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How to Become a Good Android Developer?


Mobile applications more in number has popped up and people make use of such applications for various activities in their day to day life. People across the globe are linked in a more interesting and innovating way by making use of these apps. In that aspect mobile application development has been estimated as the best computer job due to its enhanced growth. As the growth of Android developers are in high demand in the emerging market, it is mandatory for an android app developer to be skilled and expert in the field. Let’s glimpse through a few tips on how to become an android developer.

become good android developerTips to Become an Android Developer from Scratch:

1. Basic programming language knowledge:

To excel as a good android developer, knowledge of basic programming language like Java and XML is mandatory. Java is considered as the basic programming language for Android app development, in that manner effective java can be a perfect choice and help you a lot in development. Knowledge from these areas are perfect choice as they help you learn easier and faster the concepts of app development.

2. Tools to be used:

There are many android development tools that can be used during  development such as Git, Eclipse, Android studio, Gradle and more. For developers who choose to use eclipse can develop and set up a project in that IDE. The developers can also read the tutorials available in order to carry on their development with eclipse. With Git tools code can be put under version control and back up in cloud irrespective of the place. With Gradle the built in systems as well as the capacities can be found. Application flavors and dependencies can be the source for top developers. Running through a detailed study of these android developer tools from various online sources and tutorials can be the right choice.

3. Design details to be focused:

To present as a good android developer, design details are something to be focused on rather than coding. There are a number of challenges and issues an android apps developer faces which elevates their perspective as they start looking into new aspects. To become a best developer concentrating on UI/UX android app design details is important and also offers a good picture of the development process. Design patterns, design in action, android niceties, material design can be useful ones to develop android apps.

4. Android libraries:

It is usual that any software developer pops up with issues. This is where libraries are brought to the scenario. Libraries are ones which are used for reuse of code, and also help in generalization of the process and boost the development process. Updating with knowledge of libraries is a perfect way to shape into a good android developer.

5. Sources for android knowledge:

android knowledgeA good developer should update with the latest stuff in the android world and also read through the various sources available online. A few sources available for enthusiastic android developers are developers android which is one of google’s official android development page. App development and required sources can be obtained in this site. Complex stuff and rich android resources required for app development can be found on treehouse which is a subscription based program. In the same manner Udemy is another android developer course for app development. Android developers should be well versed in all these sources and also other sources available online.

6. Programming languages to be known:

To become a successful android developer, there are a few android programming language, the developer should be well versed in.


To be a successful android developer the individual should be well-versed in java programming language. Concepts such as variables, loops, control structures, lists should be well-known. Being the hot and most demanded programming language, skilled in Java can be an added advantage to become a good android developer.


SQL is another important database the developer needs to be well-versed in. Organizing data within the android apps is mandatory which in turn requires the developer to be skilled in SQL database.


XML is used by developers for describing data, to be a successful android developer, the XML syntax are very useful as they perform tasks like parsing data feeds, designing user interface and more.

7. Education not important:

It isn’t mandatory for developers to get graduated from IT in order to become a successful coder. It is abundant knowledge and skills in coding required developing into a good android developer. Knowledge is available all through the internet where developers require just interest to become a good developer.

8. Patience:

Coding is something which fails often and the developer needs lot of patience. A developer writes and code and spends most of his time making it work.

9. Frequent phone user:

frequent phone userTo be a good developer especially android developer for developing mobile apps, it is vital for the developer to be well-versed with mobile phones and gets to know the coolest latest apps that are released. It would be a perfect practice to know and use them which can be a starting point for various other mobile app developments.

10. Collaboration:

To become good android developer, collaboration is one main aspect to be possessed by the developer. Putting heads together with marketers, designers, and other higher management colleagues is usual in android development. To rectify any mistakes and also excel in android development, the developer needs to accept feedback, get along with coworkers and also combine with other developers for developing fresh new apps. Along with this contributing more of hard work can make a developer the best android developer.

11. Enthusiasm:

Almost all developers are subjected to lifelong learning process for their development. When you take a deep look at the mobile apps, the advancement is rapid and interesting which include auto apps, wearables, TV apps and more. Android developers should keep themselves updated on the latest android technology and development and practices that take place in the industry. To become a good android developer investigating, exploring, probing questions and playing around is required.

12. Work with a mentor:

To excel as a perfect android developer it is vital to get to a team where you have someone who is well-versed than you in development. It doesn’t matter if you possess years of experience, developing is a constant learning process and learning from someone skilled than you can help you know more aspects.

13. Team up:

Mobile developers usually work alone as the android projects are small and don’t require a team. Some people like to work alone, but it would be good to team up as a number of aspects can be learned and working can be fun and interesting. By this way one can surely get to become a good android developer.

14. Using GIT:

using gitIn any company or project the developer works on GIT version control. It could be tough to master and excel in GIT, so making the maximum use and working efficiently in GIT can be the best way to become a good android developer.

15. Work to be the best:

There is nothing mentioned as the best development process, as it is involved in every process or project one does. Put on real hard work and work on well in your team, also make sure that the process does not over rule you and make sure that the process organizes you well.

16. Online assistance:

To become a good android developer, budding developers can seek the help of online services and many sites which offer abundant knowledge about android development and apps development. There are sites which teach the ins and outs of android and open platform is available for enthusiastic developers to code their knowledge. In that aspect for ones who desire to learn android app programming and development, sites are available which introduce you to screen configuration and sizes, android studio and android development environment, designing of user interfaces, intents, activity classes, fragments and permissions. With all these google official android development site is the source to initiate android development.

17. Working with interest:

Android developers jobs are of high demand and the developers are paid high amount. Ones who are interested in coding can opt for android development jobs. Only interested developers can excel and become good android developers instead of joining the job for money sake.

These are a few tips to excel and elevate high as a good android developer or on how to become an android developer. The latest skills and developments in the android world is amazing and developers have a good chance to grasp and learn a lot in android development. Android developers can excel and prove themselves good by following all the tips mentioned above and gaining an enhanced knowledge in their field. With the high demand and prominence for android developers, skilled and good android developers are picked based on their knowledge and are paid high amount in the industry. Hard work and dedication on android platform can present a developer as a good android developer.