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Outdoor Careers: 13 Jobs for People Who Love Outdoors


Do you dream of spending time outdoors and having the time of your life? Do you wish you were aware of job opportunities that would pay you enough and keep you happy at the same time? Is it your desire to find the perfect job that lets you spend time with nature? If the answer to these questions is an absolute yes, then you have to give this post a shot. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top and best outdoor careers and opportunities that will not only take care of your expenses but also let you pursue your passion and chase your dreams. To learn more, keep reading.

jobs for people love outdoorsAvoid Cubicles – Best Outdoor Careers that Pays Well:

The following mentioned are few jobs for people who love outdoors that pay a lot or outdoor careers that pay well.

1. Landscape gardener:

If you would like to spend more time with nature and make some money out of it, then it is best to choose the profession of a landscape gardener. This is a wonderful career opportunity for people who want to pursue their passions and follow their dreams. Not only will you be doing what you love best but also earn a whole lot of money. Landscape gardeners are required to work in homes or gardens that are used for commercial purposes. Sometimes the job could include working outdoors on rooftops or inside a shopping mall. Of course you will be handling gardening and stone work here too.

2. Fitness Trainer:

A second option we could suggest you try is the one of a fitness trainer. Even though most of you like to believe that trainers spend time at the gym but if you look at it closely, the work expects them to stay outside most of the time. Fitness boot camps have become quite popular these days and that is usually conducted outside. If you want you could conduct Yoga or Tai Chi classes which never take place at home. In case you are self-employed, just make sure you have fitness trainer insurance not just for yourself but also the people you coach.

3. Walking Guide:

Walking Guides have become quite popular these days. This profession fetches you a lot of money and allows you to explore picturesque landscapes and beautiful sceneries all over the world. There are several travel companies today who are searching and recruiting young walking guides. So if you are one of them, then definitely give it a shot. You will have to guide people throughout the day, spend time with them and hopefully share your experiences as well. But if you prefer walking alone, then maybe this job opportunity is not the one for you.

4. Park Rangers:

Another wonderful career opportunity you could try is one of a park ranger. All you have to do is help in the reinforcement of the rules and regulations at the park which helps in the monitoring of behaviour of visitors. You are expected to walk around the park, watch out for forest fires and see whether the park is safe whether it comes to the visitors or even the wildlife. Park Rangers are also expected to ensure cleanliness. So if you think you will enjoy this kind of work, do get a diploma right away.

5. Ski Patroller:

A ski patroller could be an interesting job or career opportunity for you if you look at it. You need to get medical training done first before you get into this profession. You will be given 10 to 15 dollars per hour for doing this job and the best part is that you will be meeting a lot of people through this job. The only negative is that there will be a few ill-behaving customers you might have to deal with. So if you are patient enough, this job opportunity would be perfect for you. Just make sure you have a good EMT certification and some good skiing ability. If you have these, nothing can stop you from reaching the top.

6. Biologist:

A biologist requires a graduate and master’s degree in biology itself and must know how to volunteer or work and handle works related to national parks, conservation issues etc. You will be earning 15 to 40 dollars per hour and studying all kinds of fascinating subjects during the process. The only negative with this job is that you will have to put up with a lot of paperwork. So if you can handle that, then nothing like it.

7. River Keeper:

A river keeper’s job is fun career which is exciting. You don’t need any kind of formal training for this. The only minus point with this job is that it isn’t enough to make a living until and unless you are working with a large organization. So it is best to keep another job by your side in order maintain a decent living. Riverkeepers do get to have a lot of fun since it is their job to paddle and take care of beautiful and picturesque rivers.

8. Photographer:

The job of a photographer is also quite fun if you see it in a way. If you are an absolute professional or if your works are up to the mark, you could earn a six-figure salary. Wildlife photographers today are making a whole lot of money in this process. The only downside is that you will always have to handle excess paperwork and editing. People choose this profession most of the time because it gives them scope to make interesting and new images and inspire a large number of people through this.

9. Firefighter:

Firefighters get to make 8 to 40 dollars per hour, although this has to depend upon your experience. This job could be a lot of fun if you love nature. You will have the golden opportunity to save lives and visit the most beautiful parts of the country through this. The downside is that there are long hours of stress involved or you could be expected to work in conditions that are extremely difficult. The minimum training that falls under this category includes 40 hours of instruction followed by a whole lot of training.

10. Climbing Instructor:

Climbing instructors get to earn 85 to 125 dollars a day, depending upon the experience they have. They get to introduce people to what could be regarded as a life changing experience. The only downside that comes with this job is that they have to analyze the risk factor among clients. The job requires you to get enough training and certification. This job opportunity is quite life changing. If you think you can assess someone’s physical, emotional and mental capacity, this profession would be perfect for you!

11. Rafting Guides:

Rafting Guides are best known for having the time of their lives and is one of the adventure job. The salary range usually goes up to $35-100 per trip, although the money often depends upon how much experience the person has. The best part about this job is that it is full of adventures and you have the chance to run rivers every day. The downside that comes with rafting guide means spending a whole lot of time on physical labour especially during the summer season.

12. MTB Coach:

An MTB coach is basically a mountain biking coach. For this job you need to be very fit. You are expected to see different clients who like playing this sport and guide them. The only downside is that you may have to travel through camps and sometimes business chores. The minimum training you need for this job is some good mountain biking and probably some really good teaching skills. You can earn $100-200 a day. Plus you will be provided with travel expenses. People who are already in this field have said that if you can keep your ego low and enjoy people, go ahead with this profession.

13. Race Director:

A race director gets to make a whole lot of money. You could start off with 24,000 dollars and push up to 60,000 dollars. The good part is that your work will be challenging and there are new courses you can definitely try. You might have to deal with red tape and may permits sometimes so be careful of that. The job requires you to have enough experience when it comes to racing. You might also consider getting a sports management degree done. That would be helpful.

This completes our top list of active careers for people who love the outdoors is your passion. Yes, there are pros and cons to every single kind of job you’d like to do. It all depends upon how capable you are or how well you can handle them. Since there are so many opportunities available today, we hope you won’t have a tough time choosing one. Just pick the one you think you would enjoy best. That is all you really need. And once you have done so, get enough training and get into the profession.