if you make the next big career change, then it will be the perfect choice for you.

Instead, it might be worse, so realize the signs that will make you understand that you are in the wrong career and it will help you in analyzing whether leaving the job will be a good option or staying will be much better!

It will also make you understand whether the situation is quite serious or something that you can handle easily just by making some changes. Here are the hints –

1. Work is boring:

my work is boring If you find that getting out of bed becomes a tedious exercise for you on weekdays and you don’t feel like going to the office every single day, then there are some serious troubles in your paradise.

One odd day or two is okay for everybody, but if it has become a routine, then the alarm bell must ring in your mind and inform you that this is not the right job for you.

But, before you jump into any conclusion, you must give it a thought and decide which part of the job is making things worse for you.

Is it the long traveling hours that goes into it  or is it the co-workers?

If you are dissatisfied with the job itself, then you will have to give it a serious thought and think about how you can make it interesting. But, if it is more of the surroundings, then there are several ways of tackling the situation.

2. Lack of concern:

Your mind can divert to other places once or twice, but when you share your worries with a friend if everything gets better, then you don’t need to worry because it is normal.

But, when this same feeling of apathy gets stuck to you and you wish almost every time that you were somewhere else, then definitely something is not working in the right manner. It is time to realize that you are in the wrong plane.

3. Bitterness:

bitterness in the workplace If you are bitter and jealous about the work your friend is doing and hoped that you also did the same thing day in and day out, then you will have to give it a thought whether you have the qualification and interest in doing that kind of a job.

If yes, then it is for sure that you need a career change because this bitterness won’t allow concentrating on the job you are doing at present and also hamper your productivity.

Now that you have realized that you are stuck in a wrong job, you will have to decide on your next big step. Whether you want to quit or you want to stay stuck in here?

Right Career is Hard to Come by:

You can ask your friends and families who have made a big change in the hope of getting something better that whether things have improved for them or is it worse than before!

You will see that people who have made the change are also not satisfied with the career choice that they have made and they think that they are still stuck in the wrong career.

All this is due to the fact that basically as human beings, we are scared of changes because we are not sure about what lies on the other side.

So, it is always good to think a lot about the career choice you are about to make and once you are in a career, you must stick to it unless until you are absolutely sure that the change will definitely bear fruit that is sweet enough and worth it.

Making Things Work for yourself:

You know that you are stuck in the wrong career, then here is how you can make the most out of it and enjoy your stay out there –

1. Try your hands in different things:

If you are too exhausted, then the best thing that you can do is take a long leave and try out things that you think might suit your taste.

Through this you will know whether other things will work out for you or not and in case nothing works out, then you always have the old job to fall back on.

2. Connecting with people:

connecting with people at work Sometimes the strangers help you in becoming the person you always wanted to be.

So, it is time to make connections with new people and they can be someone from your company only or through alumni. Get in touch with people who will help you in growing into the possible new self.

3. Share your ideas:

If something doesn’t make sense to you or you are not sure whether it will materialize or not, then share it with others. You will be surprised to see the amount of support that you are receiving.

Their words will help you stay motivated and you will see the clarity in your intentions and it will definitely help you in moving towards the right direction in your present career.

4. Finding the true self:

When you are on a quest to find what you really want, you will end up having multiple options to explore.

But, in reality it might happen that all these won’t get converted into a handsome paycheck at the end of every month or you would realize that the fantasy that you had over your job is not getting a perfect match in real life.

Whatever be the case, we must act accordingly. We need to realize what we really want and work towards it.

5. Advise might help:

Someone who has been through all of this is the right person to whom we can turn to for advice.

He will understand what we are going through because he has been there himself, so he will provide us with just the right professional help . This will help you in making the right decisions and make the right moves.

6. Think twice before the leap:

thinking about job change While changing, the job might seem the right decision because you are being offered a handsome paycheck by a different company.

But, before you do that, think about why you are trying to make the change, if it is due to the work pressure, then you must not accept another offer which has the same job responsibilities. As this will make you even more frustrating.

So, if you think that one big change in the paycheck will solve all your problems, then most likely you are going to commit the same mistake again in your career.

Stay Positive and Think Positive:

It is easy to give up or curse the career you are currently pursuing, but you must look back and realize what all positive aspects it has and what you have learnt from it.

Once you value the positive side of your career, things will be easier for you and you will be able to decide the next move that you must take.

If you are doing a job and enjoying it, then you must know why you are enjoying the job. This will provide you with a lot of clarity and it will help you in exploring more options in that section.staying positive at work

If you are someone who loves to cook, then you can give the profession of a chef a serious thought.

This way you will enjoy the work and no matter how tired you are at the end of the day, at least you will be satisfied by the way you have spent the whole day.

Your life will be much more meaningful and you will be content and happy in your personal life too.

The work life balance can be maintained perfectly when you are doing something that you absolutely admire.

The right career will lead you to the goal that you always wanted to achieve. It will help you in setting up the right professional goals and then it will also help you in planning the right strategy to achieve that as well.

The right career will provide you job happiness and not just that, it also comes with career fulfillment too. So, have a positive frame of mind and dig in the matter that you think is bothering you. Solve it and move on with your career.