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How to Properly Deal with Anger and Frustration at Work?


The modern generation spends a major portion of their life in their workplaces struggling to deal with anger and frustration.

Working eight hours a day for an organization makes one emotionally involved with the happenings of a workplace.

In such a scenario, very often people may get angry and frustrated. It is vital that an individual has complete control over his emotions.

The work and life balance will be greatly affected if he fails to handle his emotions wisely.

Read to know the common causes of anger and frustration at a workplace and how these emotions should be tackled with a professional attitude.

Dealing with angerCause for Anger and Frustration?

There are many diverse factors that may lead to disappointment and stress in a job. Some of these factors need to be dealt wisely. Here are some of the major causes of job dissatisfaction.

1. Dissatisfaction at work due to salary/position/nature of work:

Every individual has an imagination of how his perfect job will be. When he is looking out for a job, he is in search of a job which is closest to his ideal job.

Everyone has a basic idea what his worth should be in the industry. If the organization fails to pay him as per his true worth, it will lead to dissatisfaction.

Individuals also get annoyed if the nature of work is different from the individual’s expectations.

Some individuals prefer traveling jobs while there are others who prefer office jobs. If the job is not properly assigned according to the choices and preferences of the individuals, it will lead to job dissatisfaction in employees.

2. Bad bosses/ colleagues:

Bad Boss Proper interaction and communication with colleagues is important for an individual to enjoy his work life.

Bullying or nagging colleagues can prevent employees from sharing their ideas and knowledge. This can hamper the overall productivity of the organization as the individual employee fails to put in his best effort.

Bad bosses fail to identify or appreciate the skills and abilities of an individual. Apart from remuneration, appreciation for the work one does also plays an important role in keeping one happy in his job life.

Bosses who fail to understand these facts lose their employees to better organizations.

3. Due to things in personal life:

Every individual has a personal life and a family life which he has to manage along with his career. There are times when he may need to give greater priority to family issues.

On such occasions, the organization needs to understand the needs of the individual and grant special concessions if required. The organization that fails to understand the special needs of an individual may lose the loyalty and trust of a good employee.

4. Improper work/life balance:

The organization needs to understand that an individual has to allot sufficient time to his family and his personal needs too. The work schedules should be suitable to the needs of married men and women too.

Odd work schedules and shift times may not suit all individuals. Employees may fail to deliver high productivity, if the work-life balance is not maintained.

How Anger and Frustration Affect Work Life:

frustration at work

The anger and frustration caused by work pressure and stress affect the all round performance of an individual.

Here are some of the common results of work pressure and stress on a person’s professional life.

Reduced Productivity/ efficiency:

When a person’s mind is burdened with work pressure and stress, it affects his mental abilities as well as his overall productivity.

The office related issues tend to plague one’s mind and he is not able to concentrate on work completely. This in turn affects the overall productivity by reducing the efficiency.

Negligence at work leading to mistakes:

The willingness of an individual to put in his best efforts greatly depends on his desire to gain appreciation at work  for his excellent efforts.

If his efforts do not get sufficient appreciation, he may tend to take his work lightly. This is a common reason why mistakes in work increase when the person is dissatisfied with his work.

Ways To Deal with Anger and Workplace Problems:

While most of us have come across problems related to work life at some point or the other, very few people know how to deal with it without affecting one’s job.

People commonly have a tendency to move to another organization when they are not happy with their job.

This is an escapist approach and it may affect your career in the long run. Here are some better ways to deal with this issue.

1. Discuss with appropriate person:

discuss If you do not like the way your boss is handling things, it is best to tell him your views upfront.

He may have never looked at things from your perspective. It is best that you bring things to his notice without any delays.

2. Tackle the problem when it arises:

Many people fail to tackle problems when they arise. This way the issues grow over a period of time affecting work and dampening your spirits.

It is always advisable to deal with the problems as soon as they occur. This ensures smooth work flow in organizations.

3. Take out some time for rejuvenating:

A person can tackle issues in a workplace with a cool mind only when he is stressfree and relieved. Make sure you take out some time to relieve tension and rejuvenate.

Take up recreational actvities like playing quizzes, solving puzzles or reading jokes to keep your mind free of stress.

4. Let Job Changing be your last option:

Do not consider job changing as a way out of your office issues. Issues arise in every workplace and one needs to tackle them and not run away from them.

Job changing is a good option to find new growth opportunities but don’t make it an easy way out of your office problems.

Every organization has its pros and cons. Direct your efforts to the progress of your organization and stay loyal to it.

Tackle conflicts and move up the success ladder. Your ability to deal with bullying colleagues and inert bosses may be an added plus when you walk up the ladder of success.