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How to Bounce Back after Being Fired? 17 Awesome Tips


In this day and age there is so much tough competition between various companies that offices prefer to hire the best. If after hiring you someone better comes along, they have no qualms about letting you go. If by chance you do get fired you should not think of it as the end of the world, you will feel bad and demoralized for a while but you should try your best to bounce back as soon as possible. Given here is a list to help you comprehend how to bounce back after being fired and not letting it get to you too much.

bounce back after firedHow to Recover after Being Fired from your Job?

1. It is not the end of the world:

It often happens that people take being fired so badly that they often attempt suicide and other serious things like that. You should never resort to such things simply because you have lost you job. Failure is certainly the stepping stone for you and maybe this job was not tailor made for you. Sooner or later something will come alone and you will feel really happy and excited doing it. Losing a job which you thought may have been your dream job, it is a tough thing to cope with, yet you should simply accept that in life hardly anything goes as planned.

2. Don’t try to analyze or over analyze things:

Do not look at being fired as an end; rather look at it as a new beginning. A great way to bounce back is by having a positive outlook on the whole things and never letting any negative thoughts or words get to you because of what has happened.

3. Do take your time to grieve and get over it:

Rather than trying to get a job immediately if you are someone who thinks that taking some time off would really help you then you ought to take some time off and just get used to the fact that you have been fired. Unless you have come to terms with it entirely you will certainly not be able to move on easily at all. Career oriented people think of their jobs as a part of themselves, and without their jobs they find themselves feeling useless. So if you are one of these people, then you ought to just give yourself a break for a while, if you think that it will help you bounce back.

4. Do not extend your grieving period for too long:

As mentioned above, taking some time off to grieve is vital in order to bounce back after being fired, yet at the same time, it is important to ensure that you do not keep feeling sorry for yourself as then you will never be able to get your head back into the game. If needs be, you should talk to a counselor who can really give you some coping mechanisms. Remember disappointment is a part of life and you should be willing to accept whatever life throws your way. Today you lost your job, tomorrow it could be something worse, you have to be prepared always.

5. Do not begin to start second guessing your own abilities:

You will never be able to bounce back if you keep reliving what has happened, just let it go and do not begin to start second guessing your own self. Have faith in your ability because if you start feeling weak, then you will become vulnerable. There are plenty of vultures in the business world who would love to prey on the weak and take you for a ride.

6. Do not try to bottle your feelings up:

One of the worst things you can do is bottle up your feelings after being fired. How can you bounce back if you have kept all your feelings pent up within you? So a great thing would be to open up to friends and that will truly help you feel liberated. They can help you get your mind off things and lighten up your mood.

7. Take a vacation all by yourself:

One of the best and fastest ways of helping you bounce back after you have been fired is taking a vacation by yourself. When you go on a vacation by yourself you stop seeing things from such close and narrow quarters and you begin to take a look at the larger picture. Gaining some perspective and realizing that there are plenty of other things in your life that you should be grateful about will really help you be positive and just accept being fired as something which was meant to be. Go with the flow and something better will come along in due time.

8. Spend quality time with family members:

People that have full time jobs hardly ever have the time to meet and interact with their family members. If you have been fired, a great way to help you bounce back is by spending some quality time with your loved ones. They are the people who truly love and care for you , so if you want to share your thoughts, feelings or inhibitions with them, they will be happy to hear you out and give you a shoulder to cry on. In addition to this, they are the people that know you best so they can also give you good advice on what your future course of action should be.

9. Try and indulge in some hobbies or activities:

A great way to bounce back is by taking some time off and doing some hobbies and activities which you never actually had the time to do when you were employed. Do something that makes you happy, whether it is playing an instrument, singing, dancing or even stitching. Get to know yourself better then you can return to the corporate world as stronger and more confident person.

10. Remember there are plenty of other jobs you can apply for:

It is important to remember that being fired is a sad and tragic thing indeed and you might be wondering how you will support your family or how you will be able to make two ends meet. But just remember that yes having a job is important, but this job was not the be all and end all of your life. There are plenty of other companies and offices that would be willing to accept a good worker like you with open arms. So do not think of it as an end for yourself rather perceive it as a new beginning where the world is your oyster and you can do anything.

11. Think about whether they fired you for their own reasons:

Once you have come to terms with the fact that you have been fired you can actually begin to think about what happened. If it was because of their own budget cuts or some other forces beyond your control, then you know that there was nothing which you could have done. If you know for a fact that it wasn’t you, then it was them and you need not spend any time grieving because it was not due to any faults or failings of yours that they had to let you go.

12. Think about the mistakes which you may have made:

However on the other hand while giving you the news, they might have told you the distinct reason for which they were firing you and the reason is because of some of your own failings then you should take some time to think about ways in which you can work on what they said. Just because the company has said something that does not imply that you have to change who you are as a worker. There may be another big company who would be happy to employ you just the way you are without any changes.

13. Try preparing a new resume to get back out there again:

Bouncing back after being fired is not something that comes easy to all. Yet you can start by taking some baby steps. You can start preparing your resume and making updates to it before you are ready to start sending them out again. Remember that in this day and age a resume is not a summation of your educational qualifications rather it is a marketing tool where the product being advertised is you. You should make sure that your resume is professional, detailed, yet also a little unique so that it allows you to stands out from the rest.

14. Try looking for a bigger and better job:

One of the best ways to help you bounce back after being fired is being able to bag an even bigger and better job. When you are fired, naturally you will be feeling low but getting a job soon after with an even better opportunity for you, will really help you re gain your lost confidence in yourself. News like this travel fast so you can be rest assured that your company will get to know about your new accomplishment and would understand that they have lost someone who was a true asset to the company.

15. Try improving on your own skill and abilities:

Once you have been fired a great way to bounce back and come back even stronger is by improving yourself and working on your skills, abilities as well as work ethic. No one can claim to be perfect at anything so you should never stop trying to better yourself in areas where you may be lagging behind from the rest. You can work on your communication skills as well because that is something which could really help you get ahead in your career. Without speaking properly you will never be able to get your points across in a clear and concise manner.

16. Apply for a number of jobs as soon as possible:

The faster who are able to get over your grief, the better it will be for you as the faster you will be able to bounce back and start sending out your resumes to as many companies as possible. Applying merely one company is never a good idea as you will be pinning all your hopes to one place. Rather if you apply to many companies and are accepted to many as well, then you will have choice and you will be able to take your pick in a leisurely manner weighing carefully the pros and cons of picking up a particular job offer.

17. Try your hand at something new:

One of the most effective ways of bouncing back is by accepting being fired a sign that, maybe this line is not meant for you and your strength and interest lies in some other field entirely. On being fired you can bounce back even stronger by trying your hand at something new entirely. This could be starting your own business or even considering a change of careers. It is never too late to make changes in your life. So if you are truly passionate about something else you should not shy away from trying your hand at it no matter what your age is.

So these are some of the things which you can try out after you are immediately fired, so as to help you get back on your feet as soon as you possibly can. Taking some time off to find yourself is something that will do you a world of good, so do not think it is mandatory to get back on the horse and find another job immediately. Only you can really know what is best for yourself so rather than trying to take into consideration what everyone is saying, just listen to your own heart and mind and do what you think would be best given the circumstances.