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Qualities and Key Skills of a Great Restaurant Manager


In order to face and succeed in the fast-paced food service industry, there are few essential qualities required for any great restaurant manager. It is a fact that not all restaurant managers have these manager qualities and skills inbuilt with them, but they can be taken.

Working in the position of a restaurant manager can be a tough task which is accompanied by long hours, constant interaction and tight atmosphere, in order to handle the tight spaces; there are a few characteristics that are required.

Inspite of long hours and complicated work nature, the restaurant managers should manage the customers and employees. Here, let’s run through a few suggestions about the best qualities and great restaurant manager skills.

great restaurant manager qualities

What makes a Good Restaurant Manager?

1. Patience:

Restaurants can be well thought-out as one of the chaotic workplaces to manage. A high point of patience is required for managers in order to succeed in the workplace environment. In that location are few detailed procedures that are to be kept an eye on in order to deliver quality food to customers with efficiency.

The managers are the ones who are to monitor the employees like, if they are on the right track and the work is running in a smooth manner. To maintain staff morale, the managers are the ones who are to motivate the employees at any scenario.

Patience is an important quality that needs to be present within any manager in order to listen to any customer complaints and make sure they leave in a satisfied manner.

2. Enhanced energy levels:

As restaurant managers are to work for 12 to 15 hours a day, they require enhanced enthusiasm and stamina in order to work effectively. The managers need to interact with customers, lead and also motivate the staffs and hence the high level of energy is required.

Another reason for high energy is that managers are the ones who keep moving from all the areas in the restaurant, from the kitchen to reception and to the customers.

3. Prompt thinking:

A prompt and creative thinking is required by the managers in order to solve the problem effectively. A manager usually handles more of non- stop activities from customer service experience and management of employees.

The manager needs a calm and quick thinking at times when supplies are short, when there are delays, when employee quits and lot more hassles occur.

To build customer retention as well as loyalty, the manager should resolve customer issues by listening to the customer complaints and solving them in a customer oriented way.

4. Strong interpersonal skills:

Good leaders are the ones required as managers in a restaurant. Spontaneous is something that is required as this job is hands-on.In order to boost waiting staff and stressed kitchen, the manager needs a pleasant and perfect personality.

The manager also needs an authoritative as well as a pleasing voice, where he should also possess the capability to heed to everyone at times of chaos. There are many managers who also mingle with guests and get to know them, and also focus on customer service.

5. Spending more time in restaurant:

According to the reports of the US department of Labor, it is mentioned that food service managers work for nearly 15 hours a day. This shows that restaurant managers spend more time at restaurants than at home.

In order to develop you as a successful restaurant manager professionally and personally the manager is required to spend time at restaurant perfecting his required leadership skills.

6. Planning:

In order to be a good restaurant manager the individual first needs to be a good planner. The manager should remember to bear in mind, what should be done ahead of time instead of being short-handed at times of busy schedule.

7. Multi-tasking:

A restaurant manager should be one who is able to multi-task between various tasks. The manage needs to answer calls, manage staffs, mingle with customers and lot more.

In order to be organized in a restaurant, the manager needs to multi-task which leads to streamlined business operations.

8. Passion:

When a restaurant manager lacks passion in the work he does, then he may find it tough to reach success. The managers should possess the determination to reach success and work with passion in their job role.

It is passion at work  which makes things happen which otherwise can collapse the complete work.

9. Record keeping:

Employee records are something important by the restaurateurs as per the US department of labor. The main intention of record keeping is keeping track of the hours the employee has worked and also the pay received.

By this way, the manager obtains an idea of the overtime pay, minimum wage and more aspects. Record keeping also keeps a record of staff absence as well as availability.

10. Inventiveness:

The key role of management is bringing in crucial ideas into the scenario. When fresh and innovative ideas are brought to light, the staffs are boosted and also the customers are impressed and keep coming back again. When a manager is creative, you can always top and stay ahead of the race.

Key Leadership Attributes for Restaurant Managers:

As a restaurant manager, you are desired to manage few metrics and navigate the restaurant to excellence obtaining profit.

For all these to be achieved, leadership attributes are one main aspect desired in restaurant managers. Here are a few key leadership attributes for restaurant managers.

1. Self-controlled:

It is usual to face pressure-filled situations, in those times the restaurant manager should remember to be in self-control at times when he uses actions and speech. The staff cannot be lead in the right path if the restaurant manager does not possess self-control.

