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21 Interview Questions to Ask Employer about the Company


Employers are not the only one who gets the opportunity to poke during an interview. Even the candidate who has come for an interview holds the right to pry about the company. As a candidate, you have the right to flesh out everything about the company. From their expectations of why the seniors or other employees enjoy working here, all such questions need to be answered by the employer.

Interview Questions about company

So, it becomes vital for the interviewee to ask thoughtful questions so that they can intelligently capture valuable information about the company. Also, such questions to ask in an interview can also help them to distinguish from others in the race. But first, it is very much crucial that you ask the right question to the interviewer. This is of utmost importance because of two reasons:

1. Showcases your qualifications:

If you ask a question in the correct manner, then this confirms your qualifications and suitability for the position.

2. Try making most of the opportunity:

This is your first or may be the sole opportunity to inquire the employer as much as he is interviewing you. This is the chance when you can find out that whether this organisation is the one where you want to work or not.

Since there are infinite numbers of questions available to ask, so it becomes difficult to decide which questions to ask in an interview and which must be avoided. In such situation, you can focus on three different goals that you may desire to achieve through questions you may ask about the company.

Few Interview Questions to Ask Employer About the Company:

Questions to ask employers during an interview will help you understand about the company in a detailed manner. The following mentioned are few questions to ask during an interview to employers.

1. Impress the Interviewer:

When you ask a question about the company, then you need to be sure that it is presented in such a way, that it can easily impress the employer or the recruiter. This might also help you to get through the interview.

2. Validate your interest in the company:

Another significant goal that you should aim to achieve through questions that you are asking about the company, is that it demonstrates that you are very much interested, and enthusiastic to know about the company, as well as the employer.

3. Check that the company is fit for you or not:

Make sure that you get to know that the working conditions and the structure of the company, as well as the duties of the position are according to your requirement. This is because, it should not happen, that once you join a company, then you are not able to work on it, and leave giving out a vague reason.

So, once you are clear about what goals to accomplish from questions you ask about the company, then you will never end up asking an incorrect question. So, some impressive and expressive questions interviewee should ask that can help you to acquire a clear understanding of the working process of a company, and make you achieve all the three goals, are as follow:

1. What experiences and skills are you looking in an ideal candidate?

This is a finest open-ended question for the interviewer that will make the recruiter open up her or his cards on the table. It will help you to get the answer for what exactly the company and the employer are expecting from a candidate. In case, the interviewer mentions something that you still have not covered, then this is your chance.

2. What are the various problems that your staff is facing, and how I would be helpful to you to resolve such problems?

This after interview question to interviewer not only portrays your interest to be a part of the team, but it might also encourage the recruiter to envision you working at the designation, and helping others in need.

3. What you as an employee, enjoy most while working here?

Asking this question will help you to get engaged with the employer on a personal level. The answer to this question will help you to have an insight view of satisfied individuals are with their jobs in the company. If the recruiter is pained to answer such question, then you must understand how well they are feeling about their role.

4. How this position can help me to succeed at the firm?

This question directly shows that you are very much concerned about your success. The answer to it, will show how ahead you can go within the company and whether the position is a right fit for you or not.

5. Do you provide professional training to your employee?

If your profile requires training, or is based on similar methodology, then you can ask about such training given within the company. It shows your interest in expanding your knowledge and eventually growing with the company.

6. Can you please brief me about future expanding plans of the company?

You can even customize this question, according to your personal requirements. For this, you also need to do a prior homework, before finally asking the question to the employer. You should also be aware of new products or services that the company plans to offer in the future. This is because you can then frame an answer if a similar question is asked to you.

7. Who was previously holding the position?

This is again a very direct question to ask on a interview, but it is surely very much important as well. It will help you to know that whether the previous employer was fired, promoted or transferred to any other location. This is because what has happened to him might also happen to you in the future period.

8. What are your expectations for this position for the first three months?

The answer to this question will help you to see what they actually want you to do for their company. You can then decide on which areas you need more concentration in order to meet their expectations.

9. What probably can be the challenges that I may face during the initial months with the company?

It is worth asking such questions, as it might help you to get aware of the challenges that you may face within the company. You can then get prepared for them in advance so that you are able to deliver optimal productive output to the company.

10. What working conditions are offered to the employees?

Asking about the working conditions is not only vital, but is also essential as it helps you to have an idea of what all you will be offered with, if you are working in the company. In case, the work conditions are not according to your expectations, then it is wise that you quit the job before actually beginning to work.

11. What attributes does the company employ to evaluate an employee’s performance?

In case you find everything within the company, suitable to you, it is then necessary that you also ask for attributes or scales that the company uses in order to judge their employee performance level.

12. What makes your company or firm different from others?

If you wish to judge that how much knowledge the employer has about the working of the company, then this is one of the finest questions to ask an interviewer. You should question the employer that what different the company has to offer to their customers. You can then utilize the answer to answer any question raised by the employer to you.

13. What is the working style of the management, or how is the hierarchy of the company defined?

If you are very much interested to get hired to the job position, then you must ask this question for sure. This will help you to understand the line of working and the authoritative positions above you. In case yours is the lowest job position within the company, then you can decide to whether work here or not.

14. How will you define your corporate culture?

This question can help you achieve all your three goals. Firstly, it is a creative question to ask. Secondly, you can look up the body language and confidence level of the employer while he or she is answering the question. Finally, you may get to know some hidden facts about the company that still has not revealed.

15. Can you list down some of the strengths and weaknesses of the company?

Most employers will try to answer this question in a diplomatic manner. This is because no one wishes to highlight their company’s weaknesses in front of a new hire or a candidate for the interview. So, try to figure out that whether the employer is answering both aspects of the question, or he is only focused on strengths of the company. In case he does so, you can then ask again but make sure that you don’t ask it for the third time.

16. When can I expect a call from you and what are the upcoming steps?

It may take some time for the hiring managers to come to a decision. You surely wish to know about potential dates for further assessments, or an indication towards forwarding your application. So, definitely this can be your last question to ask in order to know what the employer feels for you regarding the hiring decision.

So, if everything goes fine after asking such questions in an interview, then you don’t have to worry for the next steps, as it would be nothing but that you are hired. In case the employer seems a little confused, then don’t worry, as should give some time to allow the recruiter to make a firm decision.