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How to Improve Interviewing Skills of Hiring Managers?


The size of the business doesn’t matter as far as hiring is concerned and when you are talking about hiring, it is important that your hiring managers possess the right kind of interviewing skill.

Otherwise, you would end up with the wrong mix of people and it will turn out to be a bad investment for you as well.

If you want to be a great hiring manager, then you will have to hire some of the best people around for the job.

In order to achieve that you will have to plan an interview strategy which is effective and come up with some of the best questions that you can think of.

Conducting successful interviews is one of the traits that a good hiring manager must possess and while doing that he must remember that he must not delve into things which might sound that he is discriminating on a certain basis.

Based on a recruitment survey conducted by McQuaig Global Talent (2014), some of the shocking facts came into existence. 65% of big businesses don’t have any faith in the hiring managers they have and in the small concerns the figure is 39%.

So, what do you do when you seem to have lost faith in your hiring managers?

Throw them out or train them? The second option seems much more viable and it will help to improve interview skills for managers as well.

The interview skills training for hiring managers will be given so that the hiring manager can make the most of it in conducting a successful interview with the candidates.improve interviewing skills

Improve Interviewing Skills of the Managers:

The hiring managers must know the evolution of the hiring and must have the proper guidance so that they can create an interview culture that will draw attention of the right kind of candidate.

The responsibility of the hiring manager involves various other things like developing job specifications keeping in mind the vacant job position and what kind of skill set will be perfect for that position.

The training sessions are arranged for the hiring managers so that they can squeeze out some time from their busy schedule and attend them to know the intricacies of the hiring process.

You can always use technology to achieve accuracy in assessment, but in order to use them to the best of the ability, your hiring manager must have full knowledge about it.

Mainly the organizations think of the interview as an assessment tool more than anything else. They do not consider interview as a recruitment tool and this is mainly because if you are not able to assess the candidate correctly through the interview process, then you will fail to select the right candidate for the job.

It will hamper the productivity of the organization and the candidates will turn out to be the liability for the company.

Therefore, by now you must have realized how important it is to train the hiring managers in order to come up with the right number of applications who will be selected for the interview process and will ultimately get hired for the position.

In order to improve interviewing skills, the hiring managers have to take into consideration several things and here is a list of them.

1. Handling the recruiters:

The recruiters play an important role in the life of a hiring manager. They are the trusted partners who can either make the career of the hiring manager shoot up or they can take the hiring managers down.

It is of utmost necessity that the recruiter understands the job requirements completely, otherwise he will end up selecting all the wrong candidates making it difficult for the hiring managers to deal with them.

When the job needs are not explained properly, then there are chances that the deserving candidates get evicted and the non – deserving candidates make to the placement list.

Apart from this, the hiring manager must present a strategic approach to the recruiter, so that he can hire the best people around within a short span of time.

It is due to all of these reasons that recruiters are considered to be the core members of the recruiting department and hiring managers must also include them in the staff meetings as well.

Interview training for hiring managers will give them a better perspective on what is expected out of him and how he will manage to do that.

2. Convincing the candidate about a successful career in here:


It is a quite common place to move around from one company to the other within a span of 2 – 3 years.

But, this scenario will change if you can convince the candidate that this career move will provide him with the right kind of push in the direction which will only bring success if he works hard.

When any candidate is applying for the job, he doesn’t do that thinking in mind that it is the ultimate job for him, instead they take time in exploring the environment and team members to see whether they will be able to continue for long in here or not.

Therefore, it is important that the person is resting assured that if he joins the company, then he will be taking the best decision on his career.

In order to get the candidate on board, you have to make the candidate see the bigger picture like more impactful position, growth, big team, big budget and greater visibility.

When you make the candidate realize what the company has to offer them in order to fulfill their dream, they are most likely to accept the offer.

3. Interview training:

You will come across some of the hiring managers who didn’t even get the time to realize that the job they are doing is not suitable for them.

Most of the hiring managers just ask few questions to verify whether the answers that the candidates are providing are true or not.

But, that must but be the case, instead they must use the platform to see whether the candidate is right for the job position or not.

All these blunders are happening because the hiring managers don’t have the proper training to conduct an interview or do their job in an organized manner.

An organization must arrange a training program for their hiring manager so that they can take its advantage and turn this investment of the organization a good one indeed.

4. Standardizing the procedure of interview:

Interview team It will be easier for the hiring manager to follow a guideline while conducting the interview. As the hiring manager is not trained at all, therefore, it is a whole new experience for the hiring managers every day.

There is no set of questions and there is no fixed equipment to keep a track on the candidates as well. Now to make the interviewer improve interviewing skills some standardized forms must be created.

Moreover, you must provide your hiring manager with a form where the points must be mentioned based on which the candidates are being selected.

Even the job description along with attitude, aptitude, temperament etc. should be mentioned in the form that will help the hiring manager to improve interviewing skills and make the interview a successful one as well.

5. Make notes properly:

Probing is important in order to get the right information out. A good hiring manager is not the one who asks the correct behavioral questions, instead a good hiring manager is the one who makes note of the answer of the candidates and probes further to get more out of the candidate.

When you are looking forward to knowing more about the candidate’s behavior in the past you will have to probe more and through this answer of the candidate, you will understand how the candidate will behave in the future as well.

6. Help the hiring manager with scripted questionnaire on behavioral interview:

interview criteria It is quite a fact that your hiring manager doesn’t have the knowledge about the behavioral question that needs to be asked in an interview, therefore, it is better that you provide them with scripted and probing question so that he is able to go through it and select the right candidate for the organization.

The interview training for hiring managers Power-Point Presentations will help the hiring managers to get it right.

7. Competent candidates:

There are companies which treat the candidates badly, but if you really want to have a long term association with the candidate, then it is important that you treat the candidates with due respect.

When you will treat them with equal importance, then only the candidates will open up and they will start conversing quite freely without any hesitation. It will also help the interview process as well.

8. Phone interview is an important aspect:

Mobile phone Your interview skill will improve slowly but steadily if you are the one who loves to learn. In order to see whether the candidate will be able to do justice to the position offered the phone screening is important.

During the phone interview, you can provide an overview of the job position and see whether he has in him to be in that position.

Even when the interview is being held over the phone the interview questions for hiring managers must be provided to them, so that they do not commit any mistake out there.

9. Elaborate Job description:

Before going in for the interview process, it is very important that you define the position well. You will have to mention the skill, required experience and duties of the job so that the candidate knows what is expected out of him or her in the interview process.

In order to come out with a job description along with the description of what kind of person is required for the job, you will have to analyze the reason due to which a current lot of employees find this job so appealing.

If the company wants to hire someone successfully, then it is important that he describes the best suited person for the position rather than describing the job itself.

10. Inform the fate of the candidate in clear manner:

There are some companies which keep the resume on hold of the candidates who are not able to match up the criterion for this job. They keep it with themselves and when the requirement arises they pick up those candidates and call for the interview.

If in case your organization doesn’t believe in holding back the resume, then also you must let the candidate know why his or her resume rejected, so that they can understand the process. You must be transparent with your thought and make the candidates understand that as well.

Follow the tips that are provided here and conduct a great interview next time around. If you have any queries, just let me know, I’ll be happy to address them. Moreover, if you want to share your opinion, feel free to share them as your opinion matters.