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How to Learn Spanish Quickly and Fast: Top 17 Tips


Spanish like any other language is to be dealt with patience and care. It usually takes years of practice to master. However if you are not a native of Spain and yet you have the desire to learn spanish language then there are few techniques you can bank on to help you along the way. You will be happy to know that Spanish is not a very tough language to master and it only takes some practice and guidance before you are able to speak rather fluently.

how learn spanish quickly

Top 17 Tips for Learning Spanish:

The following mentioned are few best ways to learn Spanish for beginners.

1. Start with the basics:

Spanish learning like every other language has some basic principles which need to be kept in mind at all times, although it is much simpler in comparison with most other languages. So as a beginner it is no point trying to master immediately the bigger, fatter books before you have mastered the basics. Like a nursery child at school you ought to get yourself acquainted with the basic elements on which the body of language is built upon. Pay attention to details from the very beginning and over time it will all come very naturally to you, without even having to think twice.

2. Buy a translatory dictionary:

Buying a pocket sized translatory dictionary for instant use, can add up to 5 new words a day to your vocabulary. Installing apps on your phone or a software on your computer will also serve the same purpose of opening you up to a number of new Spanish words. Rest assured, familiarizing yourself with new words is a great way of growing your interest in the new language only if you are putting them to daily use just for the sake of having fun experiments with the same.

3. Take classes:

Nowadays, language learning has become much easier as compared to older days when one did not have too many resources to rely on if one was not a native, due to language institutions. As a matter of fact far too many such institutions have sprung up to make our work easy for us. More so you do not have to run from pillar to post since one such language study center is most probably near your house.

4. Use social media to your advantage:

Take a break from uploading feeds every other minute and instead utilize your time to talk to people of Spanish origin or with people equally equipped in the language to enhance your grasp over the language. Spend as much of your time scheduled for the language as possible trying to learn about the importance, small details of the language while still keeping it fun for the both of you. In order to help you to achieve your goal, you must ensure that you do not put a burden on yourself, When you have fun along the way, then you will naturally start picking things up, unobtrusively.

5. Talk to others on the same journey:

Make it a habit to talk to others in the same boat as you as it is going to level you with those also struggling with the language. Assuming that there will be others taking classes with you, sit with them to discuss on a topic and make a solemn effort to use Spanish as the medium of your argument. Try lending a helping hand if your friend gets stuck with a word and expect the same from him/her. Make joint efforts to create sentences on your own at the very beginning and with progress give out dictations for each other to write.

6. Watch movies with subtitles:

After a long and tiring day you will still have to sit to improve on your language skills but at times this lesson can be made to walk hand in hand with entertainment; in other words, watching a Spanish movie with subtitles can help you a lot in your endeavor. Since movies serve both the purpose of entertainment and learning, the enthusiast will find it very engaging to watch such movies as it is going to add a few more native phrases to his/her stock of words. All the more, dialogues used in movies have proven to have deep seated effect on memory owing to the catchy tone of voice.

7. Listen to some Spanish music:

Another great way of improving on communicative skills is to listen to songs in Spanish. In the beginning it might not make complete sense but with time as you progress on your verbal skills you will start having a better grasp on audios. Since it is difficult to comprehend songs owing to native accent incorporated in the song, reading the lyrics line by line will hep in understanding the song.

8. Teach yourself:

Various books are available on the market with the aid of which you can help your own cause. Do not sit idle on weekends in absence of classes but venture out into the unknown. Moreover, it is nothing out of the ordinary to fall sick on days and miss classes for which you might think there is not much to do; but on the contrary just a little effort on your part can be used to trigger your inner explorer when you can yourself pick up a book and walk yourself through the topics you have missed only if you have been paying attention to what has been taught in class.

9. Read children stories:

Be a book buff and hit the library every now and then for better and deeper understanding on the subject. And what better way to getting properly acquainted with a language than reading storybooks for kids. Reading children stories can be benefitting on various levels for example as for children it will have the same effect on anyone new to the language and you will be introduced to a variety of phrases quite elementary to the language that will be instrumental in further increasing your appetite with regard to learning steadily at a beginner’s pace.

