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16 Pros and Cons of using Job Placement Agencies


Placement agencies or Staffing Agencies or Recruitment Agencies help in locating jobs in the recent job openings. There are lots of agencies which specialize in a particular field, but some are there which multitask, i.e they hire employees from every field according to employers’ needs.

Though these placement agencies are paid but their service saves time and also energy. The benefits of using the placement agencies are as follows:

using job placement agenciesThe Pros of using Job Placement Agencies:

1. Saves time as well as energy:

Time is precious when it comes to finding the right kind of job as per your requirement. The placement agencies help in getting you a desired job. It saves your time as you need not roam from one company to another to get a job.

Just you need to tell all your details about the qualification, skills etc to the agency and they will pull forward the employee for the interviews at various places. This way it saves you time as well as energy.

2. You get a trial also:

Another benefit of using a placement agency is that you can even try out with the company if you are comfortable in adapting to the company’s environment or not. There are many companies which allows to try out a candidate before committing to the final employment.

This way the company also gets to know about the employee, his abilities and the way he or she works. This way also you get to know what in actual is the work culture of the company and thus it is good for both the company as well as the employee.

3. There are a number of options at a time:

The placement agency asks you for the whole of the information regarding yourself right from the address to the skills and qualification and so on, but they provide you with lot many options of companies to join as an employee and this way, your chances of grabbing and experiencing different companies work culture and environment increases to a larger extent. Many companies call you back for the interviews and then you can choose the one which suits you according to the needs.

4. If you are the best, you will get a chance for sure:

If you think you are the best among many, but once in life you were rejected by some company, then using the placement agencies is the right choice because these agencies weed out the unwanted one’s and only give preference to the one’s who are capable of giving the opportunity.

This is because, they ask you to give all the vital details and also you are required to pay them and if the service is paid, then think of your own, your service would probably be good, without any doubt.

5. You can easily say no also:

Once you had told them all the credentials, your work is done. They also ask you regarding the field you wish to work and accordingly they provide you with the job vacancies. In case, you have some problem with the job, you can tell the agency head about your problem and they will understand it, hence giving you a sense of relief of not thinking of your own about how to answer no and all that stuff.

So, it relieves you from all such troubles too, as the agency is responsible to put forward your request by either accepting the offer or rejecting it. So, you are not in a direct contact with the company.

6. You get to learn a lot:

When the companies hire you for temporary purpose, you get to learn a lot, if you have the hunger of learning extra things. So, it’s for you, how to utilize even a single second of the life without any issue.

Moreover, it can also add to your resume that you worked and took experience as an intern in the particular company for this many months.

7. No need to beg others for proving information regarding the vacancies:

By making good use of the placement agencies, you will not need any extra contact to consult for the vacancies in companies. You are released from the burden of begging from others to inform you about the vacant places in the offices and so on.

All these things for you are done by the agencies and it’s their headache to inform you regarding the recent and perfect openings in the companies.

8. Quality and there is a sort of credibility:

You are being called up for joining a company, so they themselves make sure that the candidate gets the best place to work at, without facing any difficulty. What you get is a good quality and also there is some sort of credibility to what the placement agency says.

You can trust them as the placement agencies are not working on a raw thread after all, the work they do is strong and runs on a very large scale as they have contacts with number of companies.

9. Less fraud and more trustworthy:

The chances of frauds are less with the placement agencies as they run on a very large scale. You can without any tinge of doubt can move to the required place they tell regarding the interview. It is just in the case of very rare, that the case goes fraud but it is not always right.

10. You get an alternative:

If you are not getting an opportunity at the place you wish to work, then you get a chance of joining some other company, than sitting idle. So, this way you get an alternative to your desired option.

So, above are some of the advantages or the pros of using the placement agencies, but as there is always a negative side to the positive one, the placement agencies also have some of the cons, those are:

The Cons of using Job Placement Agencies:

1. Paid:

This is the first and the foremost thing which is at times not acceptable by the struggles. The placement agencies charge little heavy amount, but not as heavy as lacking, so chill, but yes for a starter even thousands would matter a lot

2. At times they are a fraud:

There could be any number of risks towards these agencies. Despite taking lot of money, the placement agencies may fail to provide you a job and it may prove in vain. So, this could also happen to you.

After hearing such cases, the doubts and the risks are enhanced to the unexpected levels and such things add to the cons of making use of the placement agencies.

3. Time consuming also:

As a job applicant, your representative may want to see you in person, that may involve a trip to the company’s location and this may demand from you to leave your existing important work and join in the work you are uncertain of regarding job employment.

Not just this, you may also require to fill the lengthy forms, applications before the joining summarizing all the skills, education qualifications and the types of jobs you wish to join. Apart from this, many companies also test the job applicants on the proof reading, typing skills and other practical skills required in the field.

4. Some guidelines are restricted:

There are many numbers of agencies which provide you with the restricted guidelines like revising your resume every second or third time in a month and this process may consume hours along with money. So, this way, using placement agencies proves to be a bad choice for many.

5. No surety and lack of attention:

You never know if your resume will be sent further to the companies. This is because the representatives who work in the placement agencies get commission if they bring in best qualified candidates.

The more the best qualified candidates, more will be the commission, so think if you are a fresher and do not have experience enough, you may get ignored or rejected. So, this way there is no surety and also lack of attention.

6. Restricted options:

The agencies are restricted in a sense that they are collaborating with only a few companies and they are required to fill up the vacancies only for those companies, so, if there is a company of no choice of yours, the whole effort of yours may prove fruitless.

This is but obvious that the companies which are in collaboration with the job placement agencies will be chosen first and no other company of your choice will be given. So, it leaves you with no choice this way.


So, above are some of the cons which are also the part of the placement agencies. If there are pros, then there are cons, but this does not mean that due to fewer cons, you will not avail those services.

One comes to know about the truth after experiencing the thing in real rather than just reading or hearing. So, by keeping aside the cons and sieving out the disadvantages, just move to avail the best use of the service, so as to comfort yourself with the advantages it provides.