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19 Best Jobs for Beginners or Self that Pay Well


Unemployment has been a heated argumentative topic in India for a very long time. It has been like centuries now that people keep saying that India does not have good job opportunities. A study has revealed that the youngsters of our country are going abroad in hopes of getting a good job there.

The truth is that India is not a country with fewer jobs but is a country that believes more in making job seekers rather than job creators. There are many ways to start own business, what is needed is the determination to take an initiative to start. Following are some of the best jobs for self-starters:

jobs for beginners or self starter

Flexible Jobs for Beginners That Pay Well:

1. Food Business:

Food is loved by all. Starting up with your own food business can make a lot of profits. There can be food trucks, food huts and many more. Catering is the best ongoing business in present times where Tiffin’s are to be delivered to different places. Opening a food business is a hot trend because people love to eat but above all this, some love to cook.

2. Tutoring:

Many cannot go to work daily for some reason, as for them teaching can be the best source of income, where either one can give home tuition by going to the student’s house or by teaching in his or her own house as a tuition center. People do opt for this option as a part-time job but making it good business is not bad too.

3. Website Designing:

This type of job is suitable for those who are so much into software that they don’t mind sticking to the screen for so long. This talent can be utilized by designing web pages for companies that require such an employee who can take over the socializing responsibility on their company’s behalf. A very good example, in this case, is Facebook where people do earn a good amount by making pages and just posting and sharing it.

4. Event Planner:

Every day is an event, so planning an event can also be an amazing job for a self-starter. Nowadays people have started contacting event planners for even very small functions because they want the event to be best and memorable.

So whether it is a get-together or a birthday party or a bachelor’s party or even a kitty party, many event planners are willing to take up. So, starting up by planning a house birthday party one can continue with this as a career option and someday may have own Events Company.

5. Clothing Wardrobe:

Some become building a legacy type of starters. These are those people who love to create and design their things and later on implement the idea. Designers of clothes are one of them, because they make their designs first and put their material, spend from their pocket only, ending up making lots of profits and turning this hobby into a business.

6. Selling Handmade Crafts:

The one who has very good artistic skills and wants to start up a business can go on for selling handmade crafts. People love to decorate their houses with artistic things, so if someone willing to start this as a business hesitates then they should not, because this is a success in itself.

The best example for this the CHUMBAK which has a huge collection in stores. So, people love buying hand made things and the business of artifacts can be a good startup.

7. Consultants:

Many consult someone before starting something, basically to know about whether the work they are going to do is going to be a success or sometimes parents consult professionals to know about the child’s interest in studies by discussing with that particular person. The job of a consultant can be also done by just sitting at home. So guiding someone towards the right path can also become a good option for the startup.

8. Interior Designers:

Another good option for setting up a pursuit is by designing interiors. It is not necessary to work with the company but one can start up with his or her projects. People love to have designer rooms and this stands a great opportunity.

9. Photography:

People are mad about capturing happy moments. Clicking photographs have also recently added into the category of money magnet jobs. They are fond of having professional photoshoots.

The photography is nowadays not only limited to wedding shoot but a pre-wedding shoot is to a new swing in the air. Everyone is so much crazy about getting clicked that they even go for a pre-pregnancy shoot.

10. Starting up a Channel on YouTube:

This is like a new movement among youngsters today, as they keep on posting their funny videos on YouTube and earn a lot. The best example of this is the vines. Other than this there is a huge category of video recordings like some science project or interviewing someone or cooking videos and many more which is a wonderful and enjoyable job to do.

11. Translator:

Converting an article of other languages into readable material for the audience called transcreating. One can also start up with a job of translator where he or she would have to translate a foreign message into the target language to convey the original message as clearly as possible.

12. Freelance Writing or Ghost Writing:

In this case, one can send article write-ups to different content writers whom they will hire and later on paying them for the same. Well, this too can be a good start-up business as this is one of the other jobs which can be done sitting at home doing another curricular side by side.

13. Writing Books:

We had many storytellers in old times and we do have storytellers today. The only difference is that today is such a time where this aptness can be taken advantage of by writing several books. There are many young writers who rather than working in companies chose to follow their dreams like CHETAN BHAGAT. So, this unquestionably can be a good option too.

14. Computer Troubleshooting:

Adding up to the list of best jobs for self-starters comes the business of computer servicing, but this type of job can only handle by those who know best and good about computers. One can help people solve this problem by providing this service and establishing own set-up later on.

15. Opening a Creche:

Most of the parents are working in present times and they do need a baby sitter for their small children. This can be a good business plan of opening a crèche in the society for working people to make easy for them to drop their children there as well as pick them up after work.

16. Personnel Trainer:

“THE COACH” is that one person who specialize in his field to train masses for the same. One can open own gymnasium or even a person who already is in games can train small children side by side.

17. Baking:

Many love baking, and that’s it, this hobby can easily turn to a great business. The person keeps on doing what he or she loves and hence can earn too by turning it to business and later on can hire employees for the same.

18. DJ:

The music lovers and those who keep on mixing their songs can have party hard type of business if they realize where their potential lies. All they have to do is to entertain people by remixing songs for them and making them tap their feet on the beat.

19. Opening a Saloon:

This can be a good start-up business for females. One can open up a saloon in own house or the market. This is the best business proposal for those who have a good idea of skincare and haircare, later on, the owner can hire employees for the same.


Though every business requires money to get a start, if done with the passion of establishing an empire, one can do wonders.

So in conclusion, we can say that there are no fewer job opportunities in India but the only difference is the mindset of some because they think that one can earn good only by working in companies but not starting up with a business.

Well, this not at all is true because one can also earn a lot in the start-up business. Becoming a job creator can work wonders. Working this way gives a feeling of financial independence and one gets the chance to change the world.