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How to Prepare for a Phone Interview with HR: 15 Top Tips


It is hoped to know by all that an interview is conducted to judge the ability of a person to serve the company in a better manner. Without conducting an interview, it is really difficult to take entry into the company.

phone interview with hr

Value of Interview Today:

Whether it is fresher or experienced level, small or reputed MNC; interview is a must at the time of entry. But first of all you need to know the type of vacancy available and also judge whether you can serve the purpose or not. Building castle in thin air will not yield better result. You must have heard from your seniors and other relatives that there are many employers who prefer conducting interview through phone in order to recruit potential guys.

Reasons for Conducting Telephonic Interview:

You must be wondering about how to prepare for a phone interview with hr in such a competitive age. It seems to be a bit difficult, but following some easy to follow tricks will enable you to sail through the pinpricks of this vast ocean. First of all you must know why a phone interview is conducted instead of direct walk-ins. The reasons are:

  • The residing of the candidate too far from the establishment of the corporate
  • Easy to assess the communicating ability
  • Working by staying at home itself

Phone interview seems to be a bit challenging because neither the HR nor the candidate can see each other. Instead the candidate needs to advertise himself through voice as well as wordings, which is a bit troublesome. Hence it is very much essential to market the skills and experience in a crystal clear way.

Preparation Tips for Successful HR Telephonic Interview:

Environment plays a vital role! In case of a favorable condition, grasp the moment of entering into the process of interview. In case of a noisy condition, feel free to explain the same and request for an alternate option. While you are being interviewed, you need to publicize your talent and abilities. In order to do so, it will be better to follow the following tips:

1. Preparations beforehand:

In case you have been informed about your name getting enlisted for telephonic interview, it will be a good option to practice the skills seriously beforehand. Also you need to confirm your interest in serving against the profile.

2. Serious preparation:

Never commit the mistake of setting aside your resume as questions may be put up from the same. It is recommended to study the resume seriously and prepare answers related to each and every point mentioned. It is better to get prepared for any type of question. You may also note down necessary information for the next round.

3. Avoiding eating and smoking:

While the telephonic interview is being conducted with the HR, it is better to avoid eating as well as smoking as it reflects a bad impression. The interviewer may assume that you are not at all interested for the job profile. So, be serious enough or avoid attending the interview.

4. Dressing suitably and sitting straight:

This idea may sound to be very much ridiculous as none can see each other. But the game is that answering a phone interview in a professional posture makes you professional due to which a feeling of being professional will arise from inside.

5. Giving short and relevant answers:

Your success and failure will solely be based on your voice. Hence, you must understand the values associated with short answers rather than giving long as well as dragging replies. You will also get more time to talk freely with the HR hence making the session much more interesting.

6. Practicing with the help of a voice recorder:

Having a casual conversation and a professional conversation are totally different from each other. For getting high success in professional conversation, you need to train your voice with the help of a voice recorder. You will be able to judge your loopholes and rectify them hence reflecting great enthusiasm and positive attitude at the real time. This effort will be highly appreciated!

7. Re-asking any question:

It is not at all possible to assume each and every question. Hence you must be ready to face any type of question. In case any question is not crystal clear to you, feel free to request for repeating the question again. You will get some time to re-think the most appropriate answer. Try your best to understand the question and avoid silence for a long time as this may lead to a negative marking.

8. Answering in a polite manner:

While answering the questions, it is recommended to be cool and confident enough. Avoid feeling bored, angry or inconvenient as you are applying for job; not a visit to park. Smiling while speaking will make your voice sound more positive hence convincing the interviewer.

9. Preferring a landline rather than mobile phone:

The high pace development in technology has led the introduction of mobile phones in each and every sector. But the problem of getting the calls dropped still exits. If it happens in case of a casual discussion with an friend or foe, then it is not a big matter. In case of an interview, your profile may get rejected by the recruiter. In case of a cordless landline, be sure that it is fully charged to avoid discrepancies.

10. Knowing details about the company:

It has been a common question in each and every interview to specify a bit about the respective company. In order to know the details about the respective company, you may browse the website which is the best source. Study a bit about the establishment ad services provided along with latest success stories.

11. Smooth conclusion:

Do not forget to send thank-you notes at the concluding stage. Try to remain precise by reminding the interviewer about your qualifications. These short tricks may assist in making you a part of the company. Do not overlook this step like others.

It is high time to note that the job searching process has been and will be stressful enough in the long run. Hence, proper planning along with preparation by taking a stock of big cum small deals will assist you in putting the best into display. As the industry is full of tough competition, you need to be capable enough to grab the golden opportunity.

Tips to Avoid Being Late for a HR Telephonic Interview:

It has been observed that many well experienced and qualified guys get late to attend the telephonic interview hence losing their chances of getting hired. Hence, it is recommended to avoid being late for the interview with a potential HR of an enterprise. Hence, following of some easy to follow suggestions will not only prevent you from being late but also create an impressive impression on the mind of the interviewer. They are:

1. Starting with the night before interview:

Starting ahead of time to start both mentally and physically is a good practice. It is better to draw a checklist and cross check the day before the interview. Avoid thinking by lying on the bed and instead go for mental rehearsing before going to sleep. This will provide you a good sleep in the night and make you feel refreshed in the morning of the interview day.

2. Laying things out for interview before plenty of time prior to interview:

In case of a headset, be sure regarding its proper functionality. In case of landline, ensure its proper state of working. Take out the print out of the curriculum vitae and other necessary documents one day before the interview to avoid eleventh hour rush. Also check out that you hold a pen with proper quantity of ink.

3. Starting of the day relaxed and scheduled:

Try your best to start your day of interview with relaxation. Through this way, things will flow in an easy way. Avoid getting behind as once you get slipped away, you will be able to catch up where you must be. Remember, time and tide waits for none.

4. Doing all sorts of preparation in time:

It is advised to do all required homework, mental as well as physical preparations in time so that you can avoid the inconvenience of being late. If you want to shine like a sun and reflect that you are well organize, then it is mandatory to sound cooled rather than hurried, rushed and unprepared for phone interview.

Remember that an early bird always gets the best worm. Hence, try to give your best effort and prove yourself into the competitive market.