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How to Build your Personal Brand on YouTube: 16 Best Tips


Do you desire to take your personal image to great heights?

Then think about personal branding strategy. Do you know the fact that many organizations spend billions of pounds in formulating their personal brand and picturing the same?

Nowadays people also have the freedom to build their personal brand and uphold their profile by making use of social networks.

Aside from building personal brand on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, YouTube is also an origin where your personal branding can be arisen from.

Being the prominent and largest video sharing site in the world, building a personal mark on YouTube can be beneficial in many ways.

Video is considered to be an efficacious method for building a brand as the visitors feel appealed and as if they know you by the time the video ceases.

A feel of motion, voice and figure can be experienced with YouTube videos which assist a lot in enhancing your personal brand. Here are a few hints about how personal brand can be developed on YouTube.

build personal brand youtube

How to Make Your Own YouTube Channel and build Your Brand:

The following mentioned are few personal branding tips on how to create a brand and tips for building a personal brand.

1. Profile branding:

Positioning of yourself on YouTube video to build your personal brand should be decided first. If in case you already maintain a personal brand statement, you can go along with the same.

The web properties will assist you with the same for branding your profile. There are channels which have various faces and for such categories a topic or company name should be utilized for company branding.

And branding should have a full name for channels that possess a single face. This is an aspect to be focused on as the channel cannot be altered later.

2. Picking youtube channel name:

When discussing about names for youtube channel, your name, illustration name or your business name can be applied.

Your own name can be utilized if in case you want to brand yourself.

After registration you will possess URL such as full name. The name can be picked depending upon the scheme that is to be posted.

3. Setting up a profile:

YouTube is a root, where millions of people are vying to catch others attention, and then filling the profile is important identical to other social media sites.

Try using a professional picture which is present everywhere. You are allowed to add a link which best showcases your personal brand which can be a blog or your LinkedIn profile.

4. Information about channels:

When youtube is considered, there are plenty of accounts to be used from and many persons do not know this fact.

If you’re clued-up in the same section, opting for “guru” account can be beneficial as custom logos can be used and links can be added.

5. Channel customization:

For customizing the channel, opening up the account and visioning it in this actual mode is to be achieved. With the screen open, the upper right hand side corner will have a tab called “switch to player mode”.

While this step is accomplished a fresh design of the page is obtained. In this manner visitors can see the newest video of yours and others from the sidebar.

6. Latest video option:

To make your latest video available to the audience, click “edit” on the top right corner of the screen.

At this place you can discover something called “featured video”, now you need to change this to “use the most recent”. By this means your brand can be developed and latest video can be made usable.

7. About themes and colors:

Get to themes and color selection and pick the brand colors that are tied in with your power points, concern cards, websites or blogs and utilize the same.

Fonts and colors can be altered and your own background image can also be used. Free youtube designs from various other websites can also be used.

8. Modules:

It is important to get to modules and check all the available options. To develop your community in youtube, recent activity, friends and comments are important options which are found in modules. These tabs help personal brand building a lot.

9. About channel titles and tags:

Titles and tags in youtube is very important to be focused on as these words stand to be the source through which visitors trace you.

Click on ‘edit channel’ and navigate to ‘settings’. Here you will be permitted to provide a title for your channel. Tags are another aspect that has to be made which should be appropriate to your video content.

10. Developing quality videos:

Content is the ruler on youtube and hence developing worthy contents makes it spreadable. So contents should be interesting or funny in order to gather attention. On that point are certain aspects to concentrate on for developing quality content.

The video equipment utilized for formulating videos should be a quality one with full clarity. Advanced video equipment can be utilized for creating your video look proficient.

To make it look professional lights, sound system, amplifier and more can be utilized.

11. Remarkable content:

When pictures are filmed, it is suggested to shoot multiple ones and delete the ones which aren’t suitable.

It is likewise important to shoot videos appropriate to the theme and complete the tags and description for the same.

For visitors’ convenience and to know more about your product as they may be new, the description should definitely have a link to your website or a blog.

12. Promoting videos to Facebook:

In order to advertise your videos or channel you desire to use a network which you’re comrade with.

Sharing process with other networks is available with youtube. To get colligated with Facebook application, the ‘youtube video box application on Facebook’ can be employed to add videos to Facebook profile page or the ones called fan page.

By this way supplementary prominence can be achieved without expenditure.

13. Sharing process with other social media sites:

Options are available on YouTube to share videos on Facebook, twitter and google reader. It is important for youtube users to know their audience and then forward the same, so that it would be useful.

Distribution professional videos to university friends on Facebook can be meaningless. Hence, understanding the audience in each social media site and then forwarding the video can be beneficial.

Utilize the ‘sharing’ option in the account settings of youtube. With this option, promoting common interest videos to Facebook, google reader and twitter can be achieved.

14. About blog:

There is a simple way in youtube to add videos to your blog in easy steps. Get to you tube settings and navigate to ‘blog setup’.

By this means your blog can be associated with your account and sharing of video can be brought through. The embedding of videos to your blog or content can also be achieved from youtube.

At that place are various functionalities with youtube embedded videos which include size measures, colors, borders and more.

15. Linking videos everywhere:

While keywords are hunted on google or YouTube, the higher your ranking goes when you have more and more links to your video.

Your brand is built up when you induce more traffic to your specific video. Initiate a link from your resume to your video or channel, link from social networking profiles, from your personal branding presentation and also from email signatures.

The more links you possess, your ranking goes high.

16. Importance on Channel art:

It is important to concentrate on channel art, which showcases its presence on various devices.

It is equally important for your art to be viewed on mobiles devices too. A font size of 14 is necessary so that your work is not too cluttered and makes it readable on any device. This applies for emails as well as blog posts.

Another aspect your channel art needs to focus on is what you do, when you will post content and about yourself. To enhance visibility, the profile picture should also predict a flavor of what you’re trying to communicate.


Building your personal brand is also a brand marketing aspect, it is mandatory to showcase your skills, passion, values and other personality. It is important to differ from the competition and add quality content as videos.

Building a professional brand by keeping in mind the above tips can help you get noticed amongst the million visitors.

Channel trailers are another added beneficial aspect of youtube videos which turns viewers into subscribers.

There are billion unique visitors that youtube possesses, where monthly 6 billion hours videos are watched, and each minute nearly 100 hours of videos are uploaded, this source is an opportunity to get associated with various young adults and is a quickest way to get connected.

Since you tube is directly linked with google+, Google+ viewers can gain the opportunity to that persons you tube videos.