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Multitasking on Resume: Reasons you should Avoid


Multitasking is the process of doing more than one thing at a time. This seems really good, as the one who can do multitasking is considered a jack of all trades. But, every time it is not considered positive and appreciated, especially when it comes to applying for jobs. When you apply for a job, you tend to prepare your resume. When you prepare, make sure you do not add multitasking on resume.

The reasons you should avoid mentioning multitasking on resume reflects the negative traits of the person and also due to many other factors, it should be avoidable:

multitasking on resume

Why you Should Never Put Multitasking Skill on Your Resume?

1. It says that you are not focused:

When you work for more than one thing at a time, you are not able to focus your concentration on one aspect. Rather you try to stand one foot in two boats which leads you nowhere.

The companies demand for those employees who are talented though but focussed or say specialized in one thing so that they could give their best. So, for this reason, it is advisable not to multitask your resume.

2. Quality of work is affected:

When you put your hands on everything at once, then it won’t be possible for you to focus your brain on any task. When no task is being focused, then how is it possible to give the best shot at work? It is absolutely not possible.

So, even if you know many things and you can handle it well, do not mention it in the resume rather better to show it at work.

3. It confuses the reader:

Mentioning that you are good at handling many things at a single time, it’s fine, but it actually confuses the reader to the extent that he or she may think that if you can do everything then what is that one thing which you can do it in a perfect manner.

But because it is obvious that if your brain is working on multiple things and not concentrating on one, you will end up with doing nothing in a better manner. So, this way the reader may get confused and you may get a red signal for the recruitment.

4. You are not serious and accepts what comes your way:

There is no denying the fact that multitaskers are extremely talented but also at the same time, it confuses the other individual. Not just the other individual but also the interview panel may think that you are not serious in life about what and where you want to settle.

You accept what comes your way without being focused on one particular genre. So, before such an impression is created for anyone by reading your resume, it is advisable not to do multitasking on the resume.

5. Multitasking limits just to thinking but not implementing:

You never know what the person adjacent to you may think. So, do not give anyone a chance to have a doubt in what you say through your resume. The multitasking thing creates doubt in one’s mind and also limits just to thinking process and not implementing.

This is because the interviewer would not have known you personally so that he accepts what you say is true to your knowledge. So, it is better not to take any risk and just limit your resume with some great and specialized stream.

6. Not just resume but also affects your health:

When you do multitasking, it affects your health too. Like the stress hormones like adrenaline are released which have more negative effects on the health in the long term and can also lead to short term memory loss.

So, this is not just a matter of resume, but also your health should not be taken for granted. Both ways, it will be affecting you. So, it is better to be on the safer side of the situation.

7. You may get confused during the interview:

When you are being interviewed, you will be asked a number of queries. So, it is possible for you to get confused about what all you have written and what not. This is possible because at times out of interview anxiety or say nervousness you may forget what you have written in the resume.

But if you are focused towards just one thing, then, it will not be difficult for you to answer any query. You will be confident and also will not get bewildered.

8. The employees move back and forth in the work:

Multitasking is more of a hectic schedule than the smooth working in the organization. This is due to the fact that the employee will have to go here and there, back and forth, keeping a sharp eye on everything side by side. This running of mind here and there makes the schedule very hectic and ultimately affects the output of the work.

9. Long working hours required to work:

When you have to work on many things at a time, it means it is not necessary that you will complete all the things within the deadline. Of course, it goes the same with the concept of specialization, but the reason bends more towards the former one.

So, once you are done with one work, you might have another set to accomplish. So, it is better to make your life easier and not complicate it yourself.

10. It may show that you are just increasing length of the matter:

Some people make this mistake of writing as many things as they can do into the resume, thinking it would make an impression. But this is certainly not the case.

When you write multiple things, you may create an impression of increasing length of the matter in the resume so that the interviewer thinks you are more experienced and knowledgeable than others, but this does not happen at all. The people examining you are smarter than you and obviously not the fools. So, kindly do not opt for the idea of multitasking.

