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How to Become a Model for Nike? 14 Awesome Tips


Modelling for a sports brand is always way different from modelling for other brands.

There are several aspects that a sports brand looks for in a model and they hire models only when all the expectations are met.

One of the prominent sports brands that is always seeking fresh faces to model for their products is Nike.

If you wish to model for Nike, there are several things that you need to know regarding the brand and nike model requirements.

Here we have listed out a few steps that will help to increase your chances of modelling for the brand.

how become model for nike

NIKE Model Salary:

As per few reliable sources, the average salary which a nike model make is in the range of
$44,070 – $47,151.

This can be vary from model’s seniority , name and fame. This is based on the estimated statistics.

An Overview About Nike Company:

In the year 1964, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started Blue Ribbon Sports , which then became Nike in 1971.

Minimum Age to Work at Nike: 16 years old

Nike Job Opportunities

  • Building brands
  • Possible advancement
  • Encouraging various perspectives

Tips For Applying:

You need to apply online for open positions directly through the nike official website. In the process of applying, you need to type in few questions related to the job.

Moreover, potential hires can visit any location to submit Nike application forms as well.

Application Status:

Job seekers need to check the Nike application’s status on the website’s career portal directly.

Benefits of Working at Nike:

Some of the top advantages of working at nike company are,

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off or paid vacation
  • 401(k) plans

Though part-time employees cannot claim any such benefits, but the hourly wages which they are given is fair enough and decent.

How to Model for Nike?

The following mentioned are a few tips on how to be a Nike model and the different fitness model requirements required to get Nike modelling jobs.

1. Understand the Brand:

Many young models never take time and patience to understand the brand for which they plan to work.

It is essential to understand the brand and its products to get a feel of the brand.

Nike is a sports brand and it sells sports accessories and outfits. They have a wide range of sports shoes, sports t-shirts and unique sports accessories.

Shoes are one of their major products. You may check out their online website to get a hang of their line of products and their requirement of models.

2. Maintain your features:

Models have all the cameras focused on them and so they need to make sure that all their features are maintained perfectly.

You need to take care of all your body features like all other models. Here are some of the major aspects you need to care for.


The skin of a model should be intact with no scars, pimples, rashes or skin related problems. You need to maintain your skin moisturised by using creams or herbal products.

Excessive oiliness on the skin can be avoided by regular face wash and proper care. Sleep well in order to avoid dark circles under the eye.


All models need to take proper care of their hair and Nike models are no exception to this rule. You can shampoo your hair regularly to maintain the hair clean and dirt free.

You may use conditioners to maintain the soft texture of your hair. Oil massage at regular intervals can help to prevent dandruff, hair fall and related hair problems.


You may have wondered the secret of pearly white teeth looking at the models on screen. The best answer to your query would be to regularly brush your teeth. If you have yellow teeth or plaque, you may ask your dentist for help.


Feet are vital when you wish to be a model for Nike. If you need to pose for their shoes or get a change as nike shoes model, you need to have clean feet with even skin tone. You can maintain your skin clean with pedicure.

You may wear socks to protect your skin from dust and foreign particles. Uneven skin tone can be a demerit and hence you need to use sun’s creams to maintain your skin colour even.

3. Have an athletic figure:

The athletic figure is vital if you wish to pose as nike fitness models or for other sports brands. It is difficult to have an athletic figure by exercising at home. A better option would be to appoint a gym trainer.

A trainer can teach the best exercises to develop an athletic figure that help become athletic models. It requires you to have commitment. You will have to eke out sometime specially for exercise.

4. Learn different sports stunts:

Nike looks for models who know different sports stunts. They may require their models do some stunt on screen and the knowledge of these stunts helps you do it naturally and with ease. Nike hires models who look truly sporty.

If you practice stunts, you have greater chances of getting hired by Nike for their modelling assignments.

5. Get the feel of the brand:

Understanding the brand is just a part of the whole scheme. You also need to get a feel of the brand.

You must try wearing some of the sports outfits and Nike sports shoes. Wear them and have your pictures clicked.

Try and analyse what outfits and accessories you look good in. If you develop a feel for the brand, you will find it really easy to answer their questions during auditions and casting calls.

6. Create an impressive profile:

An impressive profile attracts agents as well as brand recruiters. You need to have a profile neatly created and sent to all the top modelling agents.

You also need to have your profiles made on various social media sites. You can also upload your profile on modelling job portals.

7. Make Useful Contacts on Social Networks:

The internet is a great means to develop contacts. The prominent brands like Nike and Adidas are active on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You can check out their pages and like them so that you get newsletters regarding casting calls and other major events related to the brand. This is a very effective way to get in touch with the brand when they are seeking fresh faces.

8. Improve your Communication Skills:

You need to speak well to create a lasting impression. You need to have an impressive voice and a nice accent. It helps you interact with people and develop relationships.

Grammar mistakes are unpardonable when you plan to work for big brands like Nike.

So make sure you are thorough with your grammar and know exactly what you are speaking. You may even take special training to work on your accent and develop the right style of speaking.

9. Gain Relevant Experience:

If you have prior experience as sports model in the field of modelling, it will definitely count as an added plus. If you gain experience in other sports brands like Adidas, do not forget to mention it in your resume.

If you have experience in modelling but not in the sports genre, you should mention that in your resume. You must also include why you think you are fit for modelling for Nike.

10. Leave no stone unturned:

If you have decided to model for Nike, you must leave no stone unturned. Try every way you can to get a modelling assignment for the brand and reflect through your actions that you are truly proud of the brand.

When you are called for a casting call, wear Nike shoes and Nike outfit to reveal your love for the brand.

It helps the recruiters to understand how comfortable you are sporting the shoes. It also helps them get the message that you are truly serious about working at nike or with them.

11. Stay Alert to Opportunities:

You must stay alert to all the channels through which opportunity may arrive. Read through newspapers and see whether there are advertisements of events organized by the brand.

Visit their website and subscribe for their newsletter. Participate in events that are organized by the brand. Get in touch with agents who provide models for Nike.

You need to tell your agent that you are interested in modelling for Nike so that they get you the appropriate opportunities.

Qualities Nike Looks for in its Models:

There are many qualities that big brands like the Nike look for in their models. Here we have listed out a few of the major qualities. Try to inculcate these qualities so that you become their first choice

1. Confidence:

A brand like Nike looks for confidence in its models. You need to be sure when you speak to them. Your body language should reflect your confidence in them.

A brisk handshake when you meet someone is a sure sign of confidence. You should not waver or fumble for words when you interact.

2. Be Your True Self:

Yes, you may have a unique model style of your own that may not fully blend with the brand’s identity. But you still need to be your true self.

Do not bluff yourself and your audience by being something you are not comfortable being. Have your style and flaunt it proudly. The brand believes in originality and it will surely prefer you for the same.

3. Keep Your Papers Clear:

Reputation matters most for big brands. So you need to make sure your documents are proper. If you have any kind of legal issues or history of breaking the law, the brand will surely reject you.

So make sure you have all your papers clear. Lead a normal and lawful life if you wish to be a part of Nike or similar brands.


If you are determined and try hard enough, you can definitely be a brand model for Nike. So start working on your dream right away.

Regulate your diet and manage your exercise routine. It will help you stay fit as you might know that model fitness is vital if you wish to stay in the modelling profession. Enrol on modelling events and try to add to your resume.

Staying idle doesn’t help you grow. You may look for a part-time job till you get an appropriate opportunity. It will help you earn some grands while you are still on the search for opportunities to model for Nike.

The brand will respect you more if you are always occupied and dedicated to your job and career.