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Interview Questions you Should always be Prepared to Answer


There are a number of factors which assist you in landing a job, but sailing through the interview is a critical component. There are few surveys and websites which mention that getting through an interview can be well achieved by practicing for the interview sessions. For all job titles it is well known that the same questions are asked usually again and again. Glassador career trend analyst Scott Dobroski states that if candidates are prepared for the usual questions the interview can be cracked easily. In that aspect there are a few interview questions one should remember to answer which are mentioned below.

interview questions prepare to answerPrepared to Answer these 16 Interview Questions:

1. Tell me about yourself?

This is a very common interview question which is asked in any interview irrespective of the job title. This question can be approached by relating the answer to the job role being applied. The answer should possess personal branding statement which has a touch to your history, education, accomplishments and more. This question can be practiced well as it helps the interviewer check if you’re a capable individual for the job role.

2. Can you tell me about your greatest strengths?

This a common question asked in an interview where one needs to speak about the tangible skills instead of mentioning that one is a great team player, or possess good communication skills. It would be valuable if a candidate can speak about bringing a client onboard or talk about enhancing sales in the competitive market.

3. Tell me about your weakness?

This is a sure question in an interview and one should get prepared to volunteer the question rather skipping. There is a trick to handle this question where one needs to speak about the weakness of the individual and show how well it has worked in the career. For this particular question, one does not require to mention any tic or foible.

4. What are your expectation regarding salary?

Discussion about salary is another aspect which is sure in a job interview. If it’s your first interview you must not be clear about what the job offers you. The candidate can ask the employer if he has an idea in his mind about for the position. Another way can be to provide a range to the employer based on your previous bonus salary and other benefit.

5. Why you left your previous job?

When such questions are probed, it is mandatory to provide truthful answers. The answer for this particular question should be crafted in a perfect way so that it is appropriate. It is good to mention if the company has been downsized and you were also the last one to go. You can also make a mark that you put in your best efforts and there was no real room for growth and hence you had to find another job.

6. What can you bring to this job which no one else can do?

The answer for this question must be framed in a way that associates with the job requirements. Your expertise should be linked with the job and presented such that it should be matched. It is good to frame answers well before for such questions to answer in a tactical way.

7. Why do you want to work for this company?

This is sure question where homework needs to be done well in advance. For this question a good grasp of the company is mandatory which shows what the company does and what you will be doing as an employee in the company. The answers for this question can be well viewed in the company website. A background check with the details can be perfect enough which helps you know about the company and get prepared for the position. For this particular answer, make sure that career goals are included which can hold hands with the company for its growth. Also make the interviewer understand that the positive aspects of the company are few aspects which has made to look for the company.

8. Do you have any questions?

Almost all interviews end up with open ended questions, so it would be good if the candidate is prepared well with a few valid questions instead of sitting dumb. If there are no such questions from the candidate side then discussions about the benefit of the company and start date can be discussed. When you ask appropriate questions in an interview, it would definitely show that you’re prepared for the interview and also interested in the company.

9. How to answer odd questions?

It is usual that interviews usually are probed with odd questions which make the way to throw off few candidates. The answers for such questions are to be tackled in a smart way. Whatever can be the question, make sure to tie the question back and fit it to your job role. For example if your asked what type of machinery you would have been in a farm and why?. The answer can be mentioned as tractor as it can lead and tend to pull others together. It is always suggested to stay positive and professional in such questions.

10. What interests you about this job?

This is a sure and good question where many members are not prepared for this question. With such questions interviewers look for candidates who are well prepared and interested in the position. Your interest for the job can be mentioned and your motive and enthusiasm for the position can be known with certain aspects in the job role that lures you.

11. Why do you think you can do well in this job?

The answer can be linked with the past positions and skills which helps you a lot to excel in the job role. With the skills, experiences and interests you can mention that you can do well in the job. The answer for this question should also include your motivation and interest aspects.

12. Tell me about your outstanding achievements?

By asking such a question the interviewers get to know if you can achieve when you’re in the game. They also will get to know if you have achieved before. When a candidate can talk more about achievements then it is one best way to show that you can perform outstanding results rather than being a normal employee.

13. Why should we hire you?

For this particular question make sure that you answer in three segments. The first part would be to make clear that for the job role all requirements are met. Show that you possess good skills by relating it with perfect examples. Show that you’re an proactive individual and possess the knowledge to handle any hassles or utilizes opportunities and turned them into success with good decision.

14. Where do you see yourself in the next five or 10 years?

By answering this question, the interviewers are looking into your long term planning ideas. The personal aspirations in the job role are the one which should be associated with the answer. For this answer the career role in the next five years should be looked into. The growth in the skills, responsibilities, and experience in the job can lead the candidate to the higher position which can be used to mention in the answer. Instead of being over enthusiastic, make sure to show enthusiasm for the current position and next steps for building the career.

15. Describe a situation where you solved a problem?

For this question a recent problem which relates with the job role you applying can be mentioned. Give a few sentences for the situation and the way you handled it so that the interviewer understands well. You can mention the actions taken, the process that was accomplished and the steps you took forward in order to handle the situation. The results are the main aspect of the answer as they are something which proves that you’re an effective person.

16. How would your friends describe you?

The best ways to get a perfect answer for this question is post the question on social media and get answers. The replies can be chosen from the ones that work perfect with the job role and associated with it.

These are a few interview questions which are frequently asked and candidates should be well prepared for it. The candidates can research the company website and formulate answers for many questions. In the same manner researching the web can be a great source as there are many such questions and tips which can be studied. Job questers can read the above questions and ways to answer the same in order to excel and make their interview a successful one.