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16 Secret Sins at Work: Career Killers you must Avoid


It is a known fact that an organization or work place is sometimes tensed. Sins can spoil your character as well as your career success and hence avoiding them and teaching others to get rid of them can be the best way to present yourself as a good employee.

Career success and good relationship with others can be obtained when good habits and thoughts are implanted in an employee’s mind and heart. Run through the pointers and get benefitted from it. Here are a few points about the secret sins at work.

secret sins at work

Secret Sins at Work:

1. Hardworking:

With the various secret sins at work environment, working hard is considered as a sin. Do you know the fact that almost all Americans are workaholics? But many people suggest that this may sometimes backfire and so being a hard worker is a sin.

Any workers image can be led to a negative phase as overworking can decrease performance. The best advice to hard workers is that they should take breaks often, start home after shift is completed and also avert skipping food at work time. A boss only looks for work and whether its accomplished well. One’s mind is cleared and refreshed, a worker can get back to work as he feels fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Popular employee:

When an employee is popular at office he is well known and liked by all. You would be considered as important and be the top of list as in schools and colleges. Professional working adult mentions that all these should be far away.

There can always be hassles and issues when too much of personal information is shared at work place. The best advice is that there should be a strategically crafting methodology in friendship.

Professional and personal lives should have a solid line in between. Too much of personal information should never be shared as it spreads some unknown facts about you and also there can be management perception focused on you for something that happened outside.

3. Multitasking is a sin too:

Bosses and managers insist on hard work and getting multiple works done at once. But it is a fact that an employee’s performance decreases when multitasked, their work efficiency is reduced as their concentration is divided amongst tasks. This can be well avoided by allotting time for each and every job. By this way work is accomplished on time by concentrating on each work individually.

4. Discussing with HR:

Have a deep discussion with HR is considered as one work place sin. HR’s always make themselves broadminded by telling the employees to approach them when there are issues, but employees must be cautious. HR’s are ones who works for the company and they might tell the boss about any employee when situation permits. They may not discuss with other employees in the organization.

5. Decorating your work area:

When your desk or work area is over decorated then it is also considered as a sin. Office decorations are considered as insentient test of loyalties and vales. For Example when an employee’s desk or work area is filled with religious aspects and troll dolls, it may impart some kind of assumption amongst the employee.

In the same manner if the employee’s desk is messy and confused then it may predict that the person is a messy person. Hanging up family photos in your desk are also risky as it may predict that the employee loved to be at home.

It is always good to decorate your desk with some kind of professional and organized aspects rather than scary or offending ones which disturbs others. Though your desk may be yours, you always share it with others too so be thoughtful.

6. Taking children to work:

When kids are taken to work, it is said to be one of the biggest sin at work. Kids may end up with bad behavior and when the employee fails to control them, and then he may be projected as one who cannot control kids can never control office too.

It is always good to leave children at home. If an employee decides to bring in kids to office, he must understand the company culture and also know the timings and day when to bring kids to office.

7. Treats and feeding others:

It is a fact that when an employee does too much in an office environment he will not be taken seriously. This would hold true for women as she is the one who brings in delicacies and predict herself as office mom. Treats can be enjoyed but it should be occasional only on birthdays, holidays and more. It can also be suggested to sign up volunteers on those days so that everyone gets a chance for a treat.

8. Love signatures:

Love signatures are considered the biggest work place sin. Love signatures in emails have no role to place in business correspondence. It would be good if employees do not send these love signatures to clients or boss. It would be advisable to have a standard signature.

9. Looking for other coworkers job:

It is a fact that 12.1% of workers are behind their coworker’s job. It is always good to have a bit of ambition in life but haunting for your coworkers job can surely hurt your career in many ways.

By possessing this category of obsession not only will you break your relationship with the specific coworker but also with other colleagues as they would feel threatened about your behavior. It is equally good to learn that by focusing on one particular designation, you might lose many other opportunities that may be beneficial to you.

10. Not giving credit:

Another biggest sin at work place is when you don’t give credit to others for their hard work. It would always be alluring for employees to make themselves more esteemed by back grounding other workers contribution at work.

These players who downplay must remember that they always need the help of other employees for future projects. Those who know your behavior might be less friendly to help you at work place.

11. Unprepared and not researching:

Reports mention that nearly 40.8% of employees do the sin of being unprepared and not researching. This is considered one of the weakest link as this may bring your whole team down and your team would fail in performance.

12. Getting angry at office place:

Losing your temper at office can be one of the greatest sins that can happen. It is usual that every individual gets angry at work hours; the main focus is how to deal with anger at work place. It is advisable to think about the situation when someone pulls you at time of anger. Airing out directly can be good for you but can turn out to be damaging at times.

13. Not being updated with latest news:

Another greatest sin at work place is when an employee is not updated about the latest happenings around the world and technology. It is always vital to get in touch with the happenings outside so that you are in the comfort zone at times of conversation.

14. Jealous:

Another greatest sin identified at work place is jealousy. It is reported that 11.2% of people in an organization are jealous of their coworkers for some reason. An over jealous person tends to sabotage the profit and success of any organization. Employees get angry when their coworkers are identified and appreciated for their achievements. It is important for employees to bear in mind that coworkers are part of your team and hence a win for one employee is a win for the whole team.

15. Over promising at work:

Over promising is another biggest sin at work place which can lead you to poor quality of work. An employee should know his limits and work accordingly, he must not over promise that he can do more work in a specific time. When such promises are made, he either has to compromise on quality or miss the deadline.

16. Not using latest technology:

The world is changing and becoming internet savvy, getting to know about the latest updates, technology and using them is important to present yourself as an updated individual. The latest technology at work place must be used and the employee should also be familiar with all the other updates at work place. When an individual lacks knowledge about latest technology it is surely a sin.

Finally :

These above mentioned pointers are a few sins that are identified at work place. Employees can read these tips and get to know if they are handling any of these sins and avert them as soon as possible. Fresh employees can get updated and avoid these sins in their future career. These sins are disadvantages and pull you back in your career at many stages and hence, being honest and true would be the right way in an organization.