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18 Excellent Mind Tricks to Ace a Job Interview


When it’s time for an interview, the candidate gets started with full preparation. They go through each and every page of organization’s website, and get ready to ask the interviewer with few questions and more of practice sessions. Although they are assured with complete preparation, the candidates still are anxious and possess a nervous feeling about their interview. Though a candidate possess good qualification, and experience a shaky or a nervous interview session can overshadow all the credentials present with the candidate. Here are a few hints about mind tricks to ace a job interview.

mind tricks ace job interviewMind Tricks to Ace a Job Interview:

1. Reading the right material:

The key aspect that should be achieved before an interview is reading, and reading should be done with the right stuff. Reading is a way to enhance ones confidence. It is true and opened by a certain survey by the journal of personality and social psychology that when people read books of literature they seem to assume themselves as protagonist in the book. So candidates getting prepared for an interview can ace their job interview by reading through books or articles that hold a positive thought and tone. By this way the candidate can gain self-assurance and energy to fight the battle in the interview.

2. Avoid panic:

Fear and panic is something that should be avoided while in job interview. This is something that leads to the darker side which in turn invites anger. Candidates should try to clear off stress to the maximum. By this way focus is made clear and presents the candidate as a fresh and perfect person.

3. Breathe well:

It is advisable to sleep well the day prior to the interview. In the same manner exercising during the interview day can be beneficial. Getting complete picture of the location and arriving early to the interview spot is mandatory. Walking around and taking deep breaths are few aspects that the candidate can do for better performance.

4. Positive belief:

The candidate should possess a mindset and believe in a positive manner. The candidate should picture a state of tranquility and also make them believe it. To end up the interview with success, the candidate should picture the interview session, job, future desk and more.

5. Your pose:

Though the candidate isn’t confident, a power pose is vital enough to make the candidate alter the way interviewers perceive them. For a power pose the candidates are required to stand upright, look straight, with hands on the hips and fixed on the floor. By this pose the candidate also feels confident and makes other view on the candidate as a confident person. Instead of slouching on the chair while sitting, being straight and erect also presents you to be confident.

6. Reading interviewers mind:

It is really important for the candidate to read the facial expression and body language of the interviewer if he is bored, annoyed, interested and more. By getting the signals from the interviewer the candidate can adjust and more accordingly. Whatever may be the situation, the candidate should not panic.

7. Knowing information about the company:

The interviewer would ask the questions and so the candidates should be ready and sure with the answers. The candidates should be updated with the company information such as what they perform, why, the position, responsibilities and lot more. Also the candidate should make sure to come prepared with some questions, so when the candidate is asked for any queries, they can shoot up questions rather than saying no.

8. Listening:

It is vital for the candidate to listen first from the interviewer and then paraphrase the answer. Listening first and then paraphrasing is something called reflective listening which presents that the candidate is a good listener.

9. Giving the right speech:

Controlling the speech is something important for any candidate in an interview. It is always good to have control over the speech and speak the right phrase though it takes time. When you’re in control it presents you as a confident person and the candidate also speaks the right stuff.

10. Talking in paragraphs:

When there are questions from interviewers which need a long talk, it would be better if the candidate talks in paragraphs rather than sentences. It would be advised that the candidate talks more than less with two to three minutes per answer. This can be a good option which averts the candidate being named bored, and eco-centric. Smart answers and smart examples can be the best option that makes a perfect speech for the candidate.

11. Research well:

Before you start preparing for an interview, make sure you research the company and get to know the company as well as their competitors. Knowing the organizations forward and backward and reading through the organizations latest annual report is mandatory. Getting to know their present, past and future goals is important. Prepare answers for the candidate’s part of play in achieving the future goals. The candidate can also hunt the company site and get to read the various articles and magazines published.

12. Handshake practice:

A handshake in an interview is something that plays a key role and hence possessing a professional handshake is mandatory. A candidate would be tagged as passive and lack social skills when the handshake goes floppy. In the same manner a very firm handshake can present a sense of aggressiveness. For the same reason practicing handshake with best friends can be the right way to present a perfect handshake to the interviewer.

13. Learning the culture of the company:

The behavior and culture of any company varies and they follow a unique procedure. Get to know the culture of the business, and try to follow the least possible procedure such as dressing. It is not necessary to follow the complete culture but getting updated with the company’s culture is important. The culture of the organization can be well known by watching its training videos, getting to know from previous employers, or by google search.

14. Present a smooth look for an interview:

It is vital to wear a neat and perfect outfit which has no distractions. Walk into the interview straight form your conveyance, as the candidate may be watched and the way the candidate carries himself is mandatory. Avert speaking more on cell phones and also present yourself confident and smooth.

15. Prepare answers for usual questions:

The most frequently asked question in all interviews is “what is your weakness?” candidates should make sure to prepare answer for this category of questions. The answers should be in a positive tone related to the job. So prepare answers which are good but in a positive mode and in an enhanced way.

16. Questions to interviewers:

In almost all interview sessions, the interviewer ends up by allowing the candidate if they have any queries. The candidate should be very careful in asking questions to the interviewer. The salary, position and vacation of the industry are main questions to be averted by the candidate as they have just attended the interview and not assured with the job. Instead the candidate should show his interest towards the job by asking about the opportunities, job position, responsibilities, the management style of the company and more.

17. Sending thank you:

An email thank you note shows that the candidate is lazy and hence mailing the right thank you is important. A professional presentation of thank you note can be simple and perfect to remind the interviewer of the candidate.

18. Follow up:

When you don’t hear back from the interviewer after an ample amount of time, it is advisable that the candidate calls up and follows the interviewer. If in case the candidate is not offered with the job, the candidate can ask the reason from the interviewer and try to work on that part to enhance the lacking skill.

The above mentioned mind tricks are important to ace a job interview. A resume cannot present the type of candidate and though other aspects in the interview are followed, using these mind tricks can help any candidate to get through the interview without hassles. These mind tricks work well and hence candidates who are hunting for jobs can very well follow these tips and get through the interview process. There are more tips mentioned on various websites which is beneficial for job questers and can be added advantage for them to get a job quickly.