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Top 20 People You Need in Your Network to Find a Job


Not everyone is capable enough to search for a job up to his or her potential. At one point of time, everyone has to reach out to various people in order to expand the network and get a good and satisfying job. This is also clear that you may even not get a satisfying job after knowing a number of people, but as there are dark sides to everything, one must ignore the evils and move forward with the advantages. The number of people one must have in his or her network in order to get a job are as follows:

network to find job

Must Have People in Your Network to Get a Job:

1. Office Colleagues:

You work day in day out in a company with your co-workers. Plan and attend various meetings with them. I think the people you remain around the whole day know you more and better than the family as the time you spend with family declines. So, as co-workers become your professional partners, it is vital to keep them into their network, even after you leave a particular job as they may tell the potential you inherit, that maybe you are not even aware of. Moreover, good colleagues become great friends and those friends are better teachers and motivators.

2. Your coach can certainly help you out:

The coaches are the persons who follow their wards at times of the difficulty and drive you out of them in a smooth and easy manner. The coach helps you in tackling the difficult situations and offer suggestions to which no knots are tied, thus making your life much easier.

3. Your mentor:

You are taught and brought up by your mentor or under your mentor’s guidance. The mentors are the individuals who have already achieved their desired goals and are now successful in their respective fields. You need to keep them in your network as they are the ones who will guide you in a right direction and also be your lighthouse while you are sinking in the deep devil ocean of life full of challenges. Heed to what they say, learn from their wisdom and experience.

4. The connectors keep you connected:

You need to keep connected with the outer world, even after you leave the job. This is because you will be in need of a next job and for acquiring that you need to be connected to the connectors. The connectors are the persons who remain in constant touch with the information regarding jobs, market demand and keep sending you emails or phone calls regarding the same. They are the specialist in the field of making connections, searching for opportunities and resources that most of the common people may overlook.

5. Managers manage things for you:

Managers of the company are also considered the lynchpin of the organization as well as the employees. The managers can help you out in a better manner in getting a satisfying job, only if you have a great cordial relation with them. They are the ones who know every bit about the company on the whole, even more than the director of the company. The managers control and manages the working of the organization and can better tell you if there are vacancies or not.

6. The initiators:

The persons who are good at taking initiatives can take place in your network as they are considered to be the intellectual ones who always step forward to take an initiative for a task or purpose. They are the risk takers and the ones who take risks, know well how to handle trouble in life in an efficient manner.

7. The leaders:

The one who leads and always remain ahead are known as leaders. The persons who take charge of responsibility on behalf of others are called leaders. The leaders are not just the politicians but can be anyone who is your idol and whom you like to follow. Walk on the principles they have worked and also follow their path as it will only lead you in the right direction.

8. The visionaries have a far-sighted vision:

What you don’t know about yourself is known to the visionaries. They are the people who can judge a person and can even have a wider, far-sighted view of what you can achieve in life. Maybe your recent job is at a dead end, but a single conversation with them will help solve everything as they will only motivate you to do good work.

9. Personal contacts:

The personal contacts may include the family, friends and even the relatives, neighbours. They are also the best source of information regarding job vacancies. Reach out to them and get the maximum information to get the best results. Do not delete them from your contacts as they can also assist you.

10. The interviewers:

The people who take interviews can also form a part of your contact list. You just need to have a friendly relation with them so as to get best of the opportunities for yourself. Interviewers know most of the corporate world as they have a huge network in the corporate world. So, even if you give interviews, make sure you come out from room with certain benefits of receiving more chances of jobs.

11. Informants will inform you:

The informants are the professionals in their field of being highly informed, aware about the recent changes, demands and the employee requirements of the companies. Remain in touch with them on a regular basis and they will help you out in getting what you desire to achieve.

12. The financial gurus:

Befriend with those who are financially wise and intellectual than you. They will guide you if the recent job is good for you in terms of finances, allowances and the salary you get. Having a financially savvy friend will prove beneficial to you and will also impact your finances positively.

13. Human resource professionals:

These are the people who are responsible for making of the organization as they recruit the potential responsible employees in the organization. Once you are in touch with the human resource specialist, you can get informed about the vacancies in the place.

14. The trendsetters:

These are the people who always have an ear for the latest buzz. The buzz can be on any of the topics that you are interested in knowing. The main aim of having these people in the networks is to look for the chances that are unique and unconventional, also has the potential to rise high.

15. Thought leaders:

These are the leaders who keep the broader perspective of everything they encounter and if they themselves keep a broader perspective then obviously they will help you out in seeing the world with different lenses and lights. They may or may not be entrepreneurs. They can be anyone from whom advice can be sought and tough queries could be asked, thus making yourself satisfied.

16. Your role models:

Your role model can be anyone, from a common man to an industrialist to entrepreneur or even the boss. Being in contact with such persons be like wishing and flattering them on almost alternate days so that they keep you in mind while recruiting, etc. This is your duty to keep them in contacts or you will be forgotten completely unless you are a successful or specialized person in the specified field.

17. Coordinators in the organizations:

The persons who coordinate the working of various departments should also be on the contact list. They may not know everything but certainly will know something about everything. If you are friend with them, they can also help you out in solving the issues. Never let a person feel down even if he or she is at a lower position this is because even a small stone can assist in raising the water level in a pot.

18. Peons or the lower level staff:

Do not think anyone inferior to yourself. The people working in an organization would certainly have something in special that they worked with you, no matter at what position. So, do not degrade even the peons or anyone from the lower level staff as they can be of greater help than those at higher designation. Be friendly with them. Go out for coffees and meets with them, talk to them, on a regular basis. Solve their tiny problems if possible for you as they are the original bank of secrets who know who went and came in the office at the time of recruitments.

19. The idealists:

These are the persons who can dream something great even if your idea is outdated. They help in your brainstorming and also get you more recent and innovative ideas to improve the performance if you are recently at work. The idealist provides help in making judgements. They also oblige you with techniques of focussing towards your dreams and flushing out the irrelevant ideas.

20. Any company or industry insider:

The people inside the company are a great source of information. They are the communicators who can send the information, statistics or data to you, if you are in constant contact with them or if you are a boon companion to them.


So, above are some of the important persons whom you can keep in your contacts for the vested interest. Whosoever is the person, you just need to make your presence feel by texting on festive occasions or offering them coffee, treats so that you remain in their eyes for a longer period of time. Also talk to them regarding your career goals and objectives as it will showcase your potential to them, thus making you enjoy the spotlight.