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Job Dissatisfaction: Meaning, Causes, Reasons and Effects


Did you know, one in every ten people suffers from job dissatisfaction?

It is very common nowadays as people would consider themselves lucky to be earning an honest living amid the rush of technology and population.

This is a problem that cannot treat based on any rule book. But if not treated on time, it will give you one hell of a time.

People with workplace dissatisfaction tend to bring their problems home. This is normally because they having a bad time managing the work that they least interest in.

The following article will give you the details on job dissatisfaction and what to expect of it.

Job Dissatisfaction Causes Effects

Job Dissatisfaction Definition:

Job dissatisfaction is a situation in your job where you have to do work which doesn’t interest you, that help you earn money.

1. Not liking what you do: 

Job dissatisfaction can be of many types. But it is related to not liking what you have to do to get paid.

Sometimes you make a hasty decision to take a job which was not even your first choice. We at times are forced to do so, to take care of our family. We know how important the income is.

Such a compromise has its price. You can spend months, not years and not the rest of your life faking to be happy at work.

Sooner or later you have to deal with your dissatisfaction. But by that time you get so used to overlooking your needs for your beloved family, that you forget what is important for you.

2. People you do not like at work:

Sometimes dissatisfaction with work may arise from inappropriate peers. It is all about interpersonal relationships at work. You have to start rubbing shoulders before you even get to your seat.

The need for communication gets higher when you are at work dealing with clients and colleagues. But just like school, things can go wrong with your fellow workers at work.

It is very natural for you to not like someone and others disliking you. But in the long run, this can give rise to big problems like job dissatisfaction. Having friends at work makes your day more enjoyable by leaps and bounds.

3. An unhappy situation:

Dissatisfaction has other ways of creeping up on you. At times it gets very hard to explain why you are so thoroughly disinterested in your work and yet find it inexplicably hard to leave.

There are no proper explanations as to why this dissatisfaction happens. But it can vaguely say that the human mind works in strange ways sometimes. At a time like this, you have to keep trying to figure out what the problem is.

More often it is something completely unrelated to work. You have to keep digging at the problem that is leading you to believe that you are not happy at work.

What are the Causes of Job Dissatisfaction?

The following mentioned are few causes of dissatisfaction with the job.

1. Not being appreciated enough:

More often we feel that we are not rewarding enough for our efforts at work. We feel as if no matter what we do or how hard we try to do things more to the liking of our employers, we will always be under-appreciated.

This often for most cases turn out to be a major cause of job dissatisfaction. Storing up all that dissatisfaction seems to be what causes the problems.

But often employees mistake their bosses as cold-hearted when the real problem is a lack of adequate interaction between the two parties. Most assignments sent to employees via e-mail or social media.

2. Change of mind:

It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves doing the wrong job i.e. what not intend for them.

It is even harder when you are fickle minded. To such people, their likes and dislikes change like seasons. And the biggest of all problems is that you can never be sure about what you want to do.

So for men and women who have a hard time being certain about what their job is, it is a big cause of worry and dissatisfaction.

It’s possible for them to like something very much today and feels that it never intends to the next day.

3. People talking behind your back:

People talking behind your back is the worst possible thing you can expect to happen at work.

Gossip mongers are all around and you cannot hope to escape them by being too honest. Gossip can start from the tiniest unimaginable thing you say. And by the time it reaches you, it will have changed dramatically since it began.

So it is best to deal with gossip wisely. And honestly, it’s not possible to trust around people you are working with.

Naturally, you would like to think that it is not necessary to filter your speech because your colleagues are your “friends”.

4. Not enough perks:

Many people have the habit of comparing their job perks with others’. Chances are that you might be getting more or less as opposed to others.

But some workers cannot seem to live a happy life when they are not getting enough perks in comparison to others.

However, thinking like this puts a lot of pressure on your mind which eventually gives rise to job dissatisfaction.

Things get worse when you finally come to understand that it is not easy to ask your employer for advantages just because you think you should be getting them.

5. When it is not how you thought it would be:

You may have often found yourself in confusion when something does not meet your expectations.

If your job does not turn out as exciting or fun as you thought it was going to be, it has a similar effect.

This is when you start feeling unsure about your job and eventually dissatisfied.

The only way to avoid such disappointment is to spend a sufficient amount of time thinking and re-thinking your decision to join work.

