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How to Increase your Personal Presence: 17 Best Strategies


In this twenty first century business world where simply going along with the flow is not going to get you anywhere, you have to ensure that you constantly put your best foot forward so that you will be able to get noticed at your work place by your seniors as well as co workers.

If you wish to slowly but surely climb the ladder of success then understand that things will just happen on their own without any effort made from your end. Given here is a comprehensive list on best ways that you can increase your personal presence.

increase your personal presenceWays to Increase Your Personal Presence:

1. Take matters into your own hands, leave nothing up to fate:

When trying to increase your personal presence at the work place, you should ensure that you do not leave anything up to fate or destiny rather every chance that you get, try your best to show case your talent.

Also show to the rest of the co workers and bosses that you are someone who is a real asset to the company. It is only individuals who have really a powerful personal presence and are chosen to fulfill important managerial roles as well as responsibilities.

2. Be pro active at work at all times:

A great way to increase your personal presence not only in the work place but also in your personal life is by being pro active and never just sit around in an idle fashion wasting time doing nothing at all. If you notice that something needs to be done, try and do it for yourself.

Even if you think that no one is watching, you can rest assured that your boss will be secretly taking notice of what you do and he or she will surely be impressed with the unobtrusive and unassuming way in which you take initiate and try to get things done without having to be told.

3. Make sure you get credit when it is due:

It is no new information that people with powerful personal presence get noticed for all that they do at work. However the first step to increase your personal presence is by ensuring that tasks that you do in and around the office are getting noticed.

You should not seek attention at all times for doing the smallest of things which are a part of your basic job description, yet if you perform well you ought to get noticed and you should ensure that you are being given the credit to you when you deserve it.

4. Raise your voice when you think something wrong is taking place:

If at a meeting or just generally in your work place if you think that some unfair practices are taking place or if you think that a decision that is being taken is an incorrect one, then you should go right ahead and mention what you think is wrong about what is being done.

People will appreciate your point of view if they find that what you say has some truth to it indeed. Doing this will really help you increase your personal presence at the work place and help people identify you as someone that is true to his or her beliefs.

5. Be opinionated, even if others do not like it:

Never think that if you place forth your opinion, you will be called a drag or boring. Remember that no matter what others might think or say, your opinion does matter.

If other individuals notice that you are someone who cannot be ruled with an iron fist or cannot be silenced then they will begin to respect you for that and in addition to this if you put forth your thoughts well, then they will recognize you as someone who has a powerful as well as an impactful presence.

6. Dressing well serves a dual purpose for you:

One of the best ways to increase your personal presence is by constantly dressing well. Dressing well serves a dual purpose for you.

First, when you dress well then you automatically start feeling better as well as more confident and it indirectly helps make your performance at work better.

Secondly when you dress well and constantly look your best at the work place people will recognize you as someone who is very professional as well as takes his or her job very seriously and this professional look will help in increasing your personal presence.

7. Think before you talk; do not speak for the sake of it:

A strong mark of a person with a powerful personal presence is that he or she is able to speak well, in addition to this he or she knows what to say and when to say it.

If you want to be recognized as someone with a powerful personal presence then you should learn to not say any and everything which comes into your mind.

You should develop an imaginary sift of sorts that prevents you from saying inappropriate things when the time is not right. This is an ability which is tough to develop however you must try and master the art of doing so to get ahead in life.

8. Have confidence in yourself as well as your abilities:

Confidence is one of the chief things which separates a person with a strong personal presence from a person with a weak personal presence. If you are someone who is comfortable in your own skin then no matter what your quirks, over time, people will learn to accept as well as appreciate you for who and what you really are.

You ought to remember that confidence is a good thing but over confidence is not. You should try your level best to exude confidence in the manner in which you speak, act, think as well as conduct yourself in general.

9. Do not pretend to be someone you are not:

If you are someone who wants to increase your personal presence then you should try your best to remain grounded and not think that you have to put on any airs as well as graces in order to be accepted.

There are a lot of tips which you will read online, telling you to act in this way or that way, but there is only one thing which you need to remember i.e, ‘be yourself’. The word ‘personal’ implies that you should be true to yourself and not try to adhere to any stereotypes in order to fit in or be accepted.

10. Try to be consistent in the message which you are trying to get across:

Before you try to increase your personal presence make sure that you think about the message which you want to send across to other people. Think about the kind of person you want to be known as or remembered as.

Make sure that being loud or being flamboyant has nothing to do with increasing personal presence, if you are a genuine and kind individual then people will take note of you and recognize you as someone who has humanitarian qualities. And this is exactly the kind of person you should try to be recognized as.

11. Focus entirely on the present at all times:

To increase your personal presence you must ensure that you are constantly focusing on the ‘present’ without thinking too much about your past or worrying too much about the future.

If you focus on your present and give your one hundred percent to the task at hand then you will most certainly be able to increase your personal presence and people will recognize you as someone who always has his or her head in the game at all times. Such that no matter what the circumstances, you are always able to deliver excellent quality work that no one can criticize.

12. Learn about where your strengths lie:

In order to be comfortable in your own skin you should have self knowledge and be aware of your strengths and positive points. This does not imply that you be proud and complacent about them, it merely means that given a chance to display your ability you should grab it with both arms and not let it slip through your fingers as chances like this do not come by very often.

Try your level best to develop your abilities as well as improve yourself with each passing day, no matter what your age is.

13. Be aware of your weaknesses as well:

In addition to being self aware about your strengths, a person who has a powerful personal presence has equal knowledge of his or her weaknesses as well. No matter what your weakness is, you should never lose faith in yourself at any point of time.

It is when you lose faith in yourself that you leave yourself vulnerable for others to come and prey on your weakness.

In the business world, competition is stiff and people will constantly try to put you down, you should accept criticism gracefully but you should turn a deaf ear to those who are jealous and petty.

14. Try to maintain a proper mind- body balance:

If you want to increase your personal presence then you should try yourself to learn to keep your emotions in check as far as possible. It implies that you just don’t suddenly have violent and unprofessional mood swings at work.

15. Try to be optimistic and inspire others with your attitude towards life:

A person with a powerful personal presence is more often selected for leadership roles as he or she is someone who has a positive outlook on life and is able to inspire others to have this optimistic lease on life as well.

Personal presence is often considered something that is both natural as well as ‘God given’, however with practice the chief traits of such an individual can be mastered over time as well.

16. Be trust worthy and approachable:

Individuals with a powerful personal presence have a certain gravitas as well as authority; they are individuals who are instantly able to draw others to them.

Individuals with a powerful personal presence are easy to talk to and they have the ability to make others feel comfortable as well. It is for this reason that others find it easy to talk to them and trust them with their secrets and personal thoughts.

17. Give respect in order to get respect:

A person with a powerful personal presence is one who constantly gets the respect as well as admiration of his peers as well as co workers.

So if you want to increase your personal presence then you should ensure that at no time you indulge in acts which are dishonorable and that could put your name or that of the company in jeopardy and in addition to this in order to get respect you have to give respect as well, so keeping this in mind you ought to always be mindful of the manner in which you behave.


So these are some of the things which you can do in order to make things work favorably for you. In life you cannot expect that things are going to happen on their own.

If you want to be impactful and get noticed then it is up to you to make the change in the way in which you speak, act as well as conduct yourself in general. These things may not come easy to you at first, however over time you will find that with constant practice they will help you become a stronger, more powerful person and presence.