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How to Respond When a Coworker takes Credit for your Work?


In this busy competitive world, every single person has to outshine themselves from the crowd. People always lookout for opportunities to showcase that they are worth being in their job.

Few people raise their arms to showcase what they did, and few people act that they’ve done without doing anything. Unfortunately, the real thing which matters is not who did, but who showcased their talents in front of the crowd. And the worst feeling in a working environment is to see someone taking credit for all your hard work.

This has become very common and has happened to everyone at some point or the other in life. To be a successful person, you need to boost your talents but always know how to showcase your talents gently.

Sometimes you have been cheated, and the co-worker took credit for your work. So, it is very important to handle such people. Here are the few learning tips to handle a co worker who took credit for your work.

Credit Taker

How to Deal with a Credit Taker?

1. Relax before you get on your nerves:

Naturally, you could explode at the person anytime when you find them taking credit for your work. But, it is not a good thing to do it in public which will ruin your image completely, even when your colleagues find the truth.

Remember, few things like your surroundings, other colleagues, etc. So, do not spoil your name by reacting in front of the crowd. Just keep calm and relax for a few days, maybe a day or two and then take a step which will benefit you.

2. Try to judge the situation and act:

Once after you find something wrong, the very first step should be trying to judge the situation. For example, there might be an occasion where the colleague who took the credit of your work might have told it in front of the superiors or might have just showcased only to your team.

So, in those cases, you need to judge the situation and take a step in a way he/she does not spread the issue or you still have a chance to correct the issue to some extent by correcting it politely. Hence, before reacting to judge the place, judge the people who were present and then take a step that will benefit you.

3. Request for an explanation:

Any problem has to handle in a very calm manner which will make the opposition think or realize their fault. Before you sue or raise an argument, try to address the issue and ask for an explanation.

This will put them in a situation where they have to give an answer which is very tough to face as you are part of the team and they have to face you on some other occasion. So, be calm and ask them whether it was intentional or was by mistake.

Reports say that there are chances where employees get nervous while presenting and also miss out to convey the matter. Hence, know the real intentions before you take any actions.

4. Get out of the place to come out with a solution:

Speaking in terms of neurological effect, when you face an issue that makes you worried, depressed or kind of emotions, your brain does not work in a very normal way. So, to be accurate in making a decision it is very essential to maintain your cool.

Especially, when things are wrong in your office to try to step out of the place for some time and think what has gone wrong, or probably the ways to deal it and how to make the co-worker realize his/her mistake. A new place or some different environment will change your mood and make you think positively.

5. Be courageous to approach your seniors to solve the issue:

The working environment is very valuable as it teaches many things not only related to work but also so many things right from behavior to decision making ability.

So, whenever you have issues with credit stealers in office it is good to approach some of the most trusted senior employees to sort out the issue or you can ask them to directly involve and help to get a solution. Senior employees might have faced these issues so there are so many chances you get the right solution from them.

6. Speak up in public about credit sharing:

When you find nothing works or the co-worker is not willing to accept the mistake it is better to put it in public with the help of senior employees. For example, you can ask your manager or a senior employee to send a group email about your hard work in the project and your contribution to it.

This will help you in some way to make the co-worker realize and not step in your way anymore. Maybe you might feel uncomfortable to talk about your credits so, it’s better to get help and sort it out immediately.

7. Prevention is always better:

Yes, the mistake has happened and it is important to be proactive and not letting it happen again. Always remember to keep your ideas very private and when you wish to exhibit it do it once for all to the entire team and not personally to your friends and then in public.

This is because there are more chances for your ideas to get leaked in this form. Make sure that your overall idea presented even to higher officials should be having you in the loop. Be polite and always own your intellectual property.

8. Flatter the person rather making him/her feel accused:

It is natural to be angry or you do not want to see them again. But you have accepted the fact that you need to be with the person for some time again or you would rather see the person day today.

Having a negative feeling always does not only affect you but also the environment. You need to know how to make the person not to do it again. When you find that the co-worker is not so stubborn or you feel they are not such poisonous try to flatter them rather than showing anger.

This will prevent the incident from never happening again as well as will make your mood easier in the future in your office.

9. Be a sport to forget it and be conscious of the future:

It is understood that you have been personally affected by this issue as it is very sensitive and something which disturbs anyone in the working environment. But you should be courageous enough to forgive what has happened to you.

Do not take it too much on you, and be very tough on people. Try to be a sport and forgive the co-worker for doing such an act. Make sure you don’t let it happen again.

Getting acknowledged for your work is not only a confidence boost in work but everywhere it is applicable. Naturally, you feel frustrated, and depressed when someone takes your brainchild.

Matured behavior is very important for the rest of your career when you face such situations. Getting over the situation is very important rather than feeling betrayed. Remember this is not the end for your talent, your hard work.

Keep improving and be smart enough to handle these kinds of issues in the office. Hope this helped you to know how to handle and overcome when a co-worker gives you the trouble taking credit for your work.