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Why do Hard Workers Get Fired or Never Get promoted


The conventional reasons for firing an employee used to be, not punctual, not completing the work assigned and unprofessional behavior. However now you can add one more reason to it that is working during lunchtime.

The hard workers feel they are being competent however it is not the case. Even when they seek for promotion, the people who display high performance achieve promotions but not the overachievers. Let’s get some insight why hard workers get fired or never get promoted.

why hard workers get fired

11 Reasons Why Hard Workers Never Get Promoted?

1. Difference between high performers and overachievers:

The difference between overachievers and high performers are that high performers know when to wait and when to attack, they are organized and help the company achieve success in many ways.

However, overachievers will focus on one mission, in a linear path and get there with force until there is nothing left to achieve for the company. These overachievers are the ones who ‘work hard’.

2. Displaying self doubt:

The way the employee tackles each work with excellence and self assurance counts for a promotion. If an employee strives for perfection and fails, they start to self doubt and eventually display this through their gestures and words.

It affects the way an employee conducts meetings and the way they present themselves every day at work.

3. Not having company owner mindset:

A hard working employee would work for the company, perform what he is asked to do, expect to get paid for that work and the employer also perceives the employee in the same manner.

When the employees change their mindset and become the company their actions and behaviors immediately reflects their mindset and the employer notices the difference and offers better opportunities.

4. Thinking small:

The hard workers usually tend to focus on only the part of project or the projects that they are handling and do not try to understand company strategy and mission. When an employee is stuck with his own small project in a corner then his work is surely not going to be noticed.

5. Not having strategic vision:

The employees fail to actually make attempts and make initiatives to take up projects that have high visibility and significance and only tackle the work that are handed to them. Understanding company values are essential and the employee must strategically plan for climbing the ladders of success in the company.

6. Correcting or embarrassing the boss in public:

The employees at times make the mistake of pointing out an error of their boss in front of public. If the employees want to genuinely correct their boss, the best occasion to do this would be when the employee and the boss are alone. It is always best to be the boss’s top supporter.

7. Getting defensive when receiving feedbacks:

The natural impulse in one would be to defend when they receive constructive feedbacks. Hard working employees would defend themselves and their work when they are getting constructive feedbacks from their boss. However the employees must be always curious to learning and should be gratifying to feedbacks.

8. Not having a strong bond with the boss:

The boss is the medium through which one will get noticed and get ahead. An employee must make an effort to like his or her boss and build a strong relationship with the boss.

Working hard is good for impression but you will not get noticed if you do not regularly approach your boss to build a bond and let him or her know about your achievements.

9. Believing the work will speak for itself:

The work will never speak for itself; it is the effort of each employee to speak for their achievements and contributions to the company.

The employee must convey the value his or her work brings to the firm. It is essential to display the link between your work and the company’s vision to become relevant to the management.

10. Complaining or having a bad attitude:

One’s entire hard work gets sabotaged once he or she starts complaining or gossiping or behaving badly. Make yourself commit to not complaining and not kidding around with your career.

It is natural for a hard working employee to feel stressed but complaining about it can ruin the efforts laid in the work.

11. Not being passionate for the work:

Some employees work because they have to, for the pay or for the high hopes they hold about promotions. However working hard is not enough to display passion. One must be ready to put in all efforts and not give up plus generate results.

The passionate worker would seek for efficient ways that will surely yield profits. The hard workers would keep working towards the track and pattern they are told to follow.

13 Reasons Why does Hard Workers Get Fired?

1. Lack of reliability, being dishonest or avoidance:

The hard working employees may turn weary of their jobs and turn unreliable, dishonest and avoid more work handed to them.

The lack of expected results will make them to take dishonest decisions. They turn down other opportunities as they are working on whatever is on their plate already.

2. Denying to follow orders and directions:

The hard working employees sometimes like to do things their own way and thus refuse to take up some responsibilities handed to them by their supervisors.

It is necessary for the employees to follow the directions of the company and comply with the requests made by their managers that are legal.

3. Inconsistency:

The employees must remain stable with their work and productivity. If there are any ups and downs it might affect the results of their work and the overall outcome of the firm. For instance, hard workers may begin working for extra hours but due to exhaustion produce less or no results.

4. Not being able to get along with others:

The hard working employee might be a loner and interested in his own job. They may make less social interactions at work with their coworkers which can create a bad self image. Especially while working in groups if there is less interactions it can disrupt the overall activity and conduct of the team.

5. Inability to perform certain tasks assigned:

Sometimes hard working employees take up tasks that are beyond their skills and education and perform weakly on it. It is good to take up initial training when an employee is not sure whether they can perform a particular task.

6. Completing a task slowly and with multiple errors:

The employees who believe in perfection will take a lot of time in completing a work. They choose a particular pattern and try to achieve results in the same manner for all their given tasks, which are not applicable and effective for each task. Thus they fail multiple times.

7. Working through the lunch hour:

The hard workers believe that utilizing any excess time to complete their work can demonstrate their hard work. However it is not the case. Employers believe it creates a bad image about the company and the employee must have their half an hour of their lunch breaks.

8. Being grumpy:

The hard working employees may tend to get angry on their work and get frustrated frequently. However demonstrating it by their gestures and behavior such as yelling or snapping at their coworkers can cost the employees their job.

9. Complaining about the boss:

The frustration may make the employee to complain about their boss. If an employee is often found complaining, there are surely people who will hear it and it eventually reaches the ears of the boss.

10. Not admitting to mistakes:

All make mistakes time and again, however people who handle it well are recognized. If an employee makes a mistake and does not take its responsibility or worse doesn’t admit that he or she made a mistake, the boss will probably be more than angry on this rather than on the mistake itself.

11. Not going above and beyond:

If an employee is just carrying out a job with minimum expectations and not going above and beyond for the company then they surely will come under the lay-off list.

There are plenty of other passionate and qualified candidates available for hire and thus it becomes essential for any employee to go above and beyond to display their value to the boss.

12. Not entertaining feedbacks:

If an employee gets upset or offended when their boss gives them feedbacks on their work, then the boss’s job turns more difficult. When you act like a difficult employee, you may be deprived of useful feedbacks and worst considered for lay off.

13. Hiding things:

An employee may hide about a work that is not getting done, might hide about an angry client, a work that has crossed deadline, hiding the fact that you lack knowledge about a software etc, which are the worst things to do in a job. You eventually lose the boss’s trust from you and the boss will not feel happy to work with a dishonest employee.

Final Words:

Above are the facts and reasons why a hard working employee can get fired or never get a chance on promotion. If getting a promotion is in your mind make sure you are working constructively and not just working hard.