What is an Introvert?

If you hate being around people, you cannot tackle meetings, you cannot be open in a teamwork assignment, then surely you are an introvert. An introvert person is a one who will spend a lot of time alone and finds pleasure in working alone.

An introverted person is normal personality trait and there is nothing bad about it. Even so, introverts have their own unique ways to work and there are many occupations that need a person to work alone rather in teams.

Introverts listen more, are detail oriented, appear calm and they think before speaking; such traits are beneficial to an extent for some jobs.

You might have heard that there are few jobs people hate, but in case of introverts, they hate people around them. Following are few jobs for introverts.

people who hate people jobs

Some of the Best Jobs for Introverts: 28 Awesome Jobs

You can find many careers for introverts who like people and who like less number of people around them. The following mentioned are few tips on good paying jobs for introverts and also jobs for people who hate people.

1. Archivist:

One in this job can spend a good time working alone. Archivists are information professionals usually busy with evaluation, organization, maintenance of records and archives. These are estimated to be preserved due to their value. This job can be handled independently.

2. Financial analyst:

Financial analyst evaluates budgets, businesses and further finance related bodies. They analyze whether a finance body is stable or profitable adequately for investments. Stocks, bonds, figures and data are all a finance analyst deals with.

With the study, they are able to advice individuals and industries on investments, but they frequently have to interact with their customers during checkups after intervals. Thus in this job one has to deal with figures and numbers more than people.

3. Graphic designer:

A graphic designer has to involve in a lot of contemplation for creativity and get innovative ideas alone. There are some positions that perhaps require teamwork and interaction but mostly this job doesn’t require daily interaction, particularly after discussion on an idea and conclusion, one has to only implement it individually.

4. Street photographer:

Street photographers have to capture pictures that are candid and genuine. Thus it means that the photographer has to click pictures without any interaction with the subject and cleverly capture the scene. Wildlife photography also is based on similar principles. Thus it is an apt job for introvert people.

5. Lab technician:

Medical lab technicians usually work in a lab. They make an effort to contribute to the science and medicinal world by analyzing data and involving in experimentation. They usually avoid talks and spend most of their time in researching.

6. Freelance writer or blogger:

The writing profession is a broad one however it is easy to work from home rather office when you freelance or blog. This means one can interact with the editor or agents through emails or phone calls avoiding, any face to face interactions. Introverts will surely like to be self employed so they can have self discipline and self motivation to practice.

7. Artist:

Then most of the jobs, an artist spends considerable time alone. An artist mostly spends his time in home or studio and they are usually keen on their work and do not need much interactions.

8. Audio or video editor:

It mostly requires being in the studio, watching films or video files or listening to audio files. They usually do not interact much, only for certain concerns and decisions or discussions about the film and audio. Otherwise the job is to spend adequate time editing the audio and video files according to their durations.

9. Social Media Manager:

All the focus as a social media manager goes to the virtual world. It may sound ironical however social media is for introverts that can write. You can manage, monitor and measure social media activities for individual or corporation, without having to face people.

10. Animal care worker:

In this job, you will have to take care of adorable and gullible animals. If you like to spend time with animals than people then this is the right option for you. The work environment would be either a hospital or lab. The basic task would be to take care of the animals.

11. Software developer:

This job needs hours of privacy and isolation for the production of scrupulous work. Thus it is a very good option for introvert at work, however one must have formal education for the job and strong programming proficiency.

12. Court reporters:

Court reporters generally do not have to interact with people even though they are very visible. Very occasionally they are expected to read quotes to the court. Nevertheless it doesn’t comprise of sharing thoughts, which most introverts refrain from.

13. IT professionals:

Most of the information technology professionals have to deal with the computer oriented work. Data or virtual units have to be handled. The IT world has a wide range of jobs people do and surely there are telecommuting jobs but you can choose a job that deals with solitary work.

14. Petroleum geologist:

The job is based on engineering on hydrocarbon fuels. All the job requires is analyzing data and working on engineering projects.

15. Statistician:

A statistician is an expert in the arrangement and analysis of statistical data. You have to work around theories and application of the same independently.

16. Personal chef:

He is a chef who is hired by clients and prepares food in the client’s home, based on their preferences. Only interaction a personal chef has to involve in is to know the client’s preferences and then after customized menu do grocery shopping.

17. Video game artist:

A visual artist develops video games which include conceptualization, character modules, design etc. This occupation does not need much interaction with people but a sole person can handle the development and creation.

18. Foresters:

They spend considerable time communing with the nature rather people. It would give an introvert plenty of time alone while he maintains and studies forests and nature rich zones. You can invest time in caring for the trees rather than caring for making an impression among people.

19. Web developer:

When you become a web developer all you have to deal with is codes. Once you discuss out what the real outcome has to be and what is expected, all you got to engross in is codes. Thus it can be another best option for introverts. However, one must have specialization and training for the same.

20. Astronomer:

Astronomer deals with the physical universe as a whole. You do not have to work in teams but a telescope and you are ready to go. You can spend alone time studying the celestial objects.

21. Geoscientist:

They spend time outdoors while exploring and examining the minerals in lab. It means total focus on the work and no other distractions or interactions needed.

22. Political scientist:

Political scientist studies and analyses the political systems. Government policies and its effect, international relations and public opinion polls are all examined by a political scientist. These reports are then collected and presented amongst others. All this procedure needs solitary time and focus.

23. Mathematicians:

Science, business or computer related field, all require a mathematician to facilitate them. A mathematician has a great career as these entire fields need math at various levels. All a mathematician does is research, analysis and application of his knowledge. Thus they do not require any teamwork as such but interactions with numbers.

24. Actuary:

Actuaries compile and examine statistics then employ them to measure insurance risks. You will have to do extensive amount of calculations for probability work. This might have to be presented in an easy manner with the help of graphs and tables. You will have to meet with the clients other than that you are to research and calculate alone.

25. Marine and Naval engineer:

Creation and maintenance of ships and submarines are the specifications of this job. They also conduct examination of marine equipment’s and form technical reports. They use computer technology. This job requires independent research and planning.

26. Material Engineers:

Material engineers are responsible for examining and developing materials that are used to make different products. The materials are namely, metals, ceramics, plastics etc. They work on computer in factories, offices or labs. They need to involve in massive analysis and so need isolated time to focus their attention.

27. Pilot:

You may be introvert but you like the adrenaline rush and want to fly high with no nervousness to challenges. A pilot position does not require you to interact much but confidently fly the aircraft. Your entire attention will be focused on operating the flying gears and tools in the cockpit.

28. CEO:

Ironically, CEOs may be expected to lead, interact, talk and manage people and introverts are viewed by some as not having potential to lead. However researchers have found that introvert CEOs can be very efficient.

Introvert personality possessing CEOs engross in deep thinking, listen before taking decisions and is always calm. There are many known personalities like Bill Gates and Hilary Clinton who are self proclaimed introverts.

Introverts should remember that finding the apt job does not require one to be extrovert or live wire. It is about figuring out what are one’s individual strengths, what one enjoys doing and what one is satisfied with.

No jobs can give you guarantee of total solitude, at some or the other point you will have to communicate with at least one person when you work.

All you have to focus on is to search a job that minimizes your interactions with others. For a good number of the jobs above you will need specific learning and training, so choose a career that you are passionate about.