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How to Keep your Mind Sharp at Work: 23 Best Ways


A strong memory solely depends on the vitality and health of the brain. If you’re a working professional who wanted to achieve all aspects, a student who prepare for exams, or a senior, there are a number of things which can be done to keep your mind sharp. A sharp mind can be helpful in figuring out situations in a more effective way and make an appropriate decision.

Physical exercise is mandatory to keep your muscles and heart to stay strong, in the same manner, mental exercise is mandatory to keep your brain sharp and avoid poor memory. There are abundant games, exercises techniques to be followed in order to keep your mind sharp at work. Let’s glimpse through a few aspects which present how to keep brain sharp at work.

keep your mind sharp

Causes of Poor Memory:

We live in a world of conveniences which has its own drawbacks. The mobile phone memory is one aspect which avoids us remembering phone numbers, birthdays of friends and relatives. The usage of notepads, alarms, reminder and calendar has opposing effects in our memory for remembering dates appointments, events, and other main information.

Keeping your mind fit is necessary and can be achieved by a few changes in lifestyle. Few modifications in diet, social interactions, exercise avoiding few aspects like alcohol, smoking and more can help you keep your mind sharp at work and also avoid memory problems.

Simple Ways to Keep the Mind Sharp:

The following mentioned are few tips to keep mind sharp and healthy.

1. Learning:

Neural pathways in the brain are strengthened by learning a new skill or a new language. According to research by the neuroscientist at the University of Texas mentions that more challenging task the individuals faces, the more memory is gained by the individual.

In order to use up the part of the brain which is not under use, individuals can adopt hobbies such as creative writing, quilting or digital photography. In order to enhance mental function and memory, individuals can learn the musical instrument or take up hobbies that make use of mathematical aspects.

2. Memory exercise:

Short term memory is to be exercised in order to keep your long term memory sharp. It is good to have a hand written journal which has daily events along with an inspirational quote being memorized and more which can add value to the process of the brain. Brains can be given quick workout when games such as crosswords and Su-do Ku are played.

3. Social well-being and positivity:

There are a number of researchers from around the world which mentions that active and positive people suffer less memory loss or cognitive delay.

Good thoughts and memories by interacting with people and filling positive thoughts develop positive pathways in the brain. By this way, long-term memory can be achieved.

By remembering names, birthdays, faces, anniversaries, cell phone numbers and more is a powerful way to be linked and keep your mind sharp.

4. Prevention of diseases:

It is good to avoid the biggest factors that affect the brain function such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and chronic obesity. These are few diseases that can be prevented in order to avoid memory loss. With these diseases it starts with simple forgetfulness at day times which when prevented can make your mind sharp and active for years.

5. The right diet:

The brain functions perfectly when a healthy and balanced diet is provided. The brain is devoid of vital nutrients when junk foods are included in the diet which may lead to long-term disadvantages. In order to maintain sharp brain, it is recommended to add nuts, fruits, vegetables, fats, carbohydrates whole grains in portions.

6. Physical fitness:

The great proverb which says a fit body enables a fit mind has proven that there is a link between energetic and active lifestyle and has led to improvements in cognition, memory, learning ability and problem-solving capability.

Your brain can be made sharp and improved with ability to process retain and use information by going for a brisk walk or job every day.

The brain is oxygenated and blood flow is enhanced by means of physical exercises, a few workouts that can help you keep your mind sharp are yoga, swimming, walking, biking hiking, yard work, dancing, tennis, golf and more.

7. Mental workouts:

Your mind can be made healthy and sharp which leads to a stronger mind with fulfilled life. Keeping your mind sharp can be beneficial in many ways especially in the work place. Here are a few tips to be worked out daily in order to keep your brain sharp.

Using brains:

The fact is that humans have abundant knowledge which they need to use in action. Simple brain health tips to provide exercise for your brain is to use your brain for calculation of simple aspects instead of calculators.


Working out the crossword puzzles each day which come out on paper can be an effective way to sharpen the brain. The crossword usually gets tougher each day as days pass by and by Sunday they become very tough. In the same manner working out free crossword puzzles online during free time can be a great way to sharpen your mind.


Scrabble is another game which can be played with friends or online which helps in thinking and enhances your brain power.


Whether it is world news, politics, gossips or entertainment being updated with current events can help an individual’s brain to get stimulated and sharp.


Reading is another aspect that can sharpen your brain as reading keeps your mind pumping. Reading anything such as books, puzzles, back of cereal box, and more stimulates your brain. Learning new things at the same time is another main aspect to keep your brain sharp.


Have a hobby of your own, your hobby can be a new one or take up an old one so that you get creative thoughts that keep your creativity flowing. Involving in a hobby has proven to stave off depression and enhance brain power.

