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How to Become a Good Web Developer: 18 Secrets Revealed


Picking a career path for yourself is an important choice which you should take your time deciding upon. If you end up picking the wrong career for yourself then you might end up feeling disillusioned as well as burdened. If you have decided upon becoming a web developer then you should know that this is a very rewarding career path indeed provided you are willing to work long hours and give your best under all circumstances. To help you here is a comprehensive list to guide you on how to become a web developer.

become good web developerComplete Guide to Become a Web Developer:

The following mentioned are few ways on how to be a web developer and few web development tips a best a web developer should follow.

1. From a career path which didn’t exist twenty years ago to what it is now:

Based on the fact that twenty years ago this career path did not even exist to the present time where it is a thriving career option, you can get an idea of how promising this field is. If you are someone looking for a steady yet interesting career path for yourself then this is something you should certainly try your hand at as not only does web developer jobs  have many opportunities open before you now, but it will continue to grow and expand in time to come as well.

2. Start from the basics then proceed:

There are some career paths which allow you to jump right into the thick of things, yet a job as a web developer is certainly not one of them. It requires you to start from the basics before actually going ahead to achieve bigger things. Though there are no distinct educational requirements for you to have as a web developer yet you should have in depth knowledge of computer web programming as well as computer systems as well to help you get ahead in your career.

3. The basic requirement to become a good web developer:

web developer basics

To become a web developer, you will have to start off by learning HTML as well as CSS. Just as to need to walk before you run, HTML as well as CSS are the basic blocks which you need to acquaint yourself with at the very onset of things. Hyper Text Mark Up Language or HTML as it is known helps to set up the structure of a page where as what CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) does is that it permits you alters and styles the way your page looks. Needless to say, that your page has to look aesthetically appealing above everything else and you will not make it appealing without your knowledge in place.

4. Yet, knowing merely coding is not enough:

Though coding is important to get good web designer jobs, yet you must ensure that you bring a little more to the table than that. As in this day and age it is not merely those who have mastered coding that are able to build various apps and designer websites as well as introduce several features.

5. When in a fix, seek help on Google for solutions:

When you are doing things as a web application developer for the first time it is obvious that you are going to find things challenging, yet one thing which you ought to remember that you are not the first web page designer and naturally there are many before you who have possibly faced the very same issues. So rather than wasting hours wondering if you have chosen the correct career path, what you should do is search for online solutions to help you move forward efficiently in your task at hand.

6. Copy something new which you have stumbled upon:

A great way to help you along the way is to keep copying new things which you have learnt and try and implement it in your coding. Once you have done so you can try and find out what exactly it is doing. Doing this not only helps you learn new things but it is also very interesting. Having a keen interest to learn new things is also a skill that will really help you thrive as a web developer.

7. Practice is the key to making breakthroughs:

practice web development

When becoming a web developer you must know how to convert your theoretical textbook knowledge to suit your practical needs. Very often those with high qualifications in computer science are unable to gain success as a web developer as they are unable to apply what they have learnt. Initially going so might be a challenging task for you, but over time if you keep practicing and keep persevering you will surely be able to become successful in this field.

8. Where can you seek employment as a web developer?

If freelancing is not something that interests you there are a number of organizations who will be happy to have a skilled professional like you on board. You can seek a government job if you want to, or on the contrary if you think that you would do well in the corporate sector then you could send in your résumé there. The world is your oyster with this career path so you should not think of limiting yourself rather go ahead and explore.

9. Assign yourself a project to test what you have learnt:

Being self taught is the best option for any web developer. Once you think that you have acquainted yourself at least to some degree about the basics of coding, then what you can do is set yourself a project to find out how much you have been able to learn and whether or not you are able to implement as well as recall all that you have learnt. To help yourself along the way you must ensure that you are driven and have motivation that will encourage you to keep working hard.

10. Keep a close eye on progress which you are able to make:

As a web developer you have to ensure that with each passing day you keep improving on your web developer skills and trying your best to become better and better. So just as is done by scientists as well as researchers, you too can try maintaining a log book so as to help you track your progress after a significant period of time. In addition to being able to track your progress a log book helps you to know what are the different things which you have tried out and which of these procedures have been a success as well as which have ended in failure.

11. Have some basic graphic designing skills to give you a competitive edge:


graphic designing skills

Though needless to say that graphic designing is completely a different career path in itself, yet as a web developer if you have some of the basic skills of a graphic designer you will be given an edge over your other contemporaries. It is always good to have some skills that will set you apart from the rest. Acquiring these basic skills will help you in the long run especially if you are freelancing and cannot afford to hire an additional person to work for you.

12. Make an online portfolio to showcase your work:

When applying for a job as a web developer, no interviewer will pay much attention to your resume. Rather he or she will employ you based on whether or not you will prove to be an asset to the company. A great way to show case your incredible ability would be to have an online portfolio that is appealing and shows exactly just how able you are. By doing this not only will you be able to get clients but it will also be a great way to show the interviewer what all you can bring to the table once employed.

13. Freelancing is a good option as well:

If working in a company is not something which goes down well with you, then what you can try your hand at is freelancing. Freelancing is a good, yet a tough alternative that requires you to put in a lot of hard work and look into a number of things rather than focusing your entire attention solely on your work. However if this is something which seems like a good alternative to you, then you should not shy away from trying your hand at it. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks.

14. Understanding the market is important:

Web developers or web programmers are those individuals, whose main function is to bring about the advancement as well as the improvement of the World Wide Web as well as distributing network applications. However besides being involved in your own job and functions it will greatly benefit you to know about how business in general runs and know where your work comes into play. The secret to being a good developer is knowing what the users want trying your best to keep them happy.

15. Develop on your drawing skills to help you save time and effort:

drawing skills

It is only after carefully understanding what your clients or seniors have said to you that you can embark on the project. Being a web developer is no easy job, So rather than having them criticize your work after it is complete or them telling you various changes which you ought to make, one thing which you can do to save time and effort, is to improve your drawing skills and quickly sketch out on paper what you have understood to ensure that it is in keeping with what has been said.

16. Be prepared for hours on the computer:

So thrive in any career path you have to ensure that you love what you are doing and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to take ahead. A basic thing about being a web developer is that you should be ready and willing to spend long hours on the computer so as to complete your projects. If the idea of sitting still for long or even sitting in front of the computer for long is something which you cannot stand to bear, then maybe this is not the career path for you.

17. Get as creative as you can:

It is only once you have mastered the basics of becoming a web developer that you can go on to become creative and play around with the rules. Being creative is a characteristic as well as a gift which not everyone has, so if you are luckily enough to be blessed with it , then do not take it for granted and do not waste it, rather put it to some positive use and let it serve as the secret weapon for you through which you are able to attract a lot of eyeballs as well as clients and then get ahead in your career.

18. Do not seek isolation:

A big mistake which many in this field make is that they seek isolation. However while isolating yourself from the world at large might work for some, it seldom works for others. You should never stick to any stereotypes; rather do what comes naturally to you as well as what feels right. Working with a team will really help you get new idea from your peers as well as teach you to look like a problem from various points of view. Going out to explore new possibilities will really broaden your horizons.

So these are some of the things you can start of to really kick start your career as a web page developer. Once you follow these steps carefully you are bound to have an edge over your contemporaries. It is of paramount importance to remember that, as mentioned above this is a competitive career path, yet there is a lot of competition involved. If you do not bring your A game at all times, chances are that you might not be able to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty first century business world.