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How to Overcome Career Burnout and Stay Motivated


Burnout is defined as a feeling in which you feel so overwhelmed that you are not able to do the things that you had once loved and cared about so passionately. Burnout is found today in all kinds of societies where people are multi-tasking and are always being asked to do way beyond what you are supposed to. You tend to achieve a lot more and you won’t be taking your time to see what you want from life at this point. A little bit of time can really stop a burnout but you obviously have to be very careful of the current dangers and how you can tackle them efficiently.

how overcome career burnout

Before we give you ideas on how to overcome the stress of career burnout, let us first tell you what it is and why it happens. If any of you are experiencing this, it will definitely help!

What is Burnout?

Career burnout is defined as a psychological condition that features cynicism, extreme exhaustion and being unable to put up with the workload. Most importantly, it makes you mentally exhausted and feels stressed and there is a sense of professional efficacy that you lack during this point. Experts have stated that it not only makes people tired but also tend to make the workplace very much toxic. On top of that, if you are not getting any support from the supervisors or colleagues, you will definitely need some help.

Why do People Experience a Job Burnout?

There are six reasons that lead to career burnout. Let’s take a quick look at them

1. Work pressure:

There are so many times we can’t deal with work pressure. It becomes so time-consuming that after a point we begin to think that taking too much workload is absolutely not normal. In order to understand whether the work pressure is taking over you, ask yourself whether the work pressure is so much that it is getting to you and whether you are unhappy about it.

2. Being treated unfairly:

If you are becoming too depressed these days because of the workload or if you feel like you are being treated in a bad way, then, of course, you will have to work on yourself and take a break. You never know! Being treated badly in a workplace where everyone else is being respected could lead to work or career burnout.

3. Getting feedback:

Also, what is the kind of feedback that you get from your boss. Is he being critical or too harsh?

There is a fine line between the two. You both should be able to have a good relationship as well. If none of that is happening, do something about it. You cannot experience a career burnout no matter what.

4. Do you love your job?:

This is also another question you should ask yourself.

  • Do you love your job?
  • Do you enjoy this environment?

If yes, then okay but if you don’t and you think that is making you very depressed, then changes should be made immediately. Ask yourself that question.

5. Get some good sleep:

Lack of sleep at night can cause severe health-related problems and can also affect your work life.  If you haven’t got good sleep and are complaining about work, then its time to take the weekend off and catch up on some good sleep. Cancel that weekend party with your friends and hang out with your bed. Get as much sleep as you can.

6. Do all the things that make you happy:

I am sure you have always wanted to do a few things in life but were unable to do so because of the work pressure that took over your happiness. But since we are trying to prevent your career from having a burnout at work, it would be a great idea to simply do all the things that make you happy. Spend some time on your own and pursue a hobby. Reading a good book, spending time with someone you love, watching your favourite films or catching up with a few episodes of the Goldbergs. We have all wanted to do that, haven’t we?

7. Let your mind relax:

This is also the time to let your mind relax a little. You should make some time for yourself where you can meditate simply for a couple of minutes. Meditation is actually pretty good for your health as well helps in boosting your career. It will relax your body and mind and make you feel good. Letting your mind relax is actually a pretty good thing to do. It can prevent your body from having a mental burnout and help you get on with life and heal even faster. I would definitely recommend you to get some immediately.

8. Take good care of yourself:

Taking care of yourself is highly important. You should always spare some time where you just get to take better care of your body. Eat all the good things, exercise when you have the time, meditate a little and keep yourself far away from that phone. Spend two hours a day where you don’t have to worry about your workplace one single bit.

Tips for Overcoming Career Burnout:

The following mentioned are few tips that help you recover from career burnout. They are

Take a break:

There goes a saying that everything must be done in moderation. And when we speak of moderation, we mean work. Your work should be done in such a way that it is balanced. Burnout is quite a loud signal that its high time you give yourself a break. You should take a break from work itself even if it means you’ll have to spend a few days with yourself. Plan a vacation, it can help you relax and return to work in a better form. I am sure you’ve always dreamt of spending time with your near and dear ones. This could be a great opportunity for you.