Video games:

Video games are powerful sources which help to keep the brain active and sharp. It is said that video games also help to fight diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Some meaningful movies such as the 12 monkeys, the fountain, Jacob’s ladder and more are thought-provoking and make your brain ponder about what you watched for days. Hence watching such kind of movies also adds to sharpening your mind.

Word puzzles:

Your mind can be sharpened by solving brainteasers such as anagrams, rebuses or few logical problems. Whenever you’re free you can have the fun time with these kinds of puzzles which also improves your memory.


Working out more of jigsaw puzzles and colours and shapes match up are also few factors that make your brain sharp.

8. Resting:

It is always good to plan for certain periods which offers rest and relaxation for the mind and body so that you’re rejuvenated after a certain period. Individuals can go for an adventure, it can be anything such as getting to the new side of the town, driving for some hours to another place far off, these are few habits which make out new and exciting experience. These are few aspects that stimulate the brain and satisfy your wander longing.

9. Being focused:

Staying focused by concentrating on the task you do, can be a great way to sharpen your mind. Whatever may be the chore gaming, reading, playing or working concentrating on the task is mandatory.

10. Be organized:

Whatever task you initiate every day, remember to stay organized. By this way, stress is avoided on thinking. Scheduling tasks with the help of calendars, reminders, to-do list and lot more can make your day organized. In the same manner, work assigned in an organization can also be organized according to their priority instead of rushing at the end.

11. Have fun:

Always have a list of things which you enjoy most of the time. Make sure that you do one of them each day. Your enjoyment can be anything from gardening, taking a walk, bathing or spending time in the yard working.

12. Sleep:

An appropriate amount of restorative sleep is necessary in order to keep your body and mind relaxed. Possessing a regular sleep schedule is necessary to keep your mind sharp.

13. Socialize:

Another important factor that keeps your mind sharp is with the help of social activities and relationships. In order to prevent your brain against cognitive decline, social activities are mandatory.

14. Learning a new language:

Learning a new language can be achieved with the help of textbook, audio or by online sessions. By learning a new language your brain is challenged and entertained and also led to explore. A new language can be learned by practice with native people, discussing with people outside and lot more.

15. Making use of brain stimulating apps:

Though advanced technology is said to destroy brains and bring down IQ, there are many apps which are said to be an antidote. There are many brain training games which are said to enhance memory of schizophrenia patients.

App called wizard exercise your mind and boosts your brain IQ; luminosity is another app which provides brain training games which exercise brain muscles. Other apps like the fit brain, eidetic, brain HQ and elevate are apps which enhance physical performance.

16. Switch hands:

Try to make use of your wrong hand for brushing teeth, manipulation of the mouse, opening doors and brushing hair. By such activity, the circuit in the part of the brain is expanded which processes the hand.

17. Rearrange familiar objects:

Rearrange or move out objects that are in usual reach every morning for example alarm clock, breakfast cereal, toothbrush and more. By this way, you’re shifting gears in your brain early and also make mornings more boosted.

18. Public speaking experience:

In order to boost the brain circuit, verbal fluency is mandatory. If you’re a person who struggles for words then initiate verbal fluency by practicing for public speaking.

19. Using two senses together:

Whenever you do any activity, try to integrate multiple senses during such activity. When you add music to daily activities such as cleaning and driving can help you form new pathways.

Dr.Schwartz mentions that when two senses are used together the brain really works well. Another form of such activity can be to carry oil like peppermint and sniff each time you walk, or by listening to an audio while you cook.

20. Connecting and being affectionate:

Many studies state that there is a good impact on health and wellness based on strong relationships. It is always good to have strong relationships which are affectionate, where things like touching, eye-gazing, holding hands take place and releases oxytocin in the brain. It is good to join a new club, accept new work, volunteer group so that new relationships are obtained and the hormone keeps flowing.

21. Chew gum:

Based on the study conducted by the University of Northumbria, chewing gum is said to have a positive effect on memory, thinking, and other cognitive functions.

22. Taking a whiff:

Few Japanese researchers have found that scents are something which makes you productive. In fact, aromatherapy is followed in Japan, which is considered as a brain stimulant for their employees. Lemon oil for pick me up in the morning, peppermint oil for drowsiness and lavender oil to keep mental wheels running.

23. Be Unplugged:

Try to keep yourself away from the world by unplugging yourself at least two hours a day. A study conducted by HP states that e-mail and phone calls are stoppages which lead to loss of concentration and lessens your problem-solving skills. By this way, IQ is also dropped by an average of 10 points.

These are few ways by which your mind can be sharpened and activated. People working in companies who desire to keep themselves organized can follow these tips and sharpen their brain. Apart from training and activities, food and exercise also play a main part in boosting the brain functionality.