10. Explore the diversity:

Most of the time, you will find yourself at a disadvantage because out of classes it is going to be difficult for the teacher to be in touch with you for long. So better it is that sometimes you venture out in search of a person of Spanish origin in your city who should not have a problem in meeting up. So for this to begin you have got to be on good terms with someone of Spanish origin for a while till you two are comfortable enough to be spending time with each other in person. If this is not an option, then making use of modern technological advancements, you can always consider having a video conference with the individual.

11. Take online courses:

Signing up for virtual courses alongside your actual courses is essential as you can easily revise on whatever is being taught in class for as many times as you want. This is one of the many good features of online tutorials that one may go through the same thing over and over again in case of doubt without having to worry about embarrassing yourself. Another perk that comes with an online tutorial is that it is almost always free of charge. Of course some online courses do charge but whether you would like to spend that additional amount of money is up to you entirely.

12. Speak in the vernacular:

Practice speaking in Spanish wherever possible and whoever with you can because constant polishing is bound to pay rich dividends. Plus, this is great way of gaining confidence in terms of speaking. For example, you can assign yourself some topics you have to speak on in Spanish and grade yourself. It is normal to be dissatisfied with the results right at the onset since learning is the main aim but over time with dedicated practice you will be perfect in spanish speaking. Time and again, you will have to test yourself on the same topics till you can ultimately accept your speech without any hesitation.

13. Ask for help:

Learning leaves no room for a sense of embarrassment in asking too many question since it is said that no question is too petty to be asked. Therefore do not step back from making a query on account of your doubts related to the subject. But try not to be irritating in your way; suppose you are in a class and something escapes your attention or you are having problems in understand something the teacher has just taught, then try not to disrupt the teacher’s flow if you can and hold your thought till he/she finishes.

14. Practice on your own:

More often than not, learners face problems in pronouncing each and every word perfectly, owing to the habitual use of their mother tongue. But it is of paramount importance that the enthusiasts bring themselves up to speed. In doing so, you can feel more confident about initiating a conversation let alone participating in it. This can be achieved if you put your heart and mind in your attempt to bring yourself round to becoming a very good speaker. In addition to that, you have to be equally adept in your writing skills if you ought to receive perfection on your command over the language.

15. Help yourself and others:

Learning tips and a few tricks to keep it fun as you proceed on your conquest to master the interesting and useful language that Spanish is, has never been too difficult. Things like identifying objects and calling out what they are known as and labeling household items can help you remember the names of the everyday objects which take up most of any day to day conversation. Little things like this might sound a little silly to you, but only when you have actually sat down to implement these techniques will you be able to understand how very useful they actually are.

16. Travel to Spain:

One of the most effective methods of improving on your grasp over the language is to travel to Spain, if possible. Now traveling is not all that expensive as it used to be owing to so many hotel options and means of transport which have taken the economy by storm. The real motif behind this is to observe people from Spain and their mannerisms. Being at the very helm of things will help you understand a lot about the origin of the language in general. Such nuances are seen not only in the spoken language but also in gestures and body language. Noticing all this at first hand will really ensure your holistic development.

17. Keep brushing up and taking tests:

It is mandatory that the learner keeps brushing up on each lesson done in class even after the classes have ended. Owing to the diploma language courses, it is now possible to acquire a well-formed knowledge of the language in a year’s time. Try reading more books when you are not taking regular classes anymore as reading broadens your mind as well as perspective. In addition to this, you must ensure that you take some standardized tests to see how fruitful your efforts have been and whether or not all your efforts have been worthwhile. Yet this being stated, do not let the results affect you too much in anyway.

The one thing that demands to be brought to your notice is the importance of remembering what you have learned and at the same time not losing interest as often it happens that people are too eager to learn a language but ultimately give up when it comes for their knowledge and passion with regard to the language to stand the test of time. Once you learn to speak spanish, ensure you make the most of it.