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How to Become a Model for Sports Apparel: 10 Best Tips


Modelling is a field in which men as well as women have multiple career options. There are several sports brands that seek men and women who can model for them.

The requirements of these brands are way different from the requirements of a general apparel brand. They have a separate list of specifications and they select models who comply by this unique list.

If you are still fresh in the modelling career and still not sure whether you fit best as a fashion model or a sports model, here are some simple guidelines and tips that will help you simplify your choices and decide your bread earner.

Read to know the various requirements from a sports model. The insights provided in this article will help you hone your skills and achieve success.

how become sports modelTips to Become a Model for Sports Apparel:

1. Aim for an Athletic Figure:

You may think it is but obvious that if one has to model for a sports brand, one has to have an athletic figure. You may marvel what new are we adding?

Well, it all looks pretty simple on screen when you see men and women, with a perfectly athletic built, showing off their sports shoes and accessories.

They make sure they do it sportingly so that you are tempted to purchase the sportswear and accessories.

The mantra is developing confidence, and boldness in walks of life. You may be required to sport gym equipment, sport related products along with apparels.

So, you need to be comfortable in handling those objects. Thus, it is important that you join a gym. It will enable you to get accustomed to the wares and sport it confidently.

2. Try to have a Fit Lifestyle:

Fitness is really not superficial. You need to be fit in all respects if you wish to maintain the athletic look for long.

Many young models manage to have the athletic looks when they are young but fail to retain it even after they age. This is because they have just adopted a fit lifestyle superficially.

Inculcate a fit lifestyle that includes physical, mental and social fitness. Get a shapely body and build your stamina.

Develop an outgoing attitude and a broad mind. Develop healthy eating habits as your body and persona counts as a sports model.

Sports model may be required to go through a strenuous schedule that may include jogging and exercising and these are inevitable as you are a part of the modelling community.

3. Understand Myriad Facets of the Life of a Sports Model:

The life of a sports model is really not easy.

Even individuals who have an athletic built and a perfectly healthy and disciplined lifestyle fail to survive in this industry because they fail to understand certain important facets of the life of a sport’s model.

You need to join a modelling school and learn every facet of being a sports model. You may still be required to be elegant and tap the skills of a fashion model.

Thus, do concentrate on different types of modelling keeping your focus on being a good sports model. If you select the right tutors and follow their training, you may really find it easy to be a sports model for life.

4. Grab On the Right Opportunity:

You need relevant experience to survive in different careers. If you have years of experience to reveal to the recruiters, you get the job easily and this applies even to sports modelling assignments.

You need to have a relevant experience working with sports magazine, publications and fashion houses. It will count in future as relevant experience.

You may also try and get involved in advertising for fitness firms and yoga classes as these also count.

5. Don’t forget to get your Medical Claim:

Life is always uncertain and so is the career of a sport’s model. Hence, you need to make sure you have a medical insurance ready as a backup plan.

You never know when you may get injured or hurt yourself. An accident can reduce your chances in getting assignments. It is best if you have a insurance ready to help you out in such bad times.

Get regular physical examination as you may be susceptible to injuries. Getting a regular check up of your body will just assure you that you are fit for being a successful sports model.

6. Pick the right agency and trainer:

A good sports modelling agency is vital if you wish to escalate your profile in sports modelling circles. The agencies help the fresh models to get the right start.

Get into agencies that provide exposure to print, commercials, film and hosting, motion capture, event entertainment, celebrity consulting, production consulting, technical advising and many other prominent aspects of the sports modelling career.

Be choosy about whom you pick as this is a niche profession. These are careers where you cannot take many chances as reputation matters a lot. This is equally applicable in case of a gym trainer.

Dedicated trainers make sure you stay fit and healthy at all times and provide you with valuable suggestions.

7. Visit the Spa Regularly:

The fashion models can stay indoors all day and mask their skin from the scorching heat. The expectations from a sports model could be quite different.

He or she may be expected to exercise in the sun revealing their health and vitality to their audiences.

To retain a healthy skin colour with an even tan is really not easy. You must indulge in spa treatment regularly as sports models may be required to work outdoors. This may make them develop a tan and other unnecessary afflictions.

A regular spa treatment may not always be good for the skin health as some spas use chemicals and creams that harm the skin in the long run.

You must make sure you pick spas that use herbal methods to deal with tan and other skin health problems.

8. To Show It, You Need To Know It:

The sports models are usually expected to show various stunts and feats on the screen. If you must show these onscreen with full confidence, you need to know how to do these. Get trained in stunts and outdoor games.

It will help you gain confidence in such performances. You must also stay informed of several sports items the different kinds of apparels.

You need to keep a track of the different sports events that take place. It helps you stay aware of the various modelling opportunities.

9. Generate the Mood:

You can succeed in any profession only when you feel for the profession. Some people are born with a special inclination for certain trades.

If you are not born that way, you still need to develop the mood over a period of years. There are many ways to do these but one of the first steps is surely to build a sport themed wardrobe from the very start to engage their styling.

You may have funky sports themed T-shirts and the most modern version of sports shoes by popular brands.

You may also have your walls covered with posters of your favourite sports stars. Looking at their images, you will stay inspired to stay fit and healthy.

10. Start Your Job Hunt:

Job hunt can be very different for models and for other professionals. Finding the right opportunity can be a lot more difficult for a sports model.

So gear up and explore each opportunity that you have. Apart from all the traditional sources of opportunities and modelling assignments, use the modern channels like social media and search engines to explore more options.

  • Create attractive profiles in prominent social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Join groups in each of these that may be relevant to sports models.
  • You may also make a profile on LinkedIn. It is a great place to get in touch with influential people in sports modelling field.
  • You can visit sports websites and blogs to know about the latest trends in sports garments and accessories.
  • You can also start blogging on sports wares. It is a great way to get more contacts in your field.

If you are ambitious and willing to put in efforts, succeeding as a sports model is really your cup of tea. The brands like Nike and Adidas always look for dedicated models who are willing to give their best. The secret of the reputation of the big sports brands lies in their shrewd selection of models who are always willing to contribute to the success of their brand.