Reasons for Job Dissatisfaction:

1. Being taken for granted:

Being taken for granted is unanimously the worst kind of feeling there possibly is. And it is far worse when it happens at work.

Normally in a personal relationship, we can at least tell the other person about our feelings. Any relationship survives on a give and takes policy.

But that kind of thing does not practically exist between employers and employees.

Although recently the treatment of employees is getting better with protests and strikes, it wears you down to even think that even after trying every possible trick in the book to keep them happy, every effort goes to waste.

2. Personal problems:

More often the real reason behind job dissatisfaction has nothing to do with your work after all.

Sometimes people are so full of personal problems that they cannot get things done up to the mark at work. We completely ignore the possibility of our problems catching up to us.

But it does stay at the back of our mind throughout the day. This gives rise to bigger problems as long as we keep ignoring our family problems.

Ultimately too many bad days at work can convince us to believe that we are not happy with the job whereas the reason lies somewhere else.

3. Distance from home:

Having to travel a lot to work every day can become a source of job dissatisfaction.

Regardless of how much the job is suitable for you, a long journey will surely wear you out before you even reach your office.

To avoid fatigue, some people take place on rent near work. But that keeps them away from their family for too long. It is not possible to see your family only once or twice every two or three weeks.

That being said there also remains the other problem of traveling too far every day to focus on work.

4. Too much work pressure; no time for family:

Too much work can take away from your time you are supposed to spend with your near and dear ones.

The load of work can at times leave you no time to spend with your family. And that is bound to get on your nerves after a while.

Not all private companies follow working time-limit. Most companies set monthly or annual targets for employees to meet.

And there is always the element of rivalry at work that makes you want to work three times harder than others but at the cost of your time with family. Having no time for the family under all that work pressure will give rise to job dissatisfaction.

Effects or Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction:

The following mentioned are few effects of job dissatisfaction that one experiences when suffering from work dissatisfaction.

1. Mood swings:

Mood swings are common in people suffering from job dissatisfaction. It is quite normal for people to find nothing to their taste when things are going wrong at work. Since we work for a living it becomes a major part of our life.

So if anything goes wrong in our job we are shaken to the core. Perhaps we would not talk to anybody else about it but our disappointment starts to show in our manners.

If we did not satisfy with our job then we are likely to be unhappy in our sphere as well.

2. Being disgruntled:

Disgruntlement is another side-effect of job dissatisfaction. When every aspect of your job leads you to disappointment you cannot help but grumble on about it endlessly.

When nothing goes right at work you cannot possibly hope to be happy with anything else. You will start behaving rudely with your family.

You may even start drinking and smoking thinking that it would take your pain away.

The worst part is that this might change your personality and that will take a huge toll on your family and kids.

3. Becoming a different person:

One of the most harmful effects of job dissatisfaction is that it will change you as a person. It is bad news because that will suck the joy right out of you.

Suppose you start your day looking forward to a good day at work but one thing leads to another and you end up having the worst day on the calendar.

This takes a nasty turn if you keep having a bad job experience too many days in a row. Since much of what follows later in the day depends on how your day was at work, nothing would be enough to stop you from feeling bad if you are a victim of job dissatisfaction.

Eventually, you would become pessimistic about work and start forming negative views on life in general.

4. Feeling out of place:

Being dissatisfied with your job will straightaway make you feel out of place. It is one of the worst kind of feeling to see everybody fitting into their respective places at work except you.

Some people are just not flexible enough to change their way of work just because it is not in keeping with the way the company works. And you would hate to see everything fall into place for other employees except you.

Being different is not your fault and not being able to keep up with the many instructions from your employer is not easy either. And some people have a more difficult time coping up than others.

5. Helplessness:

The worst thing that can ever happen is to know that somethings not right and still not being able to do anything about it.

There is nothing more pitiable for a person to not be able to find a way out of a problem. This is exactly how it is with job dissatisfaction.

Most of the time you cannot even determine the reason for dissatisfaction and until you figure something out, you have to continue going to work and see things worsen.

There is practically nothing to be done until you can think of a way to end your job dissatisfaction.

Job dissatisfaction at work is quite common these days and keeps increasing with time. However, it is possible to overcome problems related to job dissatisfaction with patience, planning, and love of all those who care for you.