11. Lengthy resume is often rejected:

You are also aware of the fact that when you get a lengthy message, you opt to ignore it. Similar thing happens with many other people, even if they are professionals who demand the exact i.e to the point thing.

Whether you are speaking or writing, beating about the bush will not do any good. If you will beat about the bust of your multitasking, you may lose the golden chance of getting your dream job.

12. Be crisp and highlight only one thing:

While you present a resume, make sure you write crisp matter, what have you done so far, what you are aiming to do and also about your qualifications and experience. Highlight the main factor and let it be short and self-explanatory.

13. Less chances of growth in a company:

Although every company need the employees who can multitask, yet no one wants those either who deliver nothing in the name of multitasking at the end of the day. So, if you say you can multitask, you must also prove which is actually difficult.

So, it is better not to stop your own growth in the company. Go before the one dream, try to fulfill it and accomplish it with great focus and attention. As dreams have its own importance

14. Sometimes you may fail to prove yourself:

See, it is absolutely good to be extrovert but make sure you keep it to yourself and once you get selected in the interview, you show your talent in the work. Do not mention it purposefully in the resume because it will raise a number of questions in the mind of the interviewer and you may fail to answer at the very moment.

So, if you feel that you will not get bewildered during the question answers round, then go for it. But if you feel like getting confused and losing the job opportunity for a lifetime, then better to drop the idea of multitasking the resume.

15. Shows you will not stick to one company for very long:

The companies look at every aspect of the applicant before providing the job. So, when you pen down that you are jack of all trades, the company may have doubt and indeed it portrays that you probably will not stick to one company for very long, as you know many number of things. This way the trust factor is not generated and you lose the golden chance of getting enrolled.

16. Over exaggeration of the qualities:

The interviewer may think that you are just exaggerating your qualities. It is like self-praise is of no recommendation. So, do not create such a situation or you will have to say goodbye to the job.

Also, if you are a fresh pass out, then certainly do not do multitasking as you are a newcomer into the market and what you write will simply not be true.

17. It seems really fake unless you prove it the way you wrote:

Explaining about your qualities is good and appreciable but you know what, when you pen it down on a piece of paper and it is just inked; it seems fake and unreal. When you are going for an interview, you don’t have to make yourself or your resume look fake and unreal.

The resume should match your qualities. Not everyone is multi-talented and can do multitasking, so, it is better to be one-liner instead of filling up pages in the resume, in wake of making an impression on others.

18. It is not possible for everyone:

Being multi-talented is possible but it certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea to do multitasking at a time. So, if you know that you are not one of those who can handle lots of work at a time, do not even mention it in the resume.

This is because once you write anything on your resume, it becomes your identity before you utter any word.

So, it is better to write what experience do you have and in which stream you have an interest.

19. It shows you want to take the burden and yet deliver the best results:

Multitasking on your resume is like you are ready to take the workload and yet promise to deliver the best results. This is exactly what the manager of the company desires from every employee.

But make sure what you say goes as per your wording. Otherwise, it will make an opposite effect and also it can take a heavy toll on your image that you wish to build.

20. It confuses the recruiter too:

The recruiter may also get confused to which position he or she should recruit you. So, this should not happen during the interview. You must not be responsible for making the recruiting managers wonder what you want from them.

So, it is better to write in a simple manner about the one specialized field that you have to work or you are working somewhere. This would be better and safe. After all you need a job. Do not take a risk, instead be on the safer side or you may lose the chance.

21. You will have to describe the time band also:

When you write about doing maximum things at a time, you must also clear about the time you take in accomplishing the task you take. This is necessary because if you take three to four days in doing one thing, then it is possible for anyone do multitasking by giving the late work.


So, above are some of the points which explain clearly why you should avoid multitasking in the resume and adopt for specialization in the resume. No one can say that multitasking is wrong, but surely you should adopt it according to the situation. One must see the requirement of the time and then work as per the needs.