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How to Prepare for an Informational Interview: 11 Top Tips


Preparing for the well-versed job interview aims at clearing it and getting the job in hand for any candidate.

Informational interview has to be given much importance in order to create curiosity among interviewer and the candidate of getting to know each other’s profile much better.

Moreover, if you did not do that before, informational interviews can be one of the more out of your depth phase of jobs seek.

The truth is that, information has supremacy and informational interviews could be vital enough to help you out in becoming up to date about the business or any organization you are looking, to join.

Undoubtedly, there are huge ways to increase several contacts in your cage. Accordingly, let the unfamiliar hesitation gets into your way to be well-informed about informational interview.


prepare for informational interview

Tips to Prepare for Informational Interview:

Here is a channel to help you to get to the most important information out of your informational interviews and take out some of the discomfort from the procedure while you are fully following it.

1. Don’t be troubled to ask any questions:

If you are asking somebody your trust for an informational interview could be a little sore situation for you but, remember that this is an appeal which most people feel grateful to accommodate.

Ask the other person in a way that will not create an awkward situation for you or for him.

Like you can say, “I am planning to change my career prospects and find irresistible to choose your experience to get a little idea on the subject”.

2. Do proper research:

While appearing for any interview, candidate has to do explore the company profile properly before appearing into one-to-one interaction.

The most annoying facet of such meetings is an unsuspecting interviewer.

You must do a research about the corporation you are going to appear for an interview before actually appearing. Gathering information on the company is not at all a bad idea, especially for the newbies.

3. Set up your own queries:

make your own interview questions

Out of the most excellent interviews, either informational or else, are the ones that as expected, are of surge in nature.

Logically, a usual surge is more expected to come if you are geared up, not to grab for discussion starter.

Most probably, if you are going to appear for the first time, make sure you have prepared your own set of questions and/ or queries to ask from the interviewer.

Likewise, you can ask your own questions to the employer to get a clear picture about the company.

4. Keep it diminutive:

Even if you are receiving loads of good quality news and if you want that meeting have to be ended fruitfully, it can happen only if both the parties are updated with the information about each other.

This gives an occasion to either make longer the interview, or changeover to a polished winding up.

Moreover, each of them will be grateful for the time and professionalism, which is a grand approach to finish off an interview. An informational interview also makes it short and precise, with to the point questions and answers.

5. Strengthen the association:

One of the major slip-ups, which job seekers and employers make with an informational interview, is overlooking to transcribe the link.

Your candidate can never be in awe, that how much you respected the point in time the candidate took to carve up the well-merited knowledge out of you.

The association between both the parties should be strong enough so that information could be enough to emphases any successful interview.

6. Saying thank you via electronic mail in return of getting info:

thank you email interview

While, saying paper thank you is endearing, but conveying thank you email is also essential, to the person who has provided you enough knowledge about the company to try to make your interview successful.

Do take in a linkage with your thank-you email, to be able to send to the person with a friendly note, and a concise email that gets exact to the end.

This ensures that the information may get accuracy and there is no broken link of information between the both.

7. Help of social media to get exact information:

That’s not all that you need to know about the company from person to person. Now come out of the restricted area of asking persons or employers.

There are several ways which has been introduced in this modern era, from where one can take help of, for e.g. the help of social media.

You can enquire number of things about companies profile or what exactly the company is into. The net services has really broaden its sphere and extremely useful for employers and candidates to get information of each other.

8. Use of LinkedIn or other related resources:

Use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc is typically a means of getting required knowledge.

This available resources these days, has proven as an approach towards getting fundamental info about the candidate and about employer as well.

There is no need to be shy about asking especially if anyone who appears attention-grabbing to you. And remember, the more informational interviews you will do, less uncomfortable they will be.

9. Contact friends and family kins:

to get company information

The other way around to get more information about the company is from your friends and/ or nearby close family kins, who might be aware about the market through their various links.

This is what candidate can do to get much more information about the people, or atmosphere inside the office premises. They might be helpful in providing you more info from other sources.

To get information about the candidate, employers usually contact their previous employer or contacts whose references which they might have been given by either way (like given on the resume).

10. Get rid from hesitation while enquiring:

You don’t need to hesitate while enquiring about the company and the type of environment you will be going to join soon.

You could even ask the same from the employer also during an ongoing interview since it is also your first right to ask a precise info and every depth of it before joining.

The things which got clear at the very first step, stays helpful and unquestioned at the later stages. Keep all your enquiries and/ or questions answered while appearing in an interview.

11. Best way to ask is from employer:

You habitually don’t need to inquire the whole thing from other resources, but having asked varied series of questions will allow you to get mixed up in a dialogue with your interviewer and his reactions.

Once you come across the exact rhythm for the discussion, it will be easy for both the parties to get back the best answers out of the designed set of questions and hence, helps in getting more open, of course.

Here are the above mentioned points in connection with getting the right information about each of the parties.

Preparing yourself for an informational interview is essential and is a necessary step to understand the nature of the company in a better way.

Gathering of information from various resources could be proven supportive in many ways so as to pre-plan everything and to get geared up with lots of info before joining.

Informational interview is a step towards creating a new gesture in your own self to enter into the new company with all the required info which is necessary to know for each one of you.