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List of Top 15 Hot Jobs That Pay $80K or More


Dreaming about better and luxurious life is a common thing that each and every human being admire in their life. Jobs that pay $80K per year can be considered as good paying job by any stretch of the imagination.

Being comfortable with one’s work and earning well along with that, is a kind of job which people admire in their life. There are two kinds of job profiles available to all career oriented people.

The first type of job profile can be stated as a low level job which comes with an average salary and other benefits and another type of job profile is a kind of job which people dream about having and living a luxurious life.

Hot Jobs That Pay $80K

Awesome Jobs That Pay $80k to $100k:

There are several types of job profiles which can be considered as a hot job type with amazing salary benefits. And below there is a list of job profiles which comes with salaried benefits more than $80K.

1. Art Director:

It is one of those types of job which is mainly concerned with most of the creative stuff. The job of an art director involves all sorts of creative and professional artwork. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the work profile of all those art directors who earns an average amount of $95,500 on a monthly basis.

Moreover, along with such amount of monthly salary a person would love to continue as an art director as most of the work involves creative efforts.

2. Business Operations Manager:

One of the most ambitious job profiles that one can have in their professional life. Moreover, these business operations managers obtain a monthly salary of $114,490. The main workability of the business operations managers is that they need to possess such level skill required to complete their task.

It is a common thing that the business operations manager needs to obtain some level of work experience in their field of work so that the company can handle uncertain events confidently.

3. Civil Engineer:

Working as a civil engineer is a responsibility which holds all the construction and designing work. It is one of the growing and consistent field of work which takes all the matters of construction seriously. And on an average these civil engineers receive a monthly salary of $82,710 for their engineering work.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand that all the factors of duties and responsibilities a civil engineer holds is equal to the work of any other engineering field.

4. Computer System analyst:

As most of the other field of work involved, a person working as a computer system analyst has to maintain a working relationship in matters of their software and hardware elements of the computer.

As the name of the field suggest, the people working as a computer system analyst need to be a computer geek in all terms of work and who also get paid on an average of $82,320 on a monthly basis which keep growing in relation with their work experience as a computer system analyst.

5. Financial Analysts:

In terms of the recent research involved, the financial analysts working ability involves all sorts of investment and financial instrument details.

And according to that research material it emphasizes that the financial analysts currently owns up to the working nature of the financial instruments, data, economic trends and many more investment opportunities.

Moreover, when it comes to earning levels, a good financial analyst earns more than $87,740 on a monthly basis without any extra expenses.

6. Financial manager:

Similar to the work of financial analyst, the financial manger monitors all the working schemes and natures of financial analysts. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand that there is no such kind of difference in the work of the financial analyst and the financial manager.

A manager is a person who takes care of the responsibilities of every working department under their command of work. And for that kind of task the company pays a salary of $120,450 of monthly reward to these financial managers.

7. Lawyers:

People who are involved in the working nature of a lawyer brings in all the legal and governmental advantage in their field of work. It is one of the prestigious work that builds some sort of reputation and security in the legal field of work.

Moreover, these lawyers receive a salary of $130,490 of amount on a monthly basis as receipt of their expenses and benefits.

And that is why studying law can turn their professional career in a completely secured career option.

8. Management analysts:

A management analyst is a person who manages all the working details of the management and their skills.

When the nature of working as a financial analyst and the management analyst is compared, then the bottom line of the results can state that these two fields of work satisfies all the organizational requirement to be successful in their business by earning more profit for the sake of the company growth and development.

And these management analysts receive a salary of $87,980 for their efforts in the company.

9. Marketing manager:

When it comes to company development, every company requires departmental work such as financial manager, accounts manager and marketing manager. As it has been explained that each and every field and department of work involves most of their concerned work which takes part in the company profit and growth.

Similarly the marketing manager is a kind of that part which participates in the company development in terms of advertising. And for these types of marketing work the company provides a salary of $116,060 for their monthly task completion.

10. Pharmacist:

The work of pharmacists takes all the responsibility of the health and medicine related elements. Therefore, these pharmacists receive a salary of $112,160 for their service as a pharmacist.

These pharmacists handles all the tasks elated to the patients’ health and wellness. And that is why these pharmacists are provided with the highest level of respect and responsibility in their field of work.

Moreover, the service provided by these pharmacist is counted as a main thing as compared to the rest of the work in the service field.

11. Sales Manager:

The work and job description of a sales manager involves all the selling of the product. The company earns a profit margin with the help of these sales managers. These sales managers are also benefited for the commission as part of their efforts and hard work in terms of their work in the company profit.

And they are eligible for the salary of $116,890 on a monthly basis, which is a big deal for them. Therefore, these sales managers create their own zone of skills related to their target provided.

12. Web developer:

It is one of the information technology based task. The web developer is a person who takes responsibility of the working related to the web based materials. A good web developer receive a salary of $81,670 on a monthly basis, which is purely justifiable for the work they deliver.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the nature of work involved in the job description of a web developer understands all the elements of working internet.

13. Dentist:

The dentists handles all the dental related issues in different age group of people. The dentist doesn’t require to be limited for the purpose of a certain age group of people. These dentists also involve themselves in the research of all the dental remedies and solution with an easy and quick effect.

Moreover, these dentists receive a salary of $142,740 on a monthly basis, which is completely understandable in terms of their work.

14. Physician:

The nature of work involved in the field of the physician takes all sorts of responsibilities of the pharmacists and other related areas. These physicians consider working on 24 hour basis, which is because their field involves increased levels of emergency.

Moreover, each and every physician receive a salary of $183,170 on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is quite understandable about the working elements of the physician as people encounter physical requirements on a daily basis.

15. Veterinarian:

In a common language a veterinarian is suggested as an animal doctor, who takes care of all the issues related to animals. They are called as an animal doctor because they treat all the animal sickness and also take care of animal hygiene and health. Moreover, all the veterinarian receives a salary of $82,900 for their work delivered as a veterinarian.

The bottom line is that this discussion over the hot jobs that pay $80K and more comes with a responsibility which requires education and experience in the field of work. Therefore, all the readers interested in learning something new about these hot jobs which provides better benefits, they need to follow and understand all the above mentioned job profiles for the purpose of their better future.