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12 Simple and Best Ways to Increase your Annual Income


Money is not everything in the world but it is definitely somewhere next to oxygen. The topic of money, income and wealth has often been discussed in a bad way. Yes it is true that the society we all live in is afraid of being looked as greedy and in constant need of money. But what they always need to understand is that money is a crucial part of freedom and they need to experience that. We personally do understand that it does get difficult when the bills arrive and you have to pay up. But there are ways in which you can improve your income and have more money that fulfills you in several ways. Below mentioned are some tips

ways to increase annual incomeWays to Increase your Annual Income:

1. Stop doing things you are already doing wrong:

You all have definitely come across the line “insanity is like doing the same thing over and over again and hoping to get a different result.” If you aren’t satisfied already, the first and most important thing you must try is to just stop what you have already been doing because what you are working on is clearly creating a whole lot of problem and dissatisfaction already. What is good about this life is that you have the opportunity and the time to make things right and you should definitely go ahead and do everything it takes. Even though you have made wrong decisions, you can change them now.

2. Do not let money be your definition:

Your value has very little to do with the money you are already earning. It doesn’t matter whether you have little money in your account or 5 million pounds already, never let your confidence go down whatsoever. If there is anything you need, then it’s probably a bit more boost and increase in confidence. This will make you feel motivated and reduce stress as well. Always remember that being wealthy is a state of mind but being broke is also the same. You are what you are and not how much money you have.

3. Start giving some more value to the time you have:

Time is far more valuable than money can possibly be. You may always get your money back but you will never really get the time. It is quite possible to make a whole lot of money within a short period of time if you value the time that you already have in front of you. There is nothing more valuable in this world than time. We all have just 24 hours in hand. What matters is how we handle and take care of the time we possess.

4. It is okay to say no:

Steve Jobs had once mentioned that “what Apple said no to”, that helped it become this successful in life. If you have been over extending yourself off late and have been committing yourself to several things, this world will definitely help you add some change to your life. So make sure you say no to almost everything that does not help you make money in any way or doesn’t satisfy you monetarily. You can make some kind of commitment to yourself that you will be focusing on those activities that produce income instead of those that boost tension.

5. Get out of your comfort zone:

Another thing you should definitely do is just get out of your comfort zone that has been keeping you so aloof and far away all this while. It is time for you to take a couple of risks if you want more money. Make it a point to take the chance and challenge you a bit. You should push yourself as much as you can. It is the truth that will help you replace machines with better ones. Try to focus on the work that allows you to build a lot more in terms of capabilities even though it means making big chances.

6. Give Health Some Importance:

It is also very important to give some importance to your health if you want to improve your wealth. First of all, it’s your physical health. Make sure you exercise regularly and eat healthy. Visit your doctor every few months for a check up. Second of all, it is your mental health. It is important to build a good work lifestyle and balance your problems so that you don’t end up with mental issues. Your social well being matters as well. Be careful of who you are meeting socially as it will have an impact on your personality.

7. Choose a long term career path:

There are several other professional interests which can help you improve a better career path in the long run. First of all, make sure to get a SWOT analysis done on all your personality traits. This will help you understand where your strength and confidence lies. In that way, you may also define and decide what are the best opportunities that will help you improve your income. So make sure you have a long term vision and keep your goals set through short term challenges at first.

8. Give some more value to yourself:

You should always make it a point to invest in yourself if you want to boost and increase your annual income. First of all, leverage the power of learning. You can always learn a new language, add a new skill to your list or try something that is absolutely new on your bucket list. You should set time for yourself on a weekly and regular basis to read a couple of informative blogs, books and articles. We could also recommend you to try a new workshop. Here you may stay updated on the latest trends.

9. Make a few smart investments:

Another thing we could definitely ask you to do is make a couple of smart investments. When you talk about increasing income, you can always make it a point to invest smart. You can do so by starting as early as you possibly can. You may make long term investments as well. Make a few right investment choices for long term goals, invest in equities and debt instruments.

10. Reduce the number of excuses:

Also reduce all the excuses you have been making. When your excuses go up, always remember that the bank account will go down. The best ones who make excuses have the tiniest of bank accounts. The amount of energy and time you invest in making some smart excuses is much better invested in making a couple of actual solutions that will help your life in moving ahead and forward.

11. Let the focus shift from victim to a leader:

You should stop blaming the economy or blaming the past or even your boss or company. You should stop thinking that the world is out there just to get you. Because none of that is true! You should change jobs more often, switch them a couple of times and become more valuable. The minute you start taking responsibility for everything that matters in your life, is also the minute you can do almost anything to change almost everything in life/

12. Remember that proximity is power:

You should always remember that proximity is power. There are several people who have no money in hand and they hang out with others who don’t have any money either and together they stay broke for the rest of their lives. But you don’t have to be like them. You can always elevate the standard and level of your group by reaching out to all those who know about these things better than you and can help you improve your standards in the long run. You have to surround yourself with better people.

This completes our top list on how to increase your annual income. Always remember that the difference between making little money and a whole lot of money is first and fast implementation. We can definitely assure that if you keep all of these tips and ideas in mind you will go far in life and make extraordinary money in the long run. You should also realize that your bank account isn’t really who you are but its about who you were as a person before you made the decision.