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18 Top Rules for Quitting your Job: Resignation Tips


Quitting your job is not the same these days. Most people leave their jobs when they find something better. Some people leave when they feel like they need to follow their dreams and not do what they are doing now.

Young people have all kinds of expectations for work than those who are of older generations. A job that you do today will feed the ego and soul of a person or their family. It is no surprise that you might have to quit job in order to find one that will make you happy. And in this post, we are going to help you do exactly that. Keep reading to find out!

quitting your job tips

Quitting Your Job? Read This First:

Here are a few tips on how to quit your job and things to do before you quit your job.

1. Talk to your boss about it:

If you want to quit your job in a graceful manner, the first and most important thing you must do is speak to your boss first. You must inform or tell the person that it is your decision of leaving you job and that you have reasons for doing this.

What you must remember that resignations are a very delicate matter. They should not be handled carelessly. You must remember to have a face to face conversation with your boss instead of sending them a mail or speaking on the telephone.

Never let your co workers know from beforehand. Your boss wouldn’t like to hear about it from other people. This would be the best way to quit a job.

2. Get ready for a counteroffer:

You might receive a counteroffer in case you announce that you are about to leave the job for another one and it could help you consider this possibility so that you can advance. In cases like these, ask yourself one question.

Would an increase in the salary or some kind of promotion help? Can it help you stay? Don’t think it will be easy to answer such questions. I actually know a client who worked as a marketing manager in an office and accepted a counteroffer in the form of a grudge which actually got her promoted with a good increase in the salary.

But she left the job six months after known that she still had bitter feelings on five years of no recognition.

3. Let them know from beforehand:

You should never ever leave office or resign job  without any notice. Quitting your job without notice is considered very unprofessional. Every company has a different resignation policy. You must keep up with that no matter what your reasons to quit a job are.

Have a good idea of what works in your office and what doesn’t. Otherwise two weeks of notice is usually considered standard. If you were asked by someone to stay for a longer period of time, you could even consider offering another extra week to them.

One week notice is generous if you have already made your decision.

4. Follow the codes of conduct:

If there have been any company files or property matter that you have at the moment and don’t really need them, please do return them to your boss. If you have been asked to sign some agreement, read it carefully before doing so.

If you are expected to keep some private conversations and information regarding the company to yourself, then you should go ahead and do that. In the competitive economy that we live now, it is important for us to remember things like these, especially if we are resigning from our post.

5. Meet the expectations of your company:

There are times when some people accept offers, give a certain kind of notice and think that it is enough time for any office to stay aware. If you slack off during the last few weeks of the job, it will not only destroy the goodwill of the company but also ruin your chances of landing the job.

You may actually need to put even more effort after resigning so that you can balance the duties with passing the baton to the replacement. Do all that you can to prepare your successor so that you leave the company with a good impression.

6. Never talk bad about any of your employees:

Now this is something you have to be mindful of. When you are speaking to someone at your home about it, it is a different thing altogether but office is one location where you should never trash talk the employees in any public platform or anywhere else once you have resigned.

This also means that no nasty comments should be given to the person on the net or anywhere else. You don’t have to miss your employers either. It actually is quite easy to trace a few anonymous comments. So be mindful of that.

7. Keep exit interviewers in mind:

Even though exit interviewers are expected to be kept confidential and anonymous, they hardly ever are. It hardly takes much sleuthing to join the dots for senior managers and executives when an employee who is departing makes such comments about ones style of management.

Moreover, all exit interviewers are conducted by juniors belonging to HR departments who could be less knowledgeable regarding all etiquette’s and rules.

8. Stay in touch with the other colleagues:

Also remember to keep in touch with some of your colleagues. Just because you have left your job, it doesn’t mean that you should give up on talking to them entirely. Do speak to them, do make time for them and maintain cordial relationships.

They will definitely help you a lot with your future ventures. I have worked with so many people in the past and now we are all working the same company again. If I hadn’t done so, it would be hard for me to survive in the new company.

