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How to Make your Resume Look Good without Experience?


Resume is one of the vital things which represent you in front of the interviewer. Having a resume in hand shows you have done something before in your professional life be it the education, your hobbies, or any other activities. Resume with no experience is possible when you are a recent graduate, a fresher, stay at home and wanting to get back at work, got married immediately and after marriage want to start the work, or can be any other reason also, but there is nothing to worry about if you have no experience to show in your curriculum vitae. You can list many other things and can make your resume without experience effective. Some of them are:

make good resume no experience18 Best Tips for Resume Without Experience:

1. Put positive things first and neglect what you don’t possess:

Positive things may include your education qualification, hobbies, interest and so on. Write what you actually possess and is true to your knowledge. By mentioning all the good things, resume gets more weightage and the person also gets impressed by the way resume is presented.

2. Mention your academic activities:

If you are a fresher and a recent graduate, then it is obvious to have no experience, so need not worry and write all your academic activities you took part in, like the competitions, co-curricular activities and so on. By mentioning this, you will be able to tell others about your activeness and alertness, that how much alert you were in school and college apart from attending the regular classes.

3. Field of interest:

Also pen down your interest, what are you looking for and in which field are you more interested. Write your heart out in your resume. Write all the positive points about the field you really want to enter and also the reason behind it. This will also make your resume look good and attractive. Moreover, the chances of getting job will also get a boost.

4. Co-curricular and extra activities:

Sports, art, painting, declamation, debate, writing, management, organizing and the list is endless when it comes to extra and co-curricular activities. Every school and college now days provide and encourage their students to participate and some of them do take part, if you are one of them, then what are you waiting for, write it down in your resume.

5. Internship experience:

While doing graduation if you have done any sort of internship, you may also mention all about that, the place, work you learned, what was your task there and so on. Adding experience as a trainee, gives you a sigh of relief as at least internship acts as a substitute to experience. It shows that you have little knowledge about your field and also possess some interest in it. So do mention it in your curriculum vitae.

6. Qualification:

Yes! This is the first and the foremost thing. Right down all your qualification in a systematic manner. Give in detail by writing the year, board, university, percentage you score and all such. Giving proper detail increases chances of your resume being credible and authentic.

7. Write about your skills:

Your skills are enough to enhance the beauty of your resume. All what you have learned in accordance with your skills, during your school and college, just do not skip it, instead mention it with detail in resume.

8. Additional course:

There are many additional courses available in private as well as governmental institutes, mention about additional course you did, what you learned and how it helped enhancing your personality. Courses such as computer, animation, English speaking, foreign language course or it may be any other as well. Move ahead; mention it without worrying at all.

9. Simple, clear and crisp:

Your resume should not have high tech vocabulary instead keep it simple, clear and crisp. Keep it short. Do not write any sort of elaborated material in it. Be short and coherent. A resume should be made in such a manner that you need not have to explain what you have written to the other person; your resume should be easily understandable and should speak itself about you.

10. No grammatical error:

Make sure, your resume is error free. There should be no grammatical mistake and also the sentences shouldn’t be too long and complex. Long sentences are likely to have more grammatical as well as spelling mistakes, so keep your sentences short along with the right formation.

11. Your personal accomplishments:

You might have participated in various competitions; you might also have won various laurels from those participations, mention all that too. Your personal achievements are enough to give competition to the experience that you do not possess recently. Also, you may attach the certificates you got for the purpose of proof to the interviewee. This also adds to your credibility and enhances the trust level.

12. Final goals of life:

What are you looking forward to, what are your goals to be achieved over the period of time, will also add something productive to your resume and will be very helpful? Your goals represent the far sightedness towards the life and the professional work. It also depicts your qualities and weaknesses, thus giving you a relaxation of being true to everyone.

13. Strengths and weaknesses:

Your virtues become your strengths and the vices become your weakness. Mention them as well. It depicts how truthful you are and also increases chances of getting selected as the companies demand persons who are true towards the company as well as their work. Your strengths say what you are good at while the weaknesses explain about what you are bad at. By mentioning this, you get the right type of work as your strengths are taken into consideration during the interview session.

14. Personal information:

Writing your address is though obvious but still people take it for granted and sometimes make mistakes whether it is spellings or anything else. Write it carefully and without causing any mistake. Apart from the personal address, also mention the email address and the mobile number. Such things are given importance as they give a sense of security to the person concerned as well as the organization.

15. Volunteer skills:

If in case you are not able to get the similar work you want to do, keep with you a volunteer work or substitute work as it will also add to your skills and make others feel that you are down to earth and does not feel shame in doing any other work than what you actually wished for.

16. Add social media skills:

Social media includes Facebook, micro blogging sites like twitter etc. if you are aware of this and you are an avid user of all these, then mention that too because it is the need of an hour and every company demands their employees to know the recent activities. This will show how active you are in adopting the new things and how much flexible you are towards the recent updates in work.

17. Expectations from the company:

The company or the organization where you wish to work asks for your expectations from them, so mention that too. What do you expect from the company in terms of salary, time limit, incentives, bonus, security, insurance, promotion and all the things related to your work, work load and so. Also do not forget to tell about what company can expect from you in terms of your behaviour, honesty and sincerity. This increases the credibility and you also happen to build trust in the eyes of that company.

18. Your personal behaviour:

You may also mention your behaviour in one line towards the work, for example: You actively participated in the internship session and worked with honesty and sincerity. Using of such adjectives adds reliability to your resume and makes you more trust worthy. So, also mention the type of person you are as it will showcase your personality and the attitude towards work.

So, all above are the things that can help make your resume look good despite of having no experience column in that. Having no experience means you are a fresher and in the industry, whether it is a corporate sector, IT industry, media professional industry or whatever it is, you are always welcome even if you have zero experience. If you are thinking to create your resume but are confused about having no experience option, then don’t be as there are lot other things which can also be given importance like your education, skills, interest, hobbies, goals, expectations from the company and so on. So, write all what you have for yourself at present and be positive enough.