When a manager possesses self-control, he shines in his personnel and also the staffs who watch his activities will also imitate him and follow his mannerism.

2. Being cooperative:

In order to lead the people, cooperation is a key attribute. The principle of cooperation is understood by the manager and he follows the same. He adds cooperation as a part of his everyday procedure and stands as an example, which the staffs also follows the same.

A manager who is a strong commander and has people in his control will gain cooperation without forcing them.

3. Taking complete responsibility:

In order to present yourself as a successful restaurant manager, it is important to take complete responsibility for the shortcomings and errors that take place.

When staff commits a mistake and presents him to be incompetent, then as a leader you must take responsibility and show how to prevent the situation from happening.

4. Being more attentive to details:

To be a successful restaurant manager, the manager should be attentive to details. When you consider a restaurant industry the manager is supposed to see aspects from the eyes of guests.

In the same manner, there are few other aspects which have to be seen through the eyes of the staff. A successful manager should possess vague-eyed and enhance the guest experience and ease the work of staffs.

5. Being empathetic and understanding:

Having empathy for your staff is something important for any restaurant manager to be efficacious. The leader should be one who is able to understand the people and their issues and also help them at times required.

6. Pleasant behavior:

A rude and overbearing behavior is not the right ones those restaurant managers must wear on. When such behavior is present within managers then it is a symbol which is leading to failure.

A good leadership demands respect which must be present on both sides. Remember that staffs will respect and be interested in listening to people who have pleasant behavior.

7. Effective planner:

Everyone must be aware of the quote “a failure to plan is planning to fail”, in that manner, any restaurant manager who wishes to be popular must plan his work in an effective manner and also work his plan the same way.

A clear example can be that a restaurant manager who makes guesswork and works without planning or practical knowledge is like a plane without a landing gear.

By this way, it is clear that this will end in a disastrous end. There must be few fixed systems in restaurants that assist in planning process.

8. Decision making:

The manager must be sure of them by taking the right decision at the right time and set an example for the staffs that follow him. A successful manager in a restaurant must be clear and a decisive person where he is able to take a decision and work accordingly.

Though you don’t make a right decision, you will be praised for character and aspect of taking a decision without just following someone in a vague manner. When a leader is weak or makes indecisive decisions, then he will lose his respect amongst the staffs.

9. Being fair and just:

It is justice to the work done when all employees are treated fair in their work environment. Staffs are expected to be treated in a fair manner so that they respect you at tough as well as good times.

An effective restaurant manager must remember not to play to favoritism. By being dear to certain people, the manager would lose his power base and also weaken his influence.

10. Being courageous:

When courage factor for a restaurant manager is considered, it solely depends upon the knowledge the manager possesses. The main subject matter, the abilities and confidence factors, the functional roles that happen in the work environment are few factors that add courage to the manager.

When a manager does not possess self-confidence and courage, then employees do not tend to follow those managers.

Top Restaurant Manager Skills:

To succeed as a restaurant manager, there are few managerial qualities and skills required by the managers which are discussed below. They are

1. Being a good leader:

A good team leader is the one in a restaurant who takes responsibility for cooks, wait for staff, the front of the house staff, inventory, kitchen, bartenders, and more.

A team is a group of diverse people and varied ideas and only a good leader can manage them and take them on the right path.

2. Train and educate:

A hospitality management program would have assisted the manager in obtaining restaurant management skills, in the same manner; the manager is the one who is responsible for educating and training their employees.

To be an excellent restaurant manager, he also needs to be a good educator and formulate few procedures and policies.

3. Being a good team member:

The truth is that restaurant managers do not sit down in their cabins, just doing paper works but they are ones who partake in the floors during hectic hours of the day.

The actual meaning is that the manager should be present in the front door and make sure that all customers leave the restaurant in a satisfied manner.

In the same manner, the manager also needs to switch over to the kitchen and bring out few sensitive dishes. The manager can apply any of his ideas and work in the environment.


These are a few hints that are to be followed in order to be a successful restaurant manager. The best qualities, management attributes and management skills are mentioned above. Moreover, the key skills mandatory for the job role is also present.

Managers who feel that they aren’t successful in their career can run through these pointers and follow them in order to be successful.

The manager should also possess profitable ideas, good thinking, proper time management and lot more. The responsible job role has a number of detailed aspects that are to be followed in the work environment. The tips are beneficial for any restaurant manager and can help them in a number of ways.