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14 Questions to ask a Hiring Manager during an Interview


Often at the end of interview sessions, the interviewer asks the candidate a simple yet important question – “Is there any question that you would like me to answer?

This simple question may get reaction like – “No, I don’t” but this response may do more harm than good to the whole interview process.

The candidate might think it will sound rude to ask a question but this is an entirely wrong notion.

In fact, the recruiters of today’s times appreciate candidates who ask relevant questions at this stage. Questions like the salary, incentives etc. are passe and chances are that it might have been already discussed during the HR rounds.

So, what questions should be asked to get additional information and brownies points from the interviewer? Let us have a look

questions ask hiring managerQuestions to ask a Hiring Manager:

1. What Role will I fill?

In today’s times, the role that an employee will be playing isn’t entirely explained by the job title. His role in business, the strategical position isn’t fully divulged.

Hence, this question will help the employee to understand what would be the expectations from him – will it be that of a mentor, creative force, rule followers etc.

2. How and Why does the position impact and matter in the growth of the company?

This question explores the level of engagement that is expected from the employee. It also explains the aptitude of employee whether he is comfortable in a lower level or in a role which has higher impact.

It decides his preference that, is he being the under-support or the front row leader.

3. Who would be my co-workers?

Yes, this might sound cliché that we will get to know this soon, the day we join, however, this is much deeper than it appears to be.

The best team should include 3-4 team members; however, if it is not the case, then this question can be used to delve upon the dynamics and personalities of the team.

They should be enjoyable and most importantly, match your level of mental health and frame of mind. Only then work becomes easier and the environment cohesive.

4. What should I do that would make my job and work easier?

how make my work easier
Every employee needs to know the reporting personnel and the one who will be appraising him / her. This question helps to solve both.

It helps to know the person who will be depending on the employee and the other person who needs to be kept happy.

It also reflects upon the issues that will need to be resolved by the employee once he comes on board.

5. What additional skills are needed to perform this work well?

This question shows that the employee is not just a lazy person who comes for the job and does it without any initiative; rather he is taking active interest in his personal skills needed to achieve the target, to complete the work.

This time can also be used to highlight any skill that the candidate has and which can be required for this job.

6. What are the parameters of success in the organization?

If you can identify the criteria that is used in measuring the success in the organization, it can help in estimating whether he/she will be successful in the organization or not. This question should be specific and not vague.

7. What is the mission of this organization?

mission of the organization
It is an old age concept that employees whose goals are same as that of the organization are the most happy.

Hence, if the candidate has an idea about the goals, the mission and objectives of the organization, he/she can predict what would be his future there.

8. What are greatest challenges faced by this organization?

This helps in understanding the real working environment of the organization. Its field, the industry and the exact challenges faced can be understood through this question.

This also shows that the employee is interested beyond his remuneration and feels for the company also. It shows dedication on his part.

9. What accomplishments do you expect from me in the next few months, or say 1 year?

All recruiters have a pre decided role for the interviewee in mind before they shortlist him/her.

If the candidate knows the answer to above question, he can get to know the trajectory decided for him by the employer and proceed accordingly.

10. What are the three things that drive results for this organization?

Organizations deliver results but the criteria varies. For some, growth may be the result, for some it may be in figures. Some may treat profit as result and some may treat market share as result.

Whatever it is, it should be clear beforehand so that the employee can march forward in that direction and contribute in the drive.

11. Can you please give an example of a client challenge you recently faced?

challenges faced by company
This question is mostly asked by the interviewer during the interview to know about the candidate’s work experience. However, such a question asked to the interviewee will make you stand apart.

Further, when you send a thank you note, you can explain how you can address and face that challenge. Extra points await you here!

12. Where do you see the company going in next few years?

This question is sure to stump the interviewee and chances are that most probably he/she will stammer and take a while before gathering the answer.

It shows that the candidate has presence of mind and is interested in the growth of the company. It depicts his ambitious nature and the eager to help in growth.

13. What is the question that you really wanted to ask me but haven’t?

This is a sort of conversation starter after it has ended. This encourages the panel members to tip their hand about concerns that they might have about the candidate but couldn’t clear it or clarify it further and deeply.

14. How would it impact the team if I get hired?

This is a question which will demonstrate that the candidate is already visualizing the future and thinking about the success.

He is trying to estimate what would it look like to be a member of a successful team which has worked together to achieve it.


Most recruiters agree that when they ask the interviewee to ask a question and the interviewee doesn’t have any, it’s like a red flag.

It shows that either they are not interested or don’t bother or didn’t care to do research about the company. Also, if you ask a question that could have been answered looking at the company’s website, it shows lack of knowledge and initiative.

Hence, it can be said that asking a question could make or spoil the day at the end. Being careful, alert and well prepared is the key to success. Hope you got a fair idea and will definitely ask a great question the next time.