9. Leave before things get worse:

One of my friends left her job as an accountant quite recently. She claimed she was quite good when it came to leaving jobs amicably. Not only that, she also mentioned that she actually hit the point once where she was going to begin acting out.

Just like my friend, you need to have a good idea about yourself and how you are at the moment feeling about the job and that you must never allow your emotions to control you.

10. Be the one to make the first step:

The first person who should tell about leaving is your boss. There is no reason to tell others about it. Your boss will feel bad if he got to find that out from another person. Also if you get your story right and are able to say the same, then it will be much easier for you to give notice at work for leaving the job.

Also alongside, you must explore your options and try freelancing that will improve your career and its vision.

11. Leave room for options:

In case you have worked very hard and got great results, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to join later when the company has changed and so have its people. Now that you have started to advance in your career and have laid all your roots down, several companies will get smaller.

So make sure you are not shutting all doors in a definite manner. Experts say that it is quite tempting at times to talk about the ones you have worked with in the past, but refrain from doing so because you never know when it may come back.

12. Know that there will be a shift:

The minute you decide to leave notice to quit your job, you will go from becoming your boss’s junior to his equivalent. After all, the job is no longer yours and you are in no way answerable to him.

At this point, any other kind of work that you do for your boss is something you do out of kindness or as a formality. This is one change you will definitely see when you are working. So be ready for that!

13. Do not go to a competitor directly:

Unless you do belong to any field of any specialty where you are unable to step outside a small sphere of business that is competitive in nature, you must remember to avoid jumping to a competitor company. Otherwise you may end up creating ethical and legal concerns.

14. Do not ever quit because you are angry:

In case you are very angry and feel like leaving the job immediately, then we would request you to think twice. I had once done the same and regretted a lot later on. You should never make such foolish mistakes.

At least about your job, be very careful. Never allow your emotions to come in the middle of your professional life. It could really take away your happiness forever.

15. Don’t stay away from the expiry date at all:

It is actually quite rare for some people who are quite unhappy to do a good job as they think they are only performing. I have stayed in some jobs for long till I have been fired when I easily could have left the job in a graceful and amicable manner.

When you finally realize, the situation is not salvageable, you should plan the future steps accordingly.

16. Know how to explain the scenario to your boss the right way:

This might be a difficult task to accomplish but it could really help you out a lot. Once you have told your boss that you would like to leave, you have to make sure the conversation you have with him is an honest one.

Your boss must know why you aren’t interested in continuing. Talk about how much you need a mental break and would like to pursue other projects. Try to make your boss think in such a way that he would like to let you go instead of watching you quit.

If you are near your boss in any way, he could offer to allow you to leave knowing that it may help your current scenario at the work place.

17. Draft your resignation letter as soon as possible:

Before you resign, always prepare your resignation letter from beforehand. It could really help you in a lot of ways. The letter is highly important as it describes your intention of wanting to leave the job. Know the basic style of writing a letter as well.

If you know a friend who has resigned before, ask them for help while writing the resignation. That can definitely help you draft a good one in the future.

18. When your time at work has come to an end, speak politely and leave:

There is no need to get all dramatic and worked up about the whole thing. You don’t have to throw away all your belongings into some box and just storm out. Instead, just take some time to say goodbye to your boss, to speak to them and the co-workers and tell them that you will speak to them in the near future when you are settled with a different job.

You could send a goodbye mail to all your co workers giving your contact to them and say that you would like to hang out soon. Don’t leave them with any negative comment that you might regret in the near future.


With that, we would like to bring the post to a close. If you have enjoyed reading the article and have found some help from it, do let us know in the comment box below.

Always remember that deciding to quitting a job might be the easy part but if you want to leave your job in a graceful manner, you have to make a note of all these best ways to quit your job and execute them accordingly.

On that note, good luck and make sure to share the article with all your friends.