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What Do You Put in the Skills Section of Resume?


Resume is the first form of communication between an employer and a potential employee. With the help of the resume, an employer gets the basic information about the candidate.

A resume builds a first impression in front of the employers of the candidates as the words on the resume depict the way an individual is, his qualifications, his skills, his interests, his age etc.

Employers are able to determine if the candidate is good enough to be given more time with the help of the resume.

skills to put on resumeBecause of all the above mentioned reasons so many firms attach great importance to the resume.

There are a various sections of a resume. Some of them being, the personal details, qualifications, skills etc.

However, the most important one is the resume skills section. As through the skills section of resume, the employers are able to understand and analyze the person applying for the job.

The skills that a person has can determine whether or not he shall bag the job. So below is the list of skills, one must make sure to include in the skills section of their resume.

Skills Section of Resume?

1. Good communication skills:

One of the most important and the most needed skill that every firm expects in their employees is the ability to communicate well and openly. Communication can solve as well as create problems.

Hence good communication helps in solving problems and helps in smooth flowing of the work and helps in creating a balance in the work culture. Communicating refers to oral as well as written communication.

One must specify both the counter parts if one is strong at communicating his ideas. Employers require people with good communication skills as it makes working with them easier and much less of a task.

It is also easier to train them and impart knowledge to them.So it is important to include communication skills on a resume.

2. Good organization skills:

Good organization skills is another skill which is most sought after by the firms and their employers.

Organizational skills refer to the ways in which a person is able to organize his task in a very professional way and deal with the tasks in a very organized way.

Since an office is a very formal setting, it is important for everyone to be organized and make sure that the code of conduct or organization is maintained and respected at all times.

Also, people who are organized are considered to be easier to work with and they do not cause problems and are able to manage multiple tasks easily.

3. Management skills:

Management skills refer to the way in which a person can handle and manage people or a number of tasks under him.

If a person is able to juggle a lot of situations easily he is considered to have good management skills and is immediately considered as a good or potential candidate for the job.

Employers are in the lookout for people with good management skills as they have an inbuilt instinct of knowing what to do and how to do it well. They are considered to work hard as well as work smart.

Hence, people with management skills are considered to be gems by the employers. Including this kind of skills and abilities on resume would be be very helpful.

4. Time management skills:

Time is considered to be the most important and expensive asset in the industry. An average employee is expected to work in strict deadlines which are stringent and at no cost fluctuable.

Time is basically said to be money and people who know how to save time and manage it properly are considered as attractive employees in the industry.

Employers are on the constant look out for people who know how to manage time as it will not only save them time, but with their example, the others will also be able to learn management skills from them.

Hence, time management skill is one of the most needed skills in any candidate. This is one of the important skills to include on resume.

5. Self learner:

Whenever an employer decides to hire a candidate, he expects the person to grasp some things himself. There are training sessions as well but it is impossible to teach everything right from the beginning to a person.

If a person does not have good grasping or self learning abilities, there are chances that the employers will not be keen on hiring him for the job.

People who have good grasping abilities are able to understand the procedure quickly and begin working as well as delivering results as per the expectations of the employers too.

Because of all these reasons, it is important to have good grasping or self learning skills in a candidate. This is one of vital skills to put on resume. Including this self learning skills and abilities for resume is very important.

6. Decision making:

Decision making skills is usually required in a job where a person has a huge number of responsibilities as compared to the beginners.

People with decision making skills have a quick and rational way of looking at problems and thinking of solutions which will be the most feasible and best for the firm as a whole.

Firms may or may not encounter crises on a daily level, but it is always beneficial to have people with quick decision making abilities to get rid of the crisis situations and manage them efficiently.

Employers look out for people with quick decision making abilities as they are considered to be smart and more prone to quick thinking and can be a great asset to the firm or the company. This one of the important skills to put on a resume.

7. Rational attitude:

The attitude to look at things in a rational way is one of the skills which are very important and considered necessary by the employers in any firm or company.

People with a rational attitude have a very straight forward way of looking at things and perceiving situations.

A rational attitude helps the firm in acquiring greater benefits as the person has all the possibilities of goof ups ready in his mind and has thought of every way to avoid them and if they turn up how to re-correct them.

A person with a rational attitude is considered as a gem to the firm or the company and is immediately considered as a potential candidate to the employers.

8. Persuasion skills:

Persuasion skills refer to the skills with which a person is able to make the opposite individual believe in whatever he is trying to say.

Basically, the way in which a person sends his message to the receiver and the way in which the receiver encodes it and tends to believe what the sender says. These skills come in handy with a huge variety of people.

People with persuasion skills are very easily able to make the other person believe them, if they have a back up of facts and opinion. Basically they have a way with words and they express the message in a way which makes the opposite person believe them.

Hence, people with the persuasion skills are considered to be very important and they are immediately liked by the employers. This is one of the important skills to list on a resume.

9. Attention to detail:

Another skill that is considered to be a must have is the attention to detail. A person who pays attention to every detail tends to complete his work in a much better manner than a person who just completes an assignment because he is asked to do it.

People who pay attention to detail are instantly like by the employers and can turn into potential employees.

The attention to detail leads to perfect execution of the job with absolutely no loop holes as the person entitled to complete the assignment makes sure that everything is exactly in its place, which is one of the skills related to attention to detail.

Employers are immediately attracted to people who have attention to detail as their skills along with the other skills.

10. Language:

One of the main ways of surviving in any company or firm is through communication.

Communication happens with every member of the hierarchy. Moreover, if an employee is hired by the firm, there will be times when he will have to initiate conversation with outsiders on the request of the employers.

For this, it is necessary for the candidates to know the language of the city or country well. Moreover, English is a compulsory language as most of the formal conversations at firms and companies along with formal parties, people converse in English.

So if a candidate is looking for a high profile job or even an entry level job, it is necessary for the candidate to have good English skills along with the language which is used frequently in the firm.


Skills not only help a person in acquiring a sought after job or position, it also helps in molding the overall development of an individual.

Though, to acquire a good job, it is necessary to have some skills, but candidates should not bluff about the skills that they have, as sooner or later the lie will be uncovered and the loss to the company as well as to the individual shall be quite high.