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How to Pitch Yourself in a 30, 60, 90 Seconds Job Interview


Presenting ourselves during an interview process is something like introducing ourselves briefly taking consideration of the assigned time limit.

It may be possible that explaining oneself in an interview takes a brief moment.

Sometimes it happens that in some of the interview processes, they try to limit a certain time frame and candidates need to clear their interview within that given time.

It is preferable that to impress a panel of an interviewer, a candidate needs to put his/her best foot forward.

pitch yourself 30 seconds

How to Pitch Yourself in 30 Seconds Interview:

The time frame creates certain kinds of boundaries and these boundaries can also freak someone or a candidate.

Most of the time it happens that as all the candidates applying for an interview seems a little nervous. To avoid such a nature of nervousness a candidate needs to be confident.

And if an interviewer tries to trick you with a certain kind of time frame of 30 seconds, then the candidate needs to follow all the steps given below to be successful in his/her job interview.

1. Understand the job profile:

A first thing a candidate needs to keep in mind while attending an interview is to impress an interviewer by an accurate projection of personality, it is necessary to understand all the elements of a job profile.

It means a candidate should impress an interviewer with his/her minimal time delivery of projection.

The candidate who is deserving of a position in that company needs to know that his/her understanding of certain job descriptions may turn out as a plus point.

2. Plan your presentation:

During the presentation of the introduction of a candidate, it is very common that the employer may expect something different in their presentation.

Therefore, before going for an interview a candidate needs to keep in mind that how he/she is going to approach the employer and try to plan their presentation.

Most of the people present themselves in a very common format and it may seem a little boring too. So it is better if a candidate tries to present his/her introduction differently or uniquely.

3. Be concise:

While answering the introduction part of an interview, a candidate needs to keep in mind that while introducing themselves it is better to conceal his/her answer.

For example, a candidate starts his/her introduction with their name, profession and career expectation.

This kind of introduction may impress an employer during the interview process. Commonly, most of the candidates use such a manner of introduction.

4. Drawing attention:

It is possible that while performing any kind of activity, people who were as an audience seem to get bored with such things.

Even this kind of environment can be created in an interview process and the employer might lose interest in the fact that you are presenting.

At that time a candidate needs to boost the energy of the room by including some kind of personality skills. These personality skills are those skills that hold the attention of the employer.

5. Easy to understand:

To make an introduction part exciting or to create an impression over an employer, the candidate might prepare such kind of introduction speech which is very difficult to understand.

By using fancy words and statements a candidate thinks that he/she can impress such an employer by those kinds of speech.

But it is a wrong way, instead of making things difficult for the employer it is better if a candidate tries to start the introduction with a simple and easy format.

6. Be audible and clear:

While presenting an introduction to an interview it is crucial to be heard clearly. Sometimes most of the candidates fail to reach the employers’ expectations because of their low voice module.

A person who is presenting a presentation should have an audible voice which can make everyone interested in the presentation.

Therefore, during an interview, a candidate needs to be heard clearly to bag that opportunity of the job offer.

How to Pitch Yourself in 60 Seconds Interview:

Every company that expects something from their candidates for the sake of their company would expect that the interview process shouldn’t be very long as time is valuable for them.

Here are some of the ways to follow while pitching yourself in 60 seconds in a job interview

1. Compliment the employer:

This is a very charming way of acing an interview in 60 seconds. It is good to hear something good about ourselves from others.

Similarly, in an interview process, a candidate expects that complimenting the employer with grace may work well for them.

Therefore, a complimenting statement before introducing yourself may add an extra credit point to your selection sheet.

2. Modest and confident approach:

When a candidate tries to impress an interviewer by throwing some of the compliments on his/her side then it might be considered as a great move towards selection.

Once the phase of complement fades, then it is time to charm the employer with some kind of modesty and confident answers. Everyone likes confidence with a pinch of modesty.

Therefore, after the approach of modesty and confidence be at a very peak point, a candidate should present himself/herself with confidence.

3. Trying to build contacts:

If a candidate fails to bag that opportunity then it is time for the final strike and that is by pleasantly greeting him/her.

And trying to build a contact with that person by exchanging some of the business cards so that in future if there are any similar opportunity then the employer can feel comfortable to contact that particular candidate for the post.

This is one of the great moves which always ends up grabbing the opportunity in every field.

4. Express appreciation:

Once the interviewer decides that he/she should or shouldn’t select that candidate for the job, then it is very important to show the employer a little gratitude towards his/her time.

By expressing appreciation towards his/her time, a candidate can leave his/her office premises with a positive gesture in the employer’s mind.

Therefore, it is favorable that the candidate needs to appreciate the employer for the level of patience and time towards him/her.

How to Pitch Yourself in 90 Seconds Interview:

There is a possibility that the employer expects his/her time to take it in a precise way and that’s why it is very important to treat his/her time productively during the interview process.

Here are some of the ways to pitch ourselves in 90 seconds in the job interview and they are as follows.

1. Clear and concise career history:

While introducing ourselves to the panel of the interviewer, a candidate needs to keep in his/her mind that the presentation of his/her career history should be clear and concise.

It is necessary to present a career history within two sentences so that the employer won’t be bored with the projected information.

Therefore, it is very important to hold an employer’s attention with a short and concise answer.

2. A summary of accomplishment:

As mentioned earlier, an employer expects that every candidate needs to prepare their presentation before, so that there won’t be any kind of time waste in the interview process.

A candidate needs to deliver his/her summary of accomplishment within two or three sentences to avoid boredom.

Some people feel great descriptively explaining their accomplishments, but during an interview, it is a very wrong move to make.

3. Brief about future career plans:

Most of the time an interviewer asks such questions like future career expectations, but some of the candidates deliver their answer with a determination towards their professional career and some people keep their expectations in the form of professional career plans which is a wrong thing to do while facing an interview.

Therefore, a candidate needs to brief the employer about his/her career plans within two sentences which might catch the employer’s attention.

Final Words:

To conclude this discussion, we would suggest that every candidate needs to understand the actual requirement of the employer of that particular company.

If a candidate finds a way to understand that particular requirement then there is a possibility that a candidate might be finalized for that particular position that the company offered.

Therefore, to ace an interview in 30, 60 and 90 seconds, an applicant needs to follow all the mentioned details to pitch ourselves in the job interview.