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Effects and Consequences of Wrong Career Choice


In this era it is important for one and all to understand the effects and consequences of choosing a wrong career.

While choosing career it is important to know what we want from the offering and what we do not want.

A career that has been chosen without the list of pros and cons may highly affect ones routine and subsequently his or her life.

Hence, we need to chart down a list that shows how can a right career help prosper in our work life and also assist in fulfilling our desires.effects of wrong career choice

What do we mean by Career Choice?

Often graduates and other candidates who belong to a certain profession are given a golden opportunity to carve their career paths.

That is, after graduation the student gets an opportunity to choose the job he or she wants to be a part of. The same holds true for experienced hires too. They have an equal chance to stand against what career paths they want to choose.

The key factor that determines our wellbeing or the success we achieve in life or our satisfaction levels in life is directly proportional to the choice we make.

It is this very choice that makes us who we are and drives us on our daily routine to earn a living.

So now that we all know that careers are a job form that each one of us voluntarily choose for ourselves, we shall now learn the following –

What could lead to a wrong career choice?made wrong career choice

When it comes to graduates we must all agree that it is quite natural that one makes a difficult choice.

At such a nascent age, a student tends to make the wrong choice because he or she is completely clueless about what they want to pursue.

Most of them at that scenario tend to influence their decisions by giving way to their peers or family. One cannot seem to make a rational decision at that given point of time.

Whereas on the other hand, experienced hires or lateral hires face the same problem too.

Since some of us may not have had a great start, we tend to row around in the same boat, because the choice at the time of graduation was a weak one.

And for some others although you may have made an excellent choice at the start, soon you begin to realize that you are stuck in the same industry for a long time and that you are now unable to explore your other interests.

If one has failed to understand the interests and skill sets within oneself, it is quite a task to choose a suitable job.

Simply because, only when you appreciate your talent and skills that you seem to be good at, only then will you be able to suit them with the available job duties in the market.

Effects and Penalties of Wrong Career in the Long Run?

1. Work satisfaction:

The first and foremost thing that could happen to any individual is that you don’t enjoy what you do.

The work you do on a day to day basis does not seem to give you the satisfaction nor the happiness of doing a good deed.

One can never be successful if one is not happy with the job responsibilities that are attached. Careers must be chosen on the basis of aptitude and skills that one possesses.

2. Poor performance:

poor performance at work Another severe effect could be that you may not perform too well in the office. We all know that performance is what speaks for us at the end of the day because of which we get appraised and move on to a better position.

But if you have chosen a wrong career for yourself then your performance takes a hit as you are not in a position to deliver your cent percent.

Therefore, this could be a vital sign for you to understand and comprehend that you are in a wrong line of work responsibility.

3. Anxiety and stress:

Anxiety and stress could be two key factors that tell us that we are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Health is wealth. And we all know this. Anxiousness and a stressed mind is often brought home and thrown upon family members.

This disturbs the temperaments of the family members and yours too. This should be analyzed quick and easy to understand that you are caught in the wrong job.

4. Social disregard:

That is, one may feel like avoiding and staying in one of those dark corners. One may not want to get out and socialize or network. But why?

This is because others around us may have found the right thing to do and may be more than happy.

But this realization gets to the mind and makes us feel like we have lost a war against self. One tends to disregard the social activities and enjoy the lighter side of life.

Owing to the above characteristic there is also one other temperament that comes into the picture of a stressed man’s life, and that is being jealous of another person for his or her success.

You tend to look at your career as a whole and begin to compare yours with theirs. This situation definitely arises only when you know that your routine is not as happy as theirs.

Therefore, it is a wakeup call for us that tells us to choose the next chapter in our life. Changing the mind and moving forward to make your life better is where the challenge lies.

So what do we do now?

wrong career what to do

Now that this article has helped us delve into the deformities of choosing a wrong career path, it is also a red signal for us to stop and think.

That is, while reading this excerpt if anyone of us has felt that we have been in that position or we know someone who is going through this phase of life then we need to enlightened them about the ill effect of choosing a bad career.

This article, I hope has helped many of us detect the early signs of what could be a not so good work-life.

But on the other hand for those of us who feel that we haven’t come across such a situation in life as of now, we are under a safe cover. This should make us feel happier.

It is obvious, isn’t it?

Because we know that we are not under the ill effects of a bad career road. And that should remind us not to make decisions that may further lead us to a path which we may not want to be a part of.

Many of us may have real life scenarios to share and feel the need to express our own views. This am sure is the right place to do so. Feedbacks and reviews about this excerpt are most welcome. Well I hope most of us are now familiar with some of the most regular effects of choosing a wrong career path.