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How to Develop Independent Thinking: 10 Best Strategies


Independent thinking is an asset in any given job type. If you have the courage to go against the flow and think logically, it will help you succeed in your career.

You must be patient and possess the skill to assess a given situation and make the right decisions.

Here are few simple suggestions to help you evolve your independent thinking. These are simple ways to be a star and a respected leader in your team.

how to think independentlyWays to Improve Independent Thinking Skills:

1. Don’t go with the flow:

Human beings are social animals and they often get carried away by the flow.

You must realize that what everyone else is doing may not be the best alternative. Do not get carried away. Think rationally.

Consider what could be the best option for you in a given situation. Assess the pros and cons associated with each situation before you chose the right option.

2. Don’t get carried away by peer pressure:

Your friends and people of your age and social strata may not always be the wisest.

Make sure you analyze the course of action suggested by your friends and do not get pressurized simply because all others of your age are following the modus operandi.

3. Don’t try to impress, do what is best:

We often try to impress our bosses in office so that we achieve success in our career. If you do the wrong things and take the wrong decisions simply to please your boss, your success will be short-lived.

You must always try and do what is best for the given task. Make decisions that improve the quality of the work and people around you will surely be impressed.

4. Use logic at all times:

Human minds are trained to think like others. We are social beings and easily flow with the masses.

Logic is a gift everyone possesses but very few have the courage to use it. Make sure you maintain a sane mind at all times and think logically.

You must remember that as you think, your mind’s capabilities further enhance. So never give up to the temptation of doing what the others do.

5. Be willing to take risk:

taking risk There are obvious risks involved in using your logic. Your intellect may reveal to you solutions that you may have never tried or tested.

You may not be sure about the end result when you use your logic. Be willing to use your logic as it may show you new paths and methods which you may have never explored.

6. Have the courage to accept failure:

You must not be disheartened by failures. Have the courage to face failure with a bold heart. Be willing to change your approach.

Try new ways and explore new methodologies. Trial and error is a part of research and you cannot succeed if you fret.

One cannot achieve anything in life if he does not stay patient. Courage and patience are two important stepping stones to success.

Do not give up at any point and understand that when you wish to reach pinnacles, you need to face great challenges. Digesting this fact will help you progress in life.

How Independent Thinking Helps in Different Roles, Careers and Designations?

If you wish to succeed in any profession, you need to have the courage and the ability to make decisions independently.

Independent thinking helps you take wise decisions in your career and life. There are many roles in diverse professions where independent thinking is vital.

Read to know how independent thinking helps in different professions.

1. Business:

career in business When you start a business of your own, you need to take a lot of risks and make many important decisions. It is vital that you have an independent thought process to be able to make these decisions wisely.

You need to have a positive attitude and willingness to make independent decisions to succeed in a business. This rule applies to all businesses.

2. Team lead:

The responsibility you need to shoulder as a team lead is very great. You are accountable for the tasks done by your team members.

You should be a good leader and should be able to answer their queries at all times. If you cannot make decisions quickly, it will harm your reputation as a leader.

3. New job:

New job is always a challenge for fresher as well as experienced candidates. You are plunged into an alien environment and you know very little of the task you are about to handle. Be strong and be bold.

Use your grey matter to analyze what could be the best method to deal with the problem at hand. A wise speculation can help you get good and reliable solutions to all your problems.

To Wrap Up:

If you really wish to ascend the success ladder, make sure you practice independent thinking. Train your mind to accept challenges and risks. In any given situation, assess the pros and cons of each decision.

Prioritize the tasks as per the need of the hour. Try and learn from the experience of others. At times it is wise to imitate while there are times that demand innovation. Use your reasoning to understand what decision is best for the given situation.