Keep yourself calm and relaxed:

It is very important to stay calm and relaxed. There are so many people who jump out of their bed first thing in the morning, finish breakfast as quickly as possible and get on to work fast. If we look at it the other way, you tend to get so stressed that you don’t think of anything else apart from work. If you want to overcome a career burnout, we would suggest you to adopt an early morning ritual which includes exercising, relaxing, meditation and stretching. Reading is also something you should try. Also start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. The smell of it will make you feel good.

Take small breaks:

Taking breaks regularly is also a smart thing to do. There are so many people who work all the time and think this is the most productive thing to do. But to be honest, working too much will burn you out. It will eat up all your energy and suck you dry. So if you really want to prevent that from happening, change your schedule as quickly as possibly. Do not take longer than sixty to ninety minutes. You may also take a fifteen to twenty minute break. When you take a break you will realize you are so much better and in that way you will feel relaxed. Go for a long walk, speak to some of your pals or read a magazine.

Keep away from the news:

There are so many times when we are burnt out because we are depressed. The negativity that we often get from several news reports makes us so sad that we give into all these false beliefs and bad ideas and live by the idea that life is just sad and horrible. What comes out as a result of this is extreme depression and burnout. You should at least not watch the news for the next 30 days as it could really ruin your mood and lead to a burnout.

Come up with better eating plans:

This is also something you should follow. Keep away from bad food as you need avoiding burnout. Just like you need to get rid of bad thoughts, similarly you have to keep junk thoughts away from your mind. When your diet is poor, it tends to suck out all your energy and messes with your mind so bad that there is literally no going back. You should improve the way you eat and in that way a change will definitely be noticed. There will be a rise in your energy levels and a rise in the attitude you have.

Write it all down:

You should spend some time on your own and try to understand why have you ended up in a situation like this. Why have you fallen into this trap where you feel depressed? What makes you feel so bad? Is there a bigger purpose in your life than just making a lot of money? Once you get to know why you do what you always do it, then the passion will always return and the stress burnout will definitely go away. Plus writing down your feelings always work well. Those who write down always tend to feel better about themselves.

What should you do if everything else fails?:

If everything else fails, it could be a sign that you will have to permanently leave the current situation you are in. When this happens, you will have to figure out the escape path. Here you will have to determine what you exactly want to do with your life and where is it going at this point. This will actually help you realize where you need to be. Do you think the career you want is ideal for you? Is there an opportunity at this point? Can you take a night class if possible? No matter what it is, you should always have an escape plan and begin working on it right there.

Last Minute Warnings:

Here are some last minute warnings we think you should always remember

There are times when you will want to be alone, miles away from the crowd. You should always take time and spend it along where you can just rest. Try walking or something or going to the park for a stroll. Take the time by switching off your phone or something. That also works. You should also not waste your time by watching too much TV on your computer or play too many video games. You should relax as much as you can and get some sleep. These things will be there for you tomorrow but your health will not. So don’t compromise with it.

Extra tips:

These are some extra tips that we promise will help you over time. First of all, make sure you are getting enough sleep. Second, make time to drink enough water. Third, don’t ever think about all the things that stress you out and tire you. Plus never think about how tired you are feeling. Finally you should remember to go for a massage. Go to a spa and get some massage done. If your eyes are stressed, you can take care of that as well with some smoothing eye massage at home.

This brings the post to an end. If you have found some help from this and have some comments or positive feedback you would like to give, please drop in a comment below. We would love to hear from you. Apart from that, if you have tried and tested some of these ideas and it has worked well for you, let us know about that as well. On that note, good luck and we are hoping you can prevent a career burnout successfully through this post and get what you want.