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How to Request or Ask for a Pay Raise in a Letter: 17 Top Tips


Top of the delicate issue one faces is asking for a wage raise. In some companies pay raise is automatic when the cost of living rises, whereas in certain companies one requires to ask for a pay raise based on your contributions to the business.

A perfect way to handle this matter is to provide your manager or the supervisor with an organized and thoughtful letter which brings out your idea in a professional and neat way with reasoning for your desire for more money.

With the varied ways to ask for a pay increase, a proper and professional mode is to be followed for generating a salary hike.

requesting pay raiseHow to Ask for a Pay Raise?

1. Recognize your value:

Before requesting for a salary increase determine your value, recognize what you are worth and what you have done for the troupe.

Pen down the numerous reasons which opens up that you are a valuable asset for the troupe. And also make sure to note the reason which makes you different from others.

Before setting out for a salary raise ask a question to yourself for the rationality why you merit a pay increment.

With a strong value from your side you can constantly acquire a ton and write for a pay rise.

2. Work harder towards improvement:

Always make sure that a salary raise will be perfect for a hardworking and dedicated person to the organization.

With this in mind, it is important to play harder and enhance the skills a few months before inquiring for a pay hike.

Strain to establish and achieve goals more than expected and make others move around towards you for your study. Get in contact with your boss and help in completing all tasks before time.

3. Introduction:

The initiation phase of the letter is significant as it opens up the foremost imprint. Begin the letter with complete work details such as hire date, setting out salary and placement.

Also note your salary range from the beginning till date. Present your boss the graph of salary rise (if you’ve got) till date.

4. Current position:

Though your letter may contain inside information your boss already knows, it is a request letter for salary raise and hence it is never a problem.

Identify in detail about your current location, responsibilities, skills and accomplishments from your position. Since it’s a request letter all details are required to be observed.

5. Apply the correct format for pay raise letter:

When you have resolved to compose a letter asking for salary raise, make sure to apply the correct business format for the missive.

It would be a better idea if one begins the letter with address, phone number and email along with the day of the month on the joining of the page on the left border.

Once this is done, skip a line and put the manager’s name and address to a lower place. With this, pass over another line and salutation such as “dear Mr. Robert”.

Again another line is skipped to start the body of the missive. The letter should be snapped off into segments which make interpretation easier.

6. Make sure your letter is neat:

blank cover letter The body of the alphabetic character with many paragraphs should be initialized as a block of text with all text flush along the left border.

It is also important to remember to skip lines between paragraphs. Make indisputable to build short and precise paragraphs to the point and not long ones.

A letter with proper spacing and text formatting would make it appear clean and professional.

7. Printed letter is required:

When a neat and precise letter is perfect, it is mandatory to make sure to type a letter and not to submit a hand written one.

The document should make habit of professional font for example Times new roman with size 12.

With the varied classes of fonts no stylish and funny fonts can be practiced. The letter should appear professional and clean.

8. Clearly mention the purpose of the letter:

The ground for penning a letter must be mentioned from the kickoff. The letter can be taken off by requesting for a meeting with the manager, along with which the reason for the meeting that is salary rise can be cited.

Go off by providing basic reasons that there has been no salary raise since a year or according to the agreement, there should be a salary raise by a sure point.

9. Specific paragraphs:

In the letter requesting for a salary enhancement start a clear new paragraph the reason for when and why you were hired.

It is also important to state that you feel that you’re qualified for a raise for the accomplishments that have been made.

Likewise produce a readable distinction of the accomplishments that has been created by you. Try to put on a list of bullets of the benefits that you have furnished for the establishment.

As well, test to keep each bullet point short with not more than a single conviction. Simply prove to mention two or three best points about you, because each and every accomplishment being listed can annoy the reader rather than moving him.

If there are any commendations received, it can be included in this point as a new paragraph.

10. Also observe the future:

In the journey of formatting a request letter for pay rise, mention your future with the company in a positive way.

To fix a brief reference about your accomplished plans hereafter, assure your manager that you would bring in success and profit for the company.

11. Range of salary desired:

Salary hike With all the details mentioned in the letter it is also required to create a separate paragraph mentioning the range of salary raise expected.

Make certain to employ tact to avoid sounding as well as demanding sentences and idioms.

Be small enough and require for a request instead of governing. This sort of request letter will certainly affect the boss and help you reach an addition.

12. Negotiate and try to deliver the goods:

To take this matter to a win-win solution, negotiate with the company and if the company agrees to pay your desired raise, but are not in a position to pay, stay calm and set a time frame of when you’ll be paid.

This patience will make you suffer in the boss’s mind and prompt him when the salary rise is again discussed.

13. Need for increase within an acceptable range:

When talking about a salary raise make sure to quote and request for an acceptable range according to your position.

A sudden increase to a very high range will never act well. Pay ranges are defined as per one’s designation and it is mandatory to hold fast to that scope.

14. Avoid beating around the bush and repetitive sentences:

The introductory paragraph should clearly state that the request letter is for a salary raise and not for any other use.

Always make statements clear and crisp and don’t ever try to flap around the chaparral. Do not attempt to deviate the letter to some other scenario instead of a salary enhancement.

15. Make positive promises:

When you’re requesting make promises to your boss that investing in you would help the organization gain more net income.

By a salary enhancement, mention that you would bring up more responsibilities and work dedicated to the benefit of the constitution.

16. Research before you request:

Answer a quick research on the intranet or other booklets regarding the company policies for pay rise.

Make indisputable, you’re updated about the agreement and policies before you pace out for asking a salary increase. If the process and policies permit, then you can go for a pay hike.

Attempt to collect together just about market data regarding your position and details of salary other individuals are getting for the same.

17. Thanking your reader:

Reason for Thanking At the end make sure to thank the reader for the time expended in registering your request letter.

Also note that you’re looking forward for a meeting with the boss very soon. At the end, sign it as “sincerely” and leave a space where you can sign your name or type your name.


When you don’t have an increment asking your boss is never a crime. In this mode there are a number of facets to be focused on before writing a request letter for a wage increase.

It is likewise necessary for one not to be afraid to ask for a raise, when you possess the skill set and dedication. Develop a professional and requesting letter with apt words and you will surely gain salary advance.