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20 Nasty Interview Questions and How to answer them


Facing an interview is not as easy as it seems to be. Sometimes it may get the best out of a person or it may lead to the opposite. There are many qualities which lead to successful interview.

But the most important quality every person should have is ability to think under pressure. To put in easy words, critical reasoning is must have to face interview.nasty interview questions

Sometimes the basic questions will turn out to be the tricky ones. And importantly, few questions put forward might look weird or nasty.

But they are the ones which tests our capability to handle situations, decision making, reasoning ability, etc.

Tricky Nasty Questions and the Real Reason Behind Them:

1. Work Ethics:

This is very important quality which every interviewer would analyze and expect. Question may shoot up in many forms.

But the basic question which is generally asked is “are you honest in real life” This question need not be answered to explain your honesty by your actions or you don’t have to give examples for your honesty.

Be precise and explain your opinion about what honesty means to you. This would indirectly explain your capability and integrity in maintaining work ethics and integrity.

2. Sensible Reasoning:

Sometimes there might be questions which tests how sensible are you in approaching and taking things. Questions may be like “do you believe in luck?

This question does not need sugar coated answers like luck means getting into your company or luck is very important to get chances in life.

Be sensible in your answer. Explain how to use opportunities even when things are not favourable. This would indirectly explain how you face your difficult times in office.

3. Residue Reasoning:

Few questions which are put forward to you do not have any specific answer or does not have any conclusion.

For example, “what is the colour of the money you think according to you?” This question might sound very silly but it can really derive the knowledge of a person whether he or she is able to differentiate between logical and non logical questions.

Answer would be logical only if the person understands and points out the currency originated place, and also who points out that money is just a concept.

4. Analyzing the follow of answers systematically:

Sometimes an interviewer might want to see how systematically you deal problems and how easily you derive a solution.

Questions might be put up like “explain the procedures in wearing a seat belt while driving and benefits”. This might look as a odd question but through this they will be able to find how you bring an systematic approach to all activities.

5. Knowing about your temperament:

venting out anger There will be times where an interviewer will want the employee to be patient and handle bad times in the office. They expect every employee to maintain a proper environment in the office.

To test this quality, they may put up questions like “what will you do generally when you get angry?

Through this question an interviewer will try to know you temperament. Be clear about explaining what anger means to you and how you handle anger in times. Never explain a real life example to show how anger is your weakness.

6. Ability to adapt you in any place:

Adaptability is a very essential quality which will be expected commonly from all employers.

To test your adaptability they might shoot questions like “how do you feel when you work for a person who is younger to you?” , for this they might not expect you to explain real life scenario given to you but they will expect you to define your adaptability in that circumstance.

7. Testing your emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence plays a very important role in workplace. It is very important to handle people and maintain a cordial relationship. This would be tested by the interviewer during interviews.

They may put up questions like “will you marry me? or will you accept my proposal? ” etc. This question indirectly means how you handle your emotions in workspace.

Try making them understand that your mindset is not ready now to take up a part of life in workspace. Never try to answer it in a funny way.

8. Butterfly logic:

Offensive arguments are unavoidable in workspace. Maintaining a healthy argument is very necessary during discussions.

To test this quality, they might put up questions like “you don’t deserve the score card you scored in your graduation, what is your opinion?” During such times it is very much needed to answer it sensible and calmly.

9. Testing your confidence level:

confidence level Self confidence is very important to carry a personality. Never over do your character or lose your confidence in tough situations.

To check your potential or confidence in you they might shoot situations like “tell me your greatest weakness you feel?”  For such questions please be clear and explain how you manage yourself at times when you are weak .

10. Sincerity:

This is very important for every interviewer. Initially, any interviewer who takes up an interview is ready to invest some amount of money, time in each personality.

So they expect an interviewee to be loyal and honest at least to some extent.

Question might be like “suppose you are given a chance to fly abroad for studies by us before your first project, will you agree or stay back?”. This should be answered in a honest way.

11. Handling pressure:

Every day in your office might not be the same. It might have ups and downs. There might be situations where you got to multitask and maintain time limit.

So you will be ultimately put up in pressure. This will be surly tested how efficiently you take up pressure. To test this they might ask” One fine day if I kick you out of the company for certain reasons, what will you expect us to give along with you when you leave?”

This question will surely bring your temper up but it is very much needed to handle politely or at least in a calm tone. You can answer telling them about your learning in that respective firm or just thank them for the opportunity. It will leave a good impression on you.

12. Unreasonable questions:

Sometimes the interviewer may ask hypothetical questions which do not have any reason behind it. But it might have few reasons like testing your quickness in grasping the question.

Smart answers are what they expect instead of reverting, telling you don’t know or you don’t understand.

For example, they might ask “what games did you play in your childhood?” or “how would rate your life so far “. These questions might sound crazy but it will surely examine your ability to quickly answer and also your smartness.

Best answer would be your own because they don’t have any idea what you are as a person. Please remember to maintain sensible answers than playful ones.

13. Command over the language:

Most of the interviewers expect good communication skills. So they test the language by asking the interviewee to brief the answers.

It may be like “tell me your life from kindergarten”. This question only needs a beautiful description in a good language. Hence, they put these kinds of questions.

14. Self introspection:

Most of the interviewers always will like to know the image you have on you. It is important to them because the person who carries them will surely carry the work assigned better.

They will try to know like asking questions like “How you want your colleagues to describe you in office?”. This question might sound silly, but the truth is they wanted to know how you respect yourself.

15. Testing Loyalty:

testing loyalty Every company wants to know whether the recruited person would stay in the company being loyal. They even understand that on better offers people leave the company. But still they wanted to test the loyalty for coming long way to recruit them.

Questions may be like “if you were gifted higher pay by famous company would you take that job over this one?” Please be clear to prove that you are trustworthy.

16. Intervening in personal matters:

Few interviewers might try to guess your personal matters. Sometimes they ask these types of questions just to know whether you will retain in the firm without any problems.

Questions might be like “how your partner like you working out of the house , is he okay?” Try not losing your temper and answer it in a very sensible way.

17. Trying to knock types of questions:

During interviews there are times they might try to pull your shoes. Never lose patience. It is just to know whether how well you will handle people well in a polite way.

They might shoot up questions like “Before you start working with us in few days, would you consider shaving off your beard?”

It is truly understandable that people might lose patience by these types of questions. But is advisable it handle it in a cool way.

18. Never panic in front:

It is very natural to get panic when you hear people telling negative about the work environment.

Everyone on the earth has their own imaginations and style of living. It is advisable to not get panic about others opinion.

Sometimes to just know you better they might ask like “the previous employee left the office because of high stress in work and low pay scale – are you fine with that?”

Try understanding, things differ from every person’s view and answer accordingly.

19. Testing your relationship in previous office:

Interviewers will always want to be on safer side and to always have well behaved person in their firm.

They never want to have a skilled personality with bad temper. Hence they will try to judge you.

They might ask questions like “I know your boss, we studied together .Will you mind if I ask him about you and your qualifications ?”

This question is just to know whether you are in good conduct with the previous employee.

20. Ready to accept mindset:

mindset Even though recruiters know people work for money they don’t want employees to run behind money.

They might test your ready to learn mindset than running behind money. They might examine you with questions like “So, what salary do you expect if I offer you a job?

Try to explain your interest in work and also the pay scale expectation from them.

Overall, getting a job is not as tedious as we think. It is just the right mindset with good skills which takes us higher in our career. Follow right etiquettes, attain good position and cherish success.