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Top 23 Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job Seekers


Most job seekers are in the race to unlock the mystery so as to win an employment offer from an employer.

What is it that one must possess to obtain an exciting and challenging job offer?

A unique mix of skills and values is what one must contain so as to make employers want them the most.

That is, one must contain the right amount of skills, talent and ethics or values to crack the test and get that exciting job offer.

So what are the skills that these job seekers are looking for? top skills for jobs

In our discussion here, let us learn and understand the different characteristics that one must have.

We should also know that apart from a specific set of educational or instructive skills there are a set of other universal skills that employers seek. Let us now look into it one by one.

1. Communication:

Now there are two types of communication skills that we should be aware of. One the verbal skill and the other written skill.

One should possess the ability of listening, writing and speaking in a good manner. Should be able to communicate and express himself clearly.

Successful communication is essential in day to day business activity. Most employers seek the best spoken, well written and a sound listener.

2. Analytical Skill:

Researching and finding solutions for most problems is what describes as analytical skills. How good one can assess a situation, come up with numerous alternatives as a solution for a persistent problem shows your analytical skills.

The primary objective as to why we should possess these skills is to basically identify key issues and gather information regarding the same. Find a smart solution by seeking multiple perspectives.

3. Technical Literacy:

Computer knowledge and technical skills are a key part of the skills that one must possess.

Most jobs nowadays require basic ground level knowledge of computer hardware and software. Mostly expertise in documentation, spreadsheets and email.

A computer literate candidate definitely ranks better when compared to a non – computer literate candidate.

4. Flexibility:

Employee flexibility When a candidate is flexible in terms of working different hours, working at a different domicile of the firm etc makes the employer choose this candidate over others who are not so flexible. Employers always seek a flexible team member.

5. Adaptability:

One must know that you have to adapt to your surroundings as and when placed in a different scenario.

When there is a change of place or change in the work atmosphere it is essential that you demonstrate your adaptability.

This shows that there is room for growth and development as a person since you are willing to adapt yourself to newer forums.

6. Management:

This is a very critical skill that one must have. I repeat, this character plays a pivotal role in taking you to greater heights in your career path.

Management is all about deploying the right resources at the right time. It also calls for sensitive and practical judgment. It simply shows what kind of a person you may be.

To manage a team of employees or to manage a process or production, it could be anything, but the minute you show that you have what it takes to be a manager at any given point in time, that’s it you have nailed it!

Being shrewd or overly smart doesn’t really help. All that you need is a basic understanding of your team and its process so as to carry out the functions as smooth as possible. This makes you all the more wanted by employers.

7. Honesty:

Being an erudite job seeker one should also remember not to fake it in the cover letter or the resume or in the accolades document. But why?

Simply because people like employers, institutions or any other firm will soon realize that you have faked your credentials and you become a victim of trust issues.

So here is what is likely to happen. They may not know which part of your resume is the truth and they may land up in a situation where the truth is assumed to be lies.

Being honest is always fruitful and is always the best policy.

8. Integrity:

integrity Integrity is a heavy word to carry out. Let us understand in terms of the word ‘respect’.

Respect is given to the work you do, to the people around you, to the work performed by people around and mostly everything in life.

So when you learn to respect people and their work, recognize them for their effort, you automatically have this sense of integrity within you which most employers will seek for.

So remember everything you do in life is to be respected for.

9. Strong work ethics:

One should always display strong work ethics. By doing so, more and more people would like to be associated with you only because you have strong cultural and ethical values.

Ethical behavior could include being decent, behaving at your best, strong emotional control and the likes. These values will make you wanted by many employers.

This aspect in your resume is mostly appreciated by the references you provide to the new firm.

10. Interpersonal abilities:

Abilities which talk about how you can relate to your co-workers, experiences that define how you have inspired people around you.

The success of running your team without having too many glitches within the team.

11. Leadership:

Some people are born leaders and some others are made leaders. In both cases we stand a better chance. If you know you are not born one, then you also know that you can learn to be one.

Where there is a will there is always a way!

This skill purely talks about how you take charge of things. It may be at home or at office. But how well you organize yourself and take into consideration the sequence of events that need to occur in a given time under your supervision.

Sounds tough? Not really! Don’t freak out yet.

It’s simple, just be active, sensitive and motivated. People often prefer someone who can be goal – driven and coaches his or her team member in the right way.

12. A good planner:

giving presentations at conferences Here is someone who is good at listing out the positives and negatives of a certain event. And he or she must definitely be precise about every action.

It basically deals with planning, designing, organizing and executing in the same order. Also performing these tasks in the given time frame is what certifies who is the best.

Remember employers seek for someone who is result driven and who also achieves the same.

13. Reasoning:

There’s always a problem lurking somewhere in the corner that is ready to pounce upon you. But are you quick enough to not let it pounce upon you?

That’s when reasoning a trait in a skilled employee comes out.

You should have good reasoning skill to justify why you performed certain actions that has now led you into a problem.

It’s perfectly alright to face problems, but it is imperative that you stand by the decisions you made and reason out for the same. This proves that you are credible and one can bank upon you under grave situations.

14. Creativity:

Who would not want a creative player in the team?

If you could bring some charm into the age old game that the firm has been playing along for so many years, who would not like it?

Being creative about your job makes you want to be there every day. Because you bring life to it. Being creative will always want keep you alive and on your toes to do something different all the time.

15. Reliability:

Are you reliable?

Is that something the employer can expect from you?

Yes he can and he should.

Supposing your team is in a grave situation and requires you to work on a holiday, would you do that?

Would you go out of your way to help your firm?

I think you should. Because everybody needs everyone in a given grave situation. Its human nature to help someone when one needs it. You would be a good choice over others.

16. Motivated:

Positive energy at workWhen your team is in stress or a depressed mood, it is that time that they need you the most.

Motivate and stimulate them in the ways you have learned to do so. If you would not know, then take a look at these words they may help you combat the situation.

Being energetic, upbeat and full of positive attitude helps. Talk to them about how soon that situation is going to end and show them the light that you can see at the end of the tunnel.

17. Willingness to learn:

No matter how much you are experienced and how much you have learned, it is a good trait to always demonstrate the willingness to learn.

Learning a new skill or new technique only shows how open you are to learning newer technologies and concepts that are evolving.

Being a greedy learner, eager to meet challenges and quickly assimilating concepts show how willing you are.

18. Commitment:

An employee who is committed to achieve his or her goals and objectives is a pleasurable sight.

Most employers value employees who are committed to their job and perform to their fullest. This makes them bank upon them and demarcate them as elite team members.

19. Punctual:

It is that characteristic of a person where he or she is able to complete a task, an obligation within a stipulated time.

Being punctual is to be crisp and clear about your tasks and actions.

Employers generally like job seekers who are ‘on time’ to their interviews, punctual to their meetings, punctual to their conference calls and the likes.

20. Curricular Activities:

As an enthusiastic job seeker, it is definitely an add on if you know any curricular activity that you could impart to the team.

Anything new and fresh brought to the team is always welcome.

21. All rounder:

Working on business plan Most employers and firms want an all rounder. So who is an all rounder?

A combination of being a good leader, demonstrating good management skills and a person who is honest in his commitment and ethics. These key skills will positively find you your dream job.

22. The Extra Mile:

When someone gets an out of the box idea and implements with the same enthuse, it teaches everyone to take that extra step towards success.

It motivates and urges many other people to go that extra mile.

23. Soft Skills:

This term is often associated with the phenomenon of Emotional Intelligence Quotient. It demonstrates a cluster of personality traits which includes socializing, networking, friendliness, hygiene, optimism and many more of the same kind.


Well, the above mostly sums up the qualities that a job seeker must possess to obtain a decent job. I would always like to end my articles in a positive note. So the best part for those of us who have read this through diligently, and also have realized that there are some particular skills that may have been missing in us, then it surely is a start for you to start developing the same. So if you want to know the secret to cracking the interview and sustaining in the job you are in, or even better getting into a new line of career, then go ahead and quickly splurge into this article so as to get a better outlook towards life and career.

It would be a warm gesture from your end if you could leave your thoughts behind. If you have anything to share, any other trait that you think is important?

Something that you want to add on to, or thank us for this insightful article, you are most welcome to do so. Good luck with